Harden joined the Clippers, the three giants are about to set sail, Ballmer chases Harden

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Harden joined the Clippers, the three giants are about to set sail, Ballmer chases Harden

2022-05-15 06:03:27 4 ℃

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With the second round of the playoffs, the 76ers of Philadelphia were eliminated 4: 2, and the hustle and bustle of various public opinion also followed. As Harden played a downturn in this game, the media and fans had thrown the biggest responsibility of losing to Harden, even Embiid and the head coach Rivers, interviewed Harden after the game.

Embiid said after the game: When we got him from the transaction, we hope that he can return to the rocket of the former Houston, but it is clear that he is no longer, he can only be one organizer now; from Embiid's words We can obviously feel his dissatisfaction with Harden, including Embiid said: "We want to give body confrontation, we must not always blame coaches and management, we should blame our players. Holes with such a tough player. "

Rivers also stated in the interview: "We have designed many tactics, but the players do not listen to us. We shouted on the sidelines. The players seemed to be the same. The stepping attack was stopped, but he scored three points. Of course, he may think it was a good opportunity. I won't blame him, but we lost today. "

In the game, we can see that Embiid's soft shot, lay down on the ground as soon as he was, Maxica's brainless collision, after the game, the responsibility was pushed to Harden's body, as if all the losers were all Harden, all of which were all Harden, all Harden were all Harden. The responsibility is the same, such a team is really chilling; in addition, according to US media reports: After the Clippers owner Ballo could not provide Harden with a top salary renewal, he immediately stated that he did not say that he did not do not. For money, he was willing to bet on a top salary contract for Harden to serve Harden.

You need to know that Ballmer is the president of Microsoft, but now the value has reached nearly 100 billion U.S. dollars. Harden went to the first point of the Clippers and did not have to be angry in Philadelphia. Even the teenager Maxis dared to quarrel with Harden (probably because of the issue of renewal contracts). Germany, formed a three giants, and well known that the Clippers can be a group of fierce people. If Harden can go to the Clippers, then the fast ship is a big hit.

It is estimated that there is only one sentence at that time: Clippers champion!

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