Ronaldo, who did not go bankrupt after retirement, doubled the wealth in 7 years and successfully transformed into a businessman

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Ronaldo, who did not go bankrupt after retirement, doubled the wealth in 7 years and successfully transformed into a businessman

2022-05-15 06:03:46 5 ℃

Reasonable planning your own life and managing your own property can get better buffer when you change your life. After retiring, many sports stars have a huge wealth in the early stage, but because they fail to manage well, they can not manage them well. These wealth can only fall into a bankruptcy ending. Such examples are abound in foreign football. In their careers, with their high popularity, they fail to accumulate more wealth for themselves. A lot of wealth, but because of his own splurge, he can only be reduced to one of ordinary people.

Ronaldo's advanced vision

But Ronaldo is an exception. He became the cover of Forbes. When football is no longer all of him, the wealth he accumulated can no longer support other luxury life. He began to go to another new life. His original value was only 240 million, but when he only used 7 years, he made his worth soaring to $ 570 million. Many people only knew that Ronaldo was called the president, but Ronaldo was the first generation of president. The way of financial management has made many people look back. In 1998, in the summer of France, Ronaldo, who played abnormally in the finals, was scolded to go out.

He has an anxiety about his career. If he is in the future or injury, let him retire in advance. How can he guarantee the life of himself and his family? So at the age of 22, he began to take care of his business and asked his family to help care. He opened the nightclub of Rio and was very popular. With his high reputation, he opened a wealth management company in Milai. Help players take care of the assets, and this wealth management company also laid the foundation for his later sports brokerage companies. Many athletes did not manage their wealth after retiring, causing it to fall into a poor place later, but he founded Financial company.

To better manage wealth for other athletes, let them avoid falling into poverty in the future. Although he has invested in many areas, he is very cautious about the financial industry. For this reason, he even claims: because he does not know how to invest, he does not know how to invest, and he does not know how to invest. Regarding all the cautious attitudes of the stock market, only a few of the money will be used to invest in the stock market and other fields. It is more invested in the real estate industry. During the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Ronaldo will be a luxury villa in Rio in Rio. The chairman of the FIFA was rented at that time, and the rent in just one month was as high as 500,000 euros, and this was only part of his real estate around the world.

Golden throat and Ronaldo

Ronaldo also has his own football school and athlete rehabilitation physics center. In 2015, he and partner Carlosvid established Ronaldo Football School in Beijing. Another football school in Ronaldo in 2017 was established in Sichuan. He once vowed Said: To open 30 football schools in China, in addition to business factors, it is mainly considering that China has huge football enthusiasts, coupled with the government and folks today have enough attention to football. Bringing sustainable development to Chinese football.

It is only obvious that in world football, he has extraordinary achievements, but he cannot see Chinese football. In China, Ronaldo's most famous business miracle is the shooting advertisement of the golden throat. The thick alien Ronaldo, while playing, smirked with a golden throat. In the summer of that year, the beginning of the Chinese friendship match held by Real Madrid was not Bokham, nor Raul, but the most popular. It was the nagging Ronaldo. His high popularity in China made the chairman of the golden throat see business opportunities.

They passed Ronaldo's agent, so the aliens were notified by the agent to eat with an entrepreneur. As a result, they were inexplicably put on a jersey of the same color as the Brazilian national team. At the same time, there were five Chinese characters in the jersey - — Golden throat throat, even specially asked for a few action to take photos, and finally gave Ronaldo's $ 300,000 appearance fee. It was put in 2007 until the golden voice found Kaka, so Ronaldo was angry at 10 points.

Double the wealth of 7 years to make your wealth realize

For a time, I wanted to prosecute the golden throat, but there was no evidence, and I fired the agent in the anger and reorganized the brokerage team who could ensure his interests and business value. Instead, as much as possible in the team final decision, the bankruptcy of football players made him feel very scared. He began to study hard. He continued to learn business knowledge, and even often talked to Floren Dino. Lafayette is very wondering that he has never seen players such curious about numbers and processes.

In the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Nike launched an advertisement for "Final Duel". Many people are very puzzled. In fact, according to his reputation, in fact, Bailey and Romario can play such roles, but in the end why it will be Ronaldo, in fact, the reason is very simple, because he is Nike's lifelong spokesperson. When signing the contract, he spent 30 hours of money to understand every sentence in the contract. Formation, such detailedness made him a very successful business person in a shopping mall outside the football. After retiring, he met the largest communication media, WPP president Martin Sorir, he continued to receive new things, and even set up his own e -sports club. Under the onlookers of the world, he sat in front of the computer. The mouse and keyboard operated with clumsy hands feel the charm of another sports competition. The main reason for many famous stars to go bankrupt is because they have more important reasons in addition to their extravagance. Romantic, they often show mercy, so is Ronaldo, and his former wife once said that Ronaldo has at least 200 women outside.


But he has never had an illegitimate child, because in 2010, he had undergone ligation surgery, and he never had seedlings. Now his 5 children have a lot of money. After the stars retired, under the environment of bankruptcy, Ronaldo was able to predict his future ending, especially his strong sense of crisis, so that he could make his value from 240 million in just 7 years. It is also an important reason for his retirement to achieve another new life after his retirement, and to complete the gorgeous turn in the business market.