From Durant to Rodman!From the control guard to the center!The real genius will never be buried

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From Durant to Rodman!From the control guard to the center!The real genius will never be buried

2022-05-15 06:02:01 4 ℃

110-96, the Warriors defeated the Grizzlies at home, and scored 4-2 to advance to the Western finals.

A 42-minute game, the Warriors did not play momentum until the last 6 minutes. A wave of 23-7 took away the game, and finally won the victory back to the West.

It is difficult for you to say who the warrior's leadership is going to this game.

The G6 soup came as scheduled, and 8 of the three -pointer scored the highest 30 points in the audience. Curry scored 11 points in the last quarter to bring himself out of the conference room.

He chased his dreams and scored 14 points in 2022. He grabbed the highest 15 rebounds since 928 days, and also sent 8 assists to find the style of the past.

Vegins is also critical. In the first section of the fourth quarter, he helped the Warriors to stabilize the situation. Brother's mouth scored 18 points again, plus 11 rebounds, 1 steal and 3 blocks, including 6 frontcourt rebounds.

Of course, Kevin Runi, who set the tone to win the warrior.

Those who control the rebounds can control the entire game.

The Warriors grabbed 70 rebounds in this game and grabbed 25 frontcourt rebounds. A total of 26 rebounds have been won, and the frontcourt rebounds are 15 more than their opponents.

Among them, Rooney grabbed 22 rebounds, and 11 frontcourt rebounds were more than the Grizzlies.

In the first quarter, Rooney grabbed 11 rebounds, as many as the Grizzlies, including 5 frontcourt rebounds.

He set the highest single rebound in the playoffs since 1987.

Turning Rouney back to the starting start is the most critical decision made by the Warriors in this game.

Starting from the G5 of the Nuggets in the first round, the Warriors died of five small starts, and Rooney, who launched 80 games in the regular season, subsequently played for 6 consecutive substitutes.

After the g5 shame lost to the Grizzlies, Curry and Dream Chase found Mike Brown, who served as an interim coach, and asked Rooney to return to the start.

Brown eventually heard the suggestions of the two, and Rooney first debuted, and contributed to an amazing performance.

In addition to grabbing 22 rebounds, the pass from Rooney gave the teammates 7 shots, of which 5 assists, helping the team score 13 points.

The Grizzlies hit only 3 goals in the face of his defense, scored 7 points in total.

After the game, Lu Ni said humblely: "In the last game, our rebounds were exploded (37-55), and I think this is my responsibility. Today I am doing my own job on the court. I am glad to help help me from being able to help. team."

When he heard Runi said that he was doing his job to grab the rebounds, he could not help but let the person who heard his story somewhat emotion. At that time, he was also a scoring hand in the United States.

Rooney was the earliest fanbie fans, and often imitated Kobe's movements. He is the cousin of Nick Yang, Ten years old, Bindy Yang.

In high school, Rooney has received offer from multiple universities. In the third year of high school, he could score 26.1 points, 12.4 rebounds, 3.1 assists and 7 blocks.

Averaged 27.9 points, 12.9 rebounds, 7 assists and 8 blocks. He is the highest player in the team, but he focuses on guards.

At that time, Rooney was praised as the next Kevin Durant.

Rooney led the team to win the championship, and was named the best player in the United States by many media, Mr. Contesting State Basketball, and a five -star high school student.

Height is 2 meters 06 and wingspan of 2 meters. At that time, he was at the top five in the NBA draft forecast.

But the sudden injuries hit the road of the NBA impact on the NBA, and he was injured before his college career.

The injuries in his legs and hips suddenly dropped his speed, and he began to become more and more awkward.

When Rooney returned from the injury, a certain dominance was shown in the college field.

The first show was 20+9+3, and then won two doubles creation records for four consecutive games. The first 10 games were 7 times. He scored 27 points and 19 rebounds in a single game, and the last 7 games in the season.

When the season, without the ball in his hand, he only rely on fighting, fast and empty shots, and won 15 two doubles, the most freshmen in the United States. The rebound in the United States is second in the United States, with a three -point hit rate of 41.5%.

However, because his hip injury was very serious, his draft was repeatedly declined, and almost all NBA teams were worried about his durability.

After being selected, Runi did undergo surgery as many teams expected. The rookie season had two hip surgery. He played only 5 games in total and played a total of 21 minutes.

When the injury returned, the warrior's frontcourt was already overcrowded. He changed the center from the forward and became the last place in the 6th center of the Warriors.

Fortunately, Cole appreciated him. When the Warriors gradually hit the small lineup, he became the best small ball center in the Colekou squadron.

After helping the Warriors to win two consecutive championships, the injuries found Rooney again.

He suffered from a neurological disease caused by neurotranscellous injury caused by the brain and spinal cord. This disease can cause his legs to be tight and numb. He undergone surgery again, but this disease cannot be eradicated.

In the regular season of this season, Runi's career played 82 regular season for the first time. After the end of the season, he won the ball of the game with two words "Iron Man".

Each warriors have witnessed the toughness of Runi with the unbearable neurological pain that ordinary people can't bear.

From the template Durant to the template Rodman, from the pride of the heavens to the small character that was often ignored today, from the guard to the center, Rooney overcame the difficulty to complete the incredible transformation.However, from another perspective, the excellent play of Rooney is a good news to the Warriors, and Rooney's contract will expire this summer.

Runi, 26, is expected to not accept a contract of about 5 million again. The off -match period wants to leave him to spend a lot of expense.