[Boxing Scripture Sharing] The feeling of "Inner Qi" and the preliminary test of the "Inner Qi"

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[Boxing Scripture Sharing] The feeling of "Inner Qi" and the preliminary test of the "Inner Qi"

2022-05-15 06:02:29 3 ℃

The feeling of "Inner Qi Drums" and the preliminary test of the practice of Tai Chi

How to practice

1. "Body like airbags"

"Body is like a airbag" is like a air balloon full of gas when playing boxing, and it is divergent with the change and opening and closing changes of the punch. At the time of accumulation: the inner qi in the body is recovered from the four shoots to the Dantian, and the body has a sense of shrinkage. This process is called "combined", which is yin; at the time of hair, the inner qi spreads from the Dantian to the four ends, and the body has a sense of expansion. The process is called "open", which is yang. We call the body continuously and rhythmic and degraded with the changes in the punch and the rhythm.

The sensation of the body, such as the airbag, is actually the "energy" we often say, and "opening and closing" is the result of the change in the strength of the body.济 相 is a rigid and soft spring strength. It is the swelling strength of the sphere. The name of "。 掤 掤". Tai Chi ’s vigorous rumors and fullness marks the depth of the fighter kung fu, which has a great impact on the effect of fighting and health.

Second, "sucking and bloating", "sucking lightly"

"Suffering and bloating" and "absorbing light" are the result of the combination of the body's "opening and closing" and the punching potential breathing. "Inhalery and swelling": When storing the potential, as the inhaled inner gas converge from the four shoots to Dantian, the body has a sense of contraction; when the trend is spreading, the breath spreads from the Dantian to the four shoots. Essence "Inhalery and sinking": When inhaling, there is a feeling of air flowing along the governor's pulse ("qi posting"), and the body is lightly improved, so that the body is converted light and flexible during the momentum; The feeling of sinking into the body makes the attacking opponent calm and powerful when the hair movement. It can be seen that the punching breathing is well conforming to the change of the fist. It is the most reasonable and natural breathing method of Taijiquan.

The method of punching breathing is summarized in four words to "breathe inhaling": that is, inhaling inhalation, exhale when you move. As long as the method is proper, it is not difficult to master the punches. Here I recommend the following methods to the boxers: when you first practice, you only need to think of action in your mind, and do not consider boxing breathing. Taijiquan is not breathing exercises. Do not use "storage and call" to limit your breathing. This will cause breathing tension and holding your breath, which is harmful to your body. When you punches, you must follow the principle of "fine, uniform, deep, and long", and you must relax and comfortable at any time. After the routine movement is pure, you should practice your punching potential. The method is actually very simple: as long as you want to exhale your breath when you are "settings". Because the setting is a conversion point to the momentum, you will naturally inhale when you are accumulating. When you have the feeling of "sucking and bloating" and "sucking lightly" in Xingxing, it means that your breathing has been integrated into the body's opening and closing. Swing, mutual interest, and formal qi. At this time you have the mysteries of punching breathing.

Third, "fingers are shrinking and shrinking", "palm suction and release"

"Fingers and shrinking" and "palm suction" are the result of the body's opening and closing "shape". Since it is a "airbag", the palm is part of the airbag, and naturally it will swarmed with the body. When storing the potential: As the inhaled palm is slightly concave, the Laogong acupoint is contained, and the fingers have the feeling of being pumped into Dantian and shrinking and becoming thinner. Put, the fingers have the feeling of inflating and swelling into thickening. With the changes in the bumps formed by the fisting momentum, the feeling of bumps and closes has a feeling of suction cups like suction cups. In fact, this is the "sticky" strength often said by Tai Chi. The students are required to have a bumpy outside when pushing the palm, and the palm of the palm of the palm has the meaning of the inside of the palm to experience the "sticky" strength of Taijiquan. The palm of the hand is the most sensitive part of the body, so there is a saying that "Tai Chi Kung Fu looks on the hand". One day you feel like the palm of your hand changes with the fist on the boxing momentum. Enter the door of Tai Chi!

