China 1-1 South Korea!Fanchen was reversed in 8-2, the world's first cold, and the situation of winning the championship suddenly turned down.

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China 1-1 South Korea!Fanchen was reversed in 8-2, the world's first cold, and the situation of winning the championship suddenly turned down.

2022-05-15 06:02:02 6 ℃

The Uber Cup finals against South Korea. In the first game, Chen Yifei and An Xingying also fought for 91 minutes. Both of them also tried their best, and their physical fitness was almost exhausted. In the end In the case, I scored 5 points in a row and scored 22-20 to win the final game. In the end, I defeated An Xingying 2-1, helping the Chinese team to get the door to start. In the second game, it was the game of the two women's doubles. The Chinese team's Jia Yifan/Chen Qingchen faced the South Korean team Li Shaoxi/Shen Shengzheng. This game was also very difficult to play.

As the world's first world, Fanchen's group was also very optimistic. As soon as the first game came up, the two of them lived up to expectations, and they stunned their opponents directly at 5-0. Fanchen combination has also maintained a large score advantage, and the difference is getting bigger and bigger. In the end, Fanchen won a game 21-12. This game is a bit easy to win. Strong, the grasp of rhythm also occupies an advantage.

In the second game, Fanchen also pursued by victory. The start of the start again achieved a huge advantage of 6 points with 8-2 ​​again. However, what I did not expect was that the leader of the big score also relaxed the Fanchen combination. The offense is also a little hesitant, which also led to a series of reactions, and the South Korean group also noticed this. They attacked at all and quickly chased the score into 11-11. At this time, Fanchen was still a bit downturn. Consecutive mistakes have also begun to increase, and one time behind 13-16. Although they have also been tough afterwards, they were reversed by the opponent 18-21 in the end. This is a pity to lose. The reversal also made the other party find the momentum.

In the third game, the start of the Fanchen combination is still very favorable. 6-3 achieved a lead. However, what did not expect was that their mistakes began to increase, and the speed of the offense began to decline, so that the opponent had more offense. Opportunities, the South Korean combination continued to score, and soon tied the score. After changing the venue, Fan Chen was also very passive on the scene. The South Korean group overtaked the score 14-11. Jia Yifan also sought medical suspension. After the suspension, Fanchen's combination really increased its momentum, scored 3 points in a row, chasing the score into 14-14, and the South Korean team also studied now, and also called a medical suspension to curb the momentum of the Chinese team.

After the suspension, the South Korean team also scored continuously. The luck ball was also on them. The Chinese team had 2 points behind. Although Chen Xiaochen scored 1 point, she also made a mistake. By 18-19, the score was still very stuck. Since then, the South Korean team has also seized 2 points in a row, and finally completed the reversal with 21-18, helping the South Korean team to recover one point. In the first two games, the Chinese team and the South Korean team played a 1-1 draw. This game. It is a pity to lose the combination of Fanchen!