Basically determined to leave the Rockets?The US media predicts 21+7 defender to switch to the Clippers, he can make up for the three shortcomings

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Basically determined to leave the Rockets?The US media predicts 21+7 defender to switch to the Clippers, he can make up for the three shortcomings

2022-05-15 06:03:48 4 ℃

As the first guard of the eastern part in the past, after the severe injury to the Achilles tendon, John Wall's career showed a downward trend. Especially in the past 21-22 season, there is a huge difference in role positioning due to John Volt and Houston Rockets. He was simply hidden for a whole year and could only watch the performance of teammates on the bench.

The media predicts Wall to join the Clippers

However, the new season will be John Wall's contract year. He has basically determined that the player option will be performed, but the Rockets are unlikely to leave John Vols. So there are two solutions now. The first is that the Rockets have been selling John Vols since this summer. Until the deadline of the next season, they can handle his contracts in this way; the second is slightly troublesome. The Rockets are more troublesome. You can buy John Wall's contract in advance. Of course, in this case, John Volt may have to give up some salary, and the rocket's salary cap space will be affected in the next few years. Of course, whether it is sold to other teams or the two parties reached a buyout agreement, the US media believes that John Wall's next stop is likely to be the Los Angeles Clippers.

Wall in the Rocket

Although there are serious injuries, and the whole year of the war, John Volt was in good condition last season. He scored 20.6 points, 3.2 rebounds, 6.9 assists, and 1.1 steals. Moistors at critical moments. At that time, John Volt was not only the assisted king in the Rockets, but also the average score of the game was second only to Christian Wood, ranking second in the team. To put it bluntly, John Volt still has the power of World War I, but the Rockets need to focus on cultivating young players, and there is no way to provide him with a stable appearance time.

Fast boat

The Clippers are not the same. Since the joining of Kobo-Leonard and Paul George, the Clippers have been regarded as a hot team in the championship. But even when the lineup is neat, the point guard position of the Clippers is also a soft rib. The team has introduced Eric Bladeso this season, but the effect is obvious. The deadline has sent him to Portland Blazers, so there are not many choices for the point guard position.


If John Wall can join, the point guard strength of the Clippers will be greatly improved. First of all, John Wall's transmission control and the overall situation are still very good. This is the most lacking of the other defender of the Clippers at present. Secondly, in addition to the team's twin stars, other Clippers' other players are not very good. John Wal's core meaning is worse, but as a three-headed home, it can obviously provide strong support. In the end, John Wall has the leadership style, and the rich experience is needed by the championship team. It can help the Clippers at a critical moment.