Fourth, "spine fist"

"Spinal Boxing" refers to a boxing method with spine as active and with hands and feet. In the early days of learning boxing, he punched it with your hands and feet, making it local and rigid. Then he learned the role of the belt and the hub of the waist, and then as the kung fu deepened, the "waist" would gradually grow: first connecting with the tadpoles, the waist and feet to drive The middle axis (also known as "mid -vertical line") of the body of the perineum. The arms and legs seem to be on the central axis of the body. During the punch, the limbs moved by the middle axis, starting in the central axis, and finally the central axis. Do not move your waist as a stiffness, and walk without your waist. The upper limbs must experience the feeling of "belt arm", and the lower limbs should experience the feeling of "walking with you".

We often say: "Four pieces of loosening, loosening the whole body", the key to the relaxation of the whole body is the relaxation of the shoulder. There are three ways to move in the spine in Tai Chi: stretching up and down, turning left and right, and relaxing front and back. The "up and down stretching" of the spine enables the S -curve of the human spine to be properly straight, which can correct the problems of the head and neck, neck, and the hips. The "left and right rotation" of the spine is the power source of the arc action of Taijiquan, which is the main way to drive the limbs in the spine. The "front and rear relaxation" of the spine means that the spine is like a bow. With the fisting and opening and closing: the spine is slightly inhaled when the spine is slightly inhaled, which is called "swallowing the body"; As exhalation, it is called "spitting". During the boxing, the spine changes with the opening and closing of the punch and the punching potential. At present, there are three ways to breathe Taijiquan. One is natural breathing; the other is to breathe against the abdominal; the third is abdominal breathing.

Everyone understands naturally, and the latter two are not very good. So I explained the latter two breathing methods in a different way. In short, the difference between them is not too large.

First of all, the Taijiquan of each martial arts is the same as the same requirements. If the starting type of all Tai Chi is when the arms are slowly raised upwards, inhaling. When your arms slowly fall, you exhale.

Second, their difference is that the abdominal breathing is a combination. The abdominal breathing is divided into suction and combination. Such as adverse abdominal breathing, inhale when the abdominal breathing is holding the ball type, or when the arms are pulled back, inhale. When your arms are trending out or upward, such as Mustang's mane or diagonal flying. The abdominal breathing is the opposite.

Third, Qi Shen Dantian is the same. But some comrades do not know what is called Qi Shen Dantian. I do n’t explain it theory. I will give it a simple example. If you practice weight, Qi must sink to Dantian, otherwise he will not lift the weight you want to raise. The same is true for practicing Taijiquan. You can't reach Dantian. If you hit the actual combat skills, you can't make a force. Therefore, when the old boxer was passed on to Tai Chi, he always emphasized that he must be angry with Dantian. The example I give is on one aspect, and on the other hand, it is required to lead the qi, to be able to get angry, and to move your body with qi.

The fourth is the breathing method of the nose and nose, as is the same. The breathing method of the mouth and nose is to inhale with the nose and exhale with the nose when practicing boxing. There is no need to make a big mouth when exhaling. Breathing slowly.

Fifth, when practicing Taijiquan, the two most important principles are followed by the combination of quiet and loosening and breathing. The two are consistent. When you practice boxing, you must slowly enter the quietness, have no thoughts, and breathe in the abdomen. If you relax your whole body, you will quickly enter the qigong state. Of course At present, most of the trainer are practicing the abdominal breathing. If there is no teacher's guidance in person, it is best not to emphasize the combination of breathing.

The long -term health and fitness method of our country -guide and vomiting surgery has been seen in the works of Lao Tzu, Zhuangzi, and Mencius in the fourth century BC.

Lao Tzu said, "Specialty is soft, can be like a baby:" "Vanity, real belly", "if it exists, it is not diligent." Its meaning is to be natural, and the breath must be natural, from thick to fine, from thin to micro, and continuous. Keep your abdomen wide. Do deep breathing and soft exercise with natural breathing to make people softened. Zhuangzi said in "The Grand Master": "The real people of ancient times, ... their breath is deep." Zhuangzi regards "real people" as the symmetry of "everyone", and "everyone" is a person who does not practice deep breathing. "Interest" is "qi", which is "breathing". Zhuangzi's "World World" says: "Masters (sound) Ran". One breath is called a breath.

Mencius said, "Qi ... is not harmless with direct cultivation", meaning that breathing must follow nature.