It's not Guo Ailun, Liaoning Basketball's first person is exposed, Yang Ming is helpless, and Li Hongqing has no power to do.

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It's not Guo Ailun, Liaoning Basketball's first person is exposed, Yang Ming is helpless, and Li Hongqing has no power to do.

2022-05-15 06:03:00 3 ℃

It's not Guo Ailun, Liaoning Basketball's first person is exposed, Yang Ming is helpless, and Li Hongqing has no power to do.

After three years of cocooning into a butterfly winning the championship, the Liaoning team was very happy for a period of time and was able to complete the team's goals. The Liaoning men's basketball team has indeed become a facade of Liaoning Sports. It is also worth celebrating and proud of fans. However, after the joy, this year's offseason may have more concerns to the Liaoning team. This worry is for the defending of the Liaoning team next season, because we all know that it is easy to keep the rivers and mountains. Your team has reached the best level and becomes a league champion. It will inevitably bear the impact of next season and clubs, such as Guangsha and Guangdong after adjustment and personnel health.

Next season, it will come again. Therefore, the Liaoning team is under pressure. Fans are more worried about the various problems of the staff of the off -match team. The core team may be difficult to retain. This is indeed a problem for defending. During the competition, we also saw Zhang Zhenlin of the Liaoning team first announced to participate in the G league next season to challenge the NBA. Therefore, this first caused the Liaoning team forward to lose a important link, and the team's tactics were also greatly affected. Of course, we all all all all of them. Knowing that Zhang Zhenlin did not leave the Liaoning team, his belonging still belonged to the Liaoning men's basketball team, so he will return to the future. He is also a member of the Liaoning team, but Guo Ailun may not think so, because Guo Ailun really has no contract, so Whether he will leave the team has become the first major question for everyone and the first concern for Liaoning.

However, in fact, when Guo Ailun's affairs were hung, the first person who left the Liaoning team had already appeared, and the leaving of this person was actually more regrettable than Guo Ailun. Mingming is very headache. This person is Lin Huihong, a meritoric analyst. He won the team's championship last season. Fans who are familiar with the Liaoning team should know that before the playoffs last season, the Liaoning team found the post -90s. It is his participation, which greatly deepened Yang Ming's tactical ability, making the Liaoning team's entire system more three -dimensional, and the powerful role on the court is more prominent. Therefore, Lin Huihong is an absolute behind -the -scenes hero of the Liaoning team. And many fans also believe that the Liaoning team has him, and the defending and results are really tactical. However, according to relevant news, Lin Huihong was temporarily leased to the Liaoning team by the Fujian team. Therefore After the end of the season, Lin Huihong had to return to the Fujian team and could not continue to serve as an analyst of the Liaoning team. Therefore, this is really a major blow for the Liaoning men's basketball team. The pressure of the coaching team Yang Ming will rise again. This is an obvious problem, so the news is considered to be a more desperate thing for the Liaoning team fans.

Before the playoffs began, Lin Huihong joined the Liaoning men's basketball team quickly. As an experienced video analyst, Lin Huihong provided Yang Ming with the opponent's information to help the team successfully activated Moland. For a long time in the past, Liaoning There are no analysts in the men's basketball team. In the past two seasons, Yang Ming studied tactics himself. After Chai Changyi joined the team, his main job was to be responsible for video analysis and data statistics. On the eve of the playoffs, Yang Ming asked the teacher Cui Wanjun to help, and asked Lin Huihong to help the team for help. The playoffs played against Shanxi and Guangdong Guangsha. Lin Huihong is indispensable. Before each game began, Lin Huihong could help the team with very detailed analysis. All the information of the next opponent was placed in front of Yang Ming, especially the statistics of key players. Lin Huihong was the Liaoning men's basketball team. Behind the heroes, he helped Yang Ming reduce a lot of pressure. Unfortunately, the Liaoning men's basketball team did not leave Lin Huihong in the end. Perhaps because of the contract problem, Yang Ming lost a powerful helper. Currently, Lin Huihong showed it in Lin Huihong. After his personal strength, it was difficult for the Fujian team to leave him. Even if Li Hongqing went to negotiate, it was difficult to complete the signing of Lin Huihong.

Therefore, this makes the Liaoning team's things very troublesome in the offseason. I have to find a solution. The CBA has entered the offseason. The Liaoning men's basketball team has not been idle recently. , Liaoning men's basketball teams have expired this season, including Guo Ailun and Zhang Zhenlin. Now coach Yang Ming Li Hongqing is not under pressure. Each action may affect the results of the new season. Recently, Guo Xu and Wang's crowns have also left the team. When the latter chose to go to the NBL to play, many fans also laughed and said nothing. There was no way to play in the CBA. Going to the NBL could not see hope. Known as the strongest relationship of the Liaoning Basketball Team, he has been playing in the Liaoning men's basketball team so far. In 2017, he mixed a championship in the Liaoning basket. He was sitting on the bench when he was 29 years old, and he could be successfully completed every time he signed. Now he cannot continue. It is said that Sun Yiqi has left. As a player who is the strongest relationship household in the Liaoning basketball team, he finally no longer wastes the Liaoning basketball team. In addition, Liu Qingzheng accidentally left the team this time. His strength was the strongest of these left players. He went to develop the league to join the Jiangsu lion.

