65 million, 60 million, once in the first place, only spent 5 million, Manchester City completed the big upgrade of the lineup

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65 million, 60 million, once in the first place, only spent 5 million, Manchester City completed the big upgrade of the lineup

2022-05-15 06:02:50 4 ℃

In this era of transferred to over 100 million yuan, Manchester City can get Harland with only 65 million, which is a very cost -effective transaction. It is estimated that Paris Saint -Germain, Chelsea, and Manchester United teams are envious and jealous of Manchester City. After Manchester City got Harland, it resolved the front problem. Coupled with the original strong midfield, the Premier League giants would be stronger next season. The Premier League champion naturally did not talk about it. The Champions League champion also had great hope.

It costs only 65 million euros to buy Harland, and now Manchester City is likely to quickly recover 60 million euros. After the arrival of Harland, the role of Brazil striker Jesus is not so important. Manchester City intends to sell it. In fact, Greasus always has the idea of ​​leaving the team. Season, which joined Manchester City in Manchester City in 2017, has performed well in the seasons in Manchester City.

This season, a total of 39 appearances on Manchester City, of which 13 were replaced, 13 goals scored the team and contributed 12 assists. The contract between Jesus and Manchester City expires next summer. Brazilians are not an absolute core under Guardiola, so the players have the idea of ​​leaving the team. Now Manchester City has Harland, and she is no longer he wants to Reer Suste. Sell ​​it, Arsenal, another giant team in the Premier League, is interested in it.

The England media "Independence" and the famous transfer expert Ronano all reported that Arsenal regarded Jesus as the goal of recruitment this summer. Romano said that Jesus' agent had met Arsenal, saying that Arsenal's recruitment plan was willing to see it. Manchester City is willing to let people go, Arsenal is willing to buy people, and the players themselves are also willing to transfer. It was originally a matter of success, but the two sides were different on the issue of transfer fees.

Manchester City had spent 32 million euros at the beginning of the purchase of Jesus, and now the price is 60 million euros, while Arsenal currently only comes to 40 million euros, and the price difference between the two parties has 20 million euros. Although there are differences between the two sides, the agent of Jesus said that everyone believes that this transfer can be successful. It is nothing more than Manchester City less. Arsenal has a little more problem. As long as the three parties have the willingness, the transaction may be possible.

Arsenal is currently ranked fourth, and the next season is very likely to fight the UEFA Champions League, but now Arsenal's front line is very lacking. Obamen is gone. It may also leave the team. Nicholas Pepe performed poorly. In order to have a stable scoring hand next season, Arsenal really needs to introduce a striker, which is very suitable for the Jessus who has been in the Premier League for many years.

If this transaction is eventually sold at 60 million euros in Manchester City, then Manchester City ’s purchase of Harland costs 65 million euros and sells Jesus to recover 60 million euros, which means that only 5 million euros are spent With a significant improvement, after all, Harland's goal efficiency is far beyond the hot Susus. According to media reports, when Harrand was mentioned, Guardiola couldn't hold his mouth. It seemed that he was quite satisfied with the transaction. You should wake up when you fall asleep.