Averaged 4 points per game.

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Averaged 4 points per game.

2022-05-15 18:06:23 25 ℃

I thought that the Sun team was the most suspenseful. No one expected that they would be the first team to face the Seven World War. Why did the powerful Sun team face this situation today? Many people will push the responsibility to Paul. When the first round of the Pelicans, Paul average of 22 points. However, when the Sun team played alone, Paul's average score has fallen to 14 points. The efficiency declines so fast? Many people think that Paul is old and tired. Xiao Feng does not deny the view of this side, but Xiao Feng thinks that the most important factor is that the Sun team did not match Paul's substitute player.

Payne's positioning is Paul's substitute player. Because of the efficient performance of the Lakers team last season, he has received a lot of contracts during the offseason. It is precisely because of this beginning that the Sun team re -enables Faced with the new hidden dangers, that is the lack of depth of the lineup. It is inevitable that there are so many people who can play the solar team. How can they face such problems? What Xiao Feng wants to say is that the depth on the defender line does need to be improved.

Let's talk about Payne first. This season, averaging 4.1 points, 1.3 rebounds and 2.0 assists this season. Compared with the last season, a significant decline has fallen. The most important thing is that his hit rate has declined. The hit rate is even less than 30%, and the three -pointer hit rate is as low as 14.8%. Such a performance has caused the coach to lose his trust in him. Especially in the last two games, the team has fallen out of the team's rotation lineup. That is to find a sense of existence in the garbage time, completely losing the value.

In addition to Payne, there is also a Shamet in the substitute lineup of the Sun team. Although his positioning is to break up, at least the position of the defender is more or less effective, but Xiao Feng wants to say Yes, his state is not much better than Payne. After Shameter has made a popularity from the Clippers, the data in the future is not as good as one year. After reaching a 42.5 million salary with the Sun team, the status declines after a 42.5 million salary. The increasingly obvious, Shameter, who has always been famous for three -pointers, also fell below 30%in the playoffs this season, let alone how much help can bring Paul.

Paul is the core of the team's ball. After all, he is 37 years old. Don't put too much pressure on Paul, then more people need to stand up to help Paul relieve the pressure, but now who can help in the Sun team's lineup can help What about Paul? Payne couldn't, Shamet couldn't, Paul's state fell. To some extent, Xiao Feng felt that Paul was too tired. We are clear about the intensity of the playoffs. The consumption of the Pelicans in the first round, plus this round of fighting with the Lone Ranger, the state of Paul has been severely declining. Sometimes it is not only the mental power. After all, the age is there. After all, the age is there. Playing, even Paul could not help it.

If you fail again this season, the Sun team needs to face more problems. They not only need to face Aidon's renewal, but also Johnson is waiting for the contract. A qualified substitute player, so where do you start? In fact, Shameter and Payne are the best choices. Shameter is relatively young, but his contract is relatively large. It is not easy to take a shot. The Sun team may need to be on the draft right. As for Payne's words, It is relatively easy to solve, not only the price is not expensive, the most important thing is that only part of the guarantee contract. Regardless of the success of the Sun team, these two people are estimated to be the potential trading goal of the Sun team.

不得不承认的是,太阳队夺冠的窗口期就这么几年,如果保罗真的打不动的时候,谁来带领球队前进,布克还不具备这样的实力,对于太阳队来说,寻找An organization defender is imperative, not only for the future of the team, but also to win the present.