At present, it is not difficult to see that many players who leave the team from the team, choose to transform into a three -person basketball, or go to the development alliance to continue training. This is also a good choice. If you ca n’t sit on the bench, it ’s best to go to NBL to exercise yourself. Basketball teams have left the team. Yang Ming is useless to make useless. Li Hongqing wants to build a new team. The CBA League 2,021-22. This season, the Liaoning team won the perfect end. Therefore, everyone is very happy because the Liaoning team swept Shanxi, Guangdong He Guangsha, in the entire CBA, they are the only existence. Winning the second championship trophy in the history of the team is the result of everyone's efforts. After the game, the general manager Li Hongqing and the head coach Yang Ming thanked the team. The atmosphere reached the extreme, but with the end of the season, some of the teams were destined to leave. Basketball consultant Jiang Xingquan was too old. The group helped Yang Ming, Zhu Rongzhen and Gao Shiyan expired. Zhu Rongzhen announced that he left Liaoning basketball and returned to the core of Shandong. Guo Ailun's fate has always been a mystery. There is still no agreement.

In addition to the stay of some players, some people want to leave. According to media reports, the video analyst of the Liaoning team Lin Huihong has left the Liaoning Basketball Team and returned to the Fujian team. This is a major blow for Yang Ming because the Liaoning team is There is no professional video analyst, so Lin Huihong was urgently transferred to the Liaoning team by the Fujian team to help Yang Ming during the playoffs. Although this position sounds strange, he has played a great role. In terms of lineup, the Liaoning men's basketball team Will lose Zhu Rongzhen and Zhang Zhenlin. The departure of the former will not make the Liaoning men's basketball team hurt their bones, but the latter is not sure when to return to the team, but the impact on the team is quite serious. The coach Jiang Xingquan will lose Lin Huihong. The team is like losing the brain. In the just -concluded season, we can find that even if the coach Yang Ming encounters the rising momentum of his opponent, he will not panic. This is Lin Huihong provided help to help In the Liaoning men's basketball team, Lin Huihong acts as a video analyst. As the name suggests, Lin Huihong needs to widely analyze the characteristics of the opponent, including tactical details, players' hit rate and physical strength, and providing data to the coaching team.

It can be said that Lin Huihong is the greatest hero and the most powerful brain of the Liaoning men's basketball team. In fact, the Liaoning men's basketball team is not without video analysts. Previously, Chai Changyi joined Coach Yang Ming as a video analyst, but he was right. Coach Yang Ming's help is very limited. It is impossible to meet Lin Huihong. When Chai Changyi did not fully grasp the characteristics of video analysts, Liaoning men's basketball came to Lin Huihong and responded in the game. This It means that the team cannot take effective momentum in time. The team in the new season will inevitably change. This will be that the Liaoning men's basketball team who has lost professional video analysts is in trouble. It is worth mentioning that Lin Huihong in the Liaoning men's basketball The role of team and foreign aid translation. In the past season, Lin Huihong focused on the docking with Morand. Under Lin Huihong's suggestion, Moland's performance on the court was getting better and better. Video analyst Lin Huihong left. It exposed the biggest weakness of the Liaoning men's basketball team and became the obstacle to the defending of the team. I hope that the Liaoning men's basketball team can effectively solve this problem. In the process of winning the Liaoning team, Lin Huihong often watched the video with Yang Ming and studied the Guangdong team. Tactics, this is thrilling in the semi -finals. Yang Ming was also very satisfied with Lin Huihong. He begged Lin Huihong to stay. Li Hongqing also promised to hire high salary. However, Lin Huihong attached great importance to love and justice. Back to the team as soon as possible.

As the champion heroes left the team, Yang Ming also felt the difficulties of loneliness. A few years ago, the head coach of the Liaoning team Guo Shiqiang has been a video analyst. He often watched the video. This has led to his hair completely white. Now After Guo Shiqiang joined the Guangzhou team, Chai Changyi was part -time in the Liaoning Basketball Team, but this is very realistic. Chai Changyi cannot compare with Lin Huihong's professional level. The Guangdong team also has a great video analyst Pang Qimeng. The tactical research of the team is particularly experienced. He even said that there are more than 30 sets of tactics in Liaoning. It can be seen that he is very professional, but now Pang Qimeng has joined the Shanghai team. Perhaps this is also a reason for Guangdong's failure. In this case, Li Hongqing may be possible I have to set up their own team. Due to the importance of the role of video analysts, he should strengthen talent training in this field. Chai Changyi is likely to be improved. Even leading teams, Lin Huihong may often be invited. The role of the consultant should also find the candidate again. For example, Gong Xiaobin is considering this. insufficient