After the Bear, the bear hugged Clai without letting go crazy "G6 soup" to scare female reporters

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After the Bear, the bear hugged Clai without letting go crazy "G6 soup" to scare female reporters

2022-05-15 06:02:52 1 ℃

Netease Sports reported on May 14:

On May 14, Beijing time, the NBA playoffs continued, and the Warriors defeated the Grizzlies to enter the Western finals. Cle-Thompson played well. He spent 41 minutes in the audience. He scored 30 points, 8 rebounds and 2 assists in 11 in 22 shots, 8 of which was 8 of 14 shots, and 3 blocks were available.

In an interview with ESPN after the game, Clai was "attacked" behind the camera and was "attacked" behind him. He rushed to Clai and hugged him without letting go. He jumped and shouted, "G6 soup! G6 soup!" The female reporter next to him was scared.

Clay Thompson was also frightened, and then jumped and shouted with him.

In the middle of this season, Clai Thompson came back after two years. As a result, Pur lost the starting position. The Warriors also experienced running-in after a short period of sweet period. third.

In the first round of the playoffs, Curry returned and played four substitutes. The performance of Pur's start is very good. He became the most efficient scoring point in the team. In the first three games, he averaged 30+ to help the Warriors 3-0 3-0. Leading, Cle Thompson did not hesitate to give up. The first round score was close to 25 points. The compatibility of the two on the offensive end was perfectly adapted.

What is even more surprising is that in the game against the Nuggets G3, the Warriors bumped 70 points in just one and a half times, and developed the "new death of Curry, Thompson, Pur, Dream Chasing, and Vegins. The five small "lineups have made many NBA famous and senior balls praised.

Before Clai wounded, Pur was not a member of the Warriors. After today, the bear hug of Cle after the game is enough to see how good their feelings are.

In this game, Pur's feel is not good. He played for 24 minutes for the substitute. He scored 11 times for 15 shots. He only got 12 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists, far lower than his average level in the playoffs this year.

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