"Before Durant came, the Warriors were indeed the championship team!

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"Before Durant came, the Warriors were indeed the championship team!

2022-05-15 06:02:28 1 ℃

If you don't give the Warriors too high, as long as the Warriors can reach the finals this season, the "Green formula" is basically established! What is the core of Green formula? In a word: "We are the championship before you come!" In fact, Green's words were neither faulty, but he always felt uncomfortable. Durant was indeed a 15 -year championship before Durant did not come. After Durant arrived, the Warriors had two years in three years, and Durant took FMVP two, but during this period, Green rarely gave Adu face, and even rejected Durant's ball on the court. Is there the question, is it the Warriors or Durant?

The Warriors were equipped with Barnes in 15 years and then reached the finals to win the finals. In 16 years, it was still Banes. Although he did not win the championship, he also played seven. In the next three years, Adu became the core of the front line, and after Durant left, his mouth played in the Warriors for two and a half seasons. In the first season, the Warriors opened, and the Warriors almost entered the playoffs last season, and this season, the Warriors had quietly hit the West. Do you say that there have been great changes in the Warriors lineup? No, whether it is comparison with three years ago or comparison with five years ago, or compared with seven years ago, the Warriors have not changed much.

It is very simple. From the current playoffs of the Warriors, the warriors are still used by the old team. The core main force is water+Green+Rooney, which is also the old man of the Warriors. The supplementary points are basically the absolute main force in the playoffs, one is Potter, the other is Pur, and the other is in the mouth brother! Of course, there is a little Payton, who is not so stable and injured. Potter can be regarded as an alternative version of Iguodala or David West of the year. Pur can be regarded as an offensive upgraded version of Levinston. As for the mouth brother, it is Barnes and Barneshe and Durant's lack.

The Warriors' play is still old, or the original team is the core, but it only adjusts the role of Pur. The current Poorne is far greater than Livingston of that year, but this is just offensive. And Virgins played some Durant's tactics, but it was not more important than Durant, but it was not so heavy, but it was more important than Barnes. So is the Warriors' lineup strength strengthened or weakened? It's hard to say, because the real point lies in the water+Green's body.

Obviously, when Durant joined the Warriors that year, the three cores of the Warriors were still in the year of playing. Thompson and Green were less than 30 years old. Now, the three cores have risen a lot. It's hard to say, but the movement ability is obviously declined. If the next warrior can really reach the finals, it means that the "Green formula" is really saying. That means that if it comes in the summer of 16 years, if there are other front -line small forwards, or warriors can also win the championship. Of course, although not so absolute, at least it may be easy to enter the finals.