Harland, who runs water, Tietmunder who is ironed

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Harland, who runs water, Tietmunder who is ironed

2022-05-15 00:06:32 9 ℃

Reporter Awen reported that every transfer drama will always have an ending, and Harland is no exception. The club confirmed the departure of Harland in the last round of the Bundesliga in the Bundesliga. Dortmund confirmed the departure of Harland. The Norwegian will follow the footsteps of his father to play with the Premier League Manchester City. Ten years ago, it was the club of Old Harland. 62 minutes after the announcement of this major news, Dortmund gave Harland's successor again: they signed the young German international striker Adoymi from Salzburg.

This is a typical Dortmund transfer. They sent away a superstar and signed a young man with unlimited potential as a substitute, and the net profit was about 40 million euros in the first one. Next, Dortmund will look forward to the growth of Adoymi, and maybe he will sell him high in a few years. Such a story happened repeatedly on the body of Dembele, Sanqiao, Prilycic, Mashthaliang and others.

Many years ago, when Klopp, Wartsk and others sincerely cooperated, they determined the business strategy of cultivating players' profitability from the edge of relegation and bankruptcy. Dortmund fans have already accepted this reality. "Western Report" about Harrand's transfer report, a fan said calmly: "Obviously, Harland will not stay in Dortmund forever, this is what we all know." He even analyzed that Harland should not go to Manchester City, but Real Madrid, and also hopes that the club can sign a more mature center. Dortmund's development now thanks to this business strategy, which helps them attract young people like Harland. However, Dortmund is unable to challenge Bayern in the league because it is because of this way of business.

"The Bundesliga lost an exciting character," the "South German will" commented. Harland joined Dortmund in January 2020. Although he did not win the league championship for the team, he won an amazing 61 goal in the 66th Bundesliga. At the same time, his passionate performance on the court made Harland easily win the hearts of fans. He became a superstar in the minds of Dortmund fans in a short time, and he was also popular throughout the Bundesliga. Such data and image make him the most attractive goal in the transfer market.

In the face of the European giants, Dortmund has no ability to resist. When they signed Harland, due to the strong requirements of the agent and players, they had to write a liquidated damage of 75 million euros in the contract. This number can block the Bundesliga boss Bayern and block the two major giants of La Liga with poor fiscal conditions. , But can't stop the "Blue Moon". This is the helplessness of Dortmund. Without such a liquidated clause, they could not sign Harland two and a half years ago. At that time, Dortmund was very clear that Harland was regarded as a springboard.

This is actually the image that Domont has created for himself: good at cultivating young players and helping them to go on a larger stage. French midfielder Dengli joined Dortmund for only one year, and went to Barcelona for about 145 million euros. The Dortmund Youth Player Plissich 64 million became a member of Chelsea. San Qiao, who couldn't get a chance in Manchester City, grew up to a top winger after he came to Dortmund and returned to another giants in Manchester at a sky -high price. This image is so successful, which has greatly attracted Dormund to young players. It is the reason for being able to grab Harland. Last summer, they defeated many competitors and grabbed the genius. This is also the reason.

Cheng also Xiao He is also Xiao He. The side effects of this business strategy are quite obvious. When the young players signed Dortmund, they considered the club as a springboard, and then played a stronger giants like seniors, instead of binding their future here. In this case, it is difficult for players to build a sense of belonging to the club.

From the perspective of the outside world, as long as young players perform well, they release the signals to be left, and the wealthy large clubs are very clear. As long as they pay a sufficient price, they can take away the best players of Dortmund. Unable to retain players, Dortmund could not form a stable lineup, making them impossible to maintain a stable combat effectiveness. Every year, a team of losing its main force and integrating new players. Each player wants to go to the larger club team. Even if it is threatened to Bayern in the short term, it will not become a long -term challenger.

Dortmund now hopes to pin on Adoymi, a young man who has just proved himself in Aojia. Manager Zorke praised Adegemi's shooting technology and "extremely fast speed". But there is still a lot of room for improvement. "Can Adegemi replace Harland? At least it is very difficult now. Dortmund's fans will watch Adegemi the same mood when watching Harland two years ago: cheering for his goal enthusiastically, and then starting to worry about when he will lose him.