Guoyu Men's Team created the worst history of history!The Topas Cup stops the top 8, fans: must change the coach

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Guoyu Men's Team created the worst history of history!The Topas Cup stops the top 8, fans: must change the coach

2022-05-15 18:06:11 22 ℃

The most glorious time of Chinese badminton was when Lin Dan was there. At that time, Guo Yu not only had Lin Dan, but also the dragon followed by Lin Dan. During that time, the Guoyu team almost won the men's singles championship of various world events. Lin Dan not only has a high popularity in China, but also a very influential sports star in the world. In the Tokyo Olympic Games, Chen Long played hard and finally won a silver medal. After that, he rarely attended the game, and his injuries did not allow him to continue fighting on the field.

Recently, the Toms Cup is in full swing, and the performance of the Guoyu team makes fans feel helpless. The Guoyu Men's team defeated the Indonesian team in the 1/4 final of the team match. The Indonesian team swept Guoyu with a score of 3-0. Guoyu's chances of pursuing were not obtained. The fans were very helpless in this game, and the Guoyu team did not even enter the semi -finals. The last time the Guoyu team stopped 8 years ago, it was six years ago. I did not expect that after six years, the Guoyu team returned to the original starting point again.

In contrast, there are more highlights of the women's team competition. Chen Yufei rescued three match points while playing against An Xiangying, and finally won An Xingying with a 2-1 record. The women's team failed to defend the championship. Although the fans regretted it, they were still proud of the players. The problem with the men's team is relatively big, and they once again played the worst results in history. Fans are not only regrettable, they are also very angry, and many fans have said that the Guoya men's team must change the coach. Everyone thinks that the men's team cannot be improved if they do not change the coach.

The men's team is not without available people. Zhao Junpeng's conditions are very good in all aspects. The problem is that he has not been able to use his advantages well, and he can't catch the opportunity to attack on the field. The defense will only make your situation more and more passive. There are really many problems in the men's team, I hope they can reflect well.