Guo Ailun's latest dynamic exposure, from Liaoning air to Guangdong's intriguing taste, Guo Shiqiang finally looked forward to

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Guo Ailun's latest dynamic exposure, from Liaoning air to Guangdong's intriguing taste, Guo Shiqiang finally looked forward to

2022-05-15 06:02:20 1 ℃

Guo Ailun's latest dynamic exposure, from Liaoning air to Guangdong's intriguing taste, Guo Shiqiang finally looked forward to

As we all know, after playing the CBA finals some time ago, although he said that he won the championship, because he did not win the MVP, it caused a lot of arguments in the outside world. Some fans even felt that Guo Ailun did not win because of the team's problems, so it depends During this time, considering that Guo Ailun did not complete his contract with the team, all kinds of rumors did spread. Some people even thought that this was because Guo Ailun was not very satisfied with the team's arrangement, so he might not be able to complete Next season's renewal with the team, some people will not even rule out that Guo Ailun will meet with Uncle Guo Shiqiang in Guangzhou next year.

If this sentence is true, on the one hand, it is definitely a great benefit for the Guangzhou team, but it must be a great blow to the Liaoning team. Recently, after Guo Ailun recovered in Qingdao, Shandong, there was really a very deep -motivated move. He came to Guangdong, and fans who came from Guangdong a few days when he saw Guo Ailun's hair in Shenzhen. This move is really deeply thoughtful. This also made many fans speculate that what was the purpose of airborne from the Liaoning team this time. What is the purpose? Judging from Guo Ailun's state that day, he was in a good mood, smiled brilliantly, and his hairstyle was very beautiful and handsome. He was worthy of becoming a handsome guy in the men's basketball team, of course. On the other hand, it is worth noting that Guo Ailun flew from Liaoning to Guangdong to make hair. This is worth considering. After all, it was mentioned that there were rumors that Guo Ailun may join the Guangzhou team and seek Guo Shiqiang's cooperation. From the current perspective See, since he came to Guangdong and Shenzhen, Shenzhen has been there for dozens of minutes by high -speed rail away from Guangzhou. In this case, the outside world speculates that Guo Ailun may visit his uncle Guo Shiqiang from Shenzhen to Guangzhou next year. Even if there is further possibilities, the two parties may discuss the details of cooperation. Of course, all this is just guessing.

But in general, it is not easy to fly to Shenzhen from such a far place to Shenzhen. Even if he did not complete the contract, it is expected that he will visit his uncle from Shenzhen to Guangzhou. After all, Guo Shiqiang has come to the Guangzhou team for so long for so long. Since then, the cooperation and meetings of the two sides have become less and less. In this case, Guo Ailun needs to visit Guo Shiqiang, whether it is out of family roles or a teacher -apprentice relationship. For Guo Shiqiang, it is a good news to receive such news. Next, I hope that the two of them will have the opportunity to gather together. Of course, I believe that many fans must look forward to Guo Shiqiang and Guo Ailun cooperate again. Work together to create better results.

However, from the current situation, before the Guangzhou team gave a clear chip and reply, Guo Ailun had little hope to join the Guangzhou team. Guo Shiqiang and Du Feng did not see the wrong person. At the just -concluded meeting, the Chinese Basketball Association Finals Finals Finals Finals Finals During the mid-term war, in this winning game, the Liaoning team's results did not have suspense to sweep Guangsha 4-0 and won the second championship trophy in the history of the Liaoning team. On this championship night, a person could not cover up his failure. He is the first core character Guo Ailun, because the night of the finals, the Chinese Basketball Association Alliance also announced the most valuable player award at the awards ceremony. Zhao Jiwei, if the award was given Moland with the highest quality score, Guo Ailun's emotions could still be recovered, but he eventually gave Zhao Jiwei the prize, which made Guo Ailun feel very lost. Although Guo Ailun and Zhao Jiwei are brothers, Guo Ailun is the first core. At this time, you gave this award to Zhao Jiwei in the team. You can imagine how much wounds will Guo Ailun's heart be suffered. This is absolutely unfair to the outside world. Guo Ailun did not sleep all night when he won the championship. We all know that the live broadcast of the live broadcast started in the middle of the night. We are also excited to communicate with many fans. We can see that Guo Ailun also revealed that there are things in the lines in the words. Worried that Guo Ailun will leave the Liaoning team this summer, because his contract with the Liaoning team will officially expire this summer, and Guo Ailun will stay in the Liaoning team?

In fact, as long as the Liaoning team renewed the highest salary, this will give Guo Ailun more respect and make him more trust in his future tactical value and location. We should help Guo Ailun realize personal honor and team honor. Any regret, because Guo Ailun has not won the most valuable player in the regular season so far, and has not won the most valuable player in the final. In Guo Ailun's live broadcast, in fact, there are many regrets between his lines. It seems that we can explain In some deeper meanings, Guo Ailun also revealed two very important things in the live broadcast. First of all, Zhao Jiwei will marry this summer. When Guo Ailun is married, he does not want to become a best man because he gets too early and lacks sleep. Of course, this can also imply that Zhao Jiwei will officially get married this summer. We still want to congratulate Zhao Jiwei in advance, and then Guo Ailun also revealed the second major news. His relationship with Zhao Rui and Sun Minghui. When they talk about their relationship, we all know The three of them are the defenders of our national team. In addition, the three of them have a temper and personality. They work hard on the court. They often play with others. What is the relationship between these three people in private?