When Jordan was holding 33.14 million annual salary, what was the annual salary of other superstars in the league?

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When Jordan was holding 33.14 million annual salary, what was the annual salary of other superstars in the league?

2022-05-15 18:07:51 24 ℃

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There are many rumors about Jordan. Among them, the most widely circulated is that the alliance specializes in opening a green light for Jordan to get a 30 million annual salary without paying luxury taxes. Is this really the case? Let's talk about Jordan's salary and what are the salary of Jordan's salary and other people at that time?

First of all, Jordan is not the first player to use the Beride clause!

It was not easy for the mother team to leave a player before 84 years ago. For example, the Moses Malaysia contract that had just obtained the MVP in the summer of 1982 expired.

When the amount of money is the same, Malone will definitely choose a better environment, so 76 people with Dr. J's Owen successfully receive Moses Malone from Houston to Philadelphia

This matter had a great impact at the time!

As soon as the Rockets trained a MVP, it was dug away!

The contract of another superstar Larrybud in the league in 1984 is about to expire. In order to avoid similar things, the league deliberately introduced the "Burde Terms" in 1984: When a player has played in the mother team for three years, Later, the team can complete renewal with the player without restrictions on wage caps! For example, in 1984, the Betide contract expired.

The Lakers have a maximum limit of the salary cap that can only be paid for the maximum annual salary, while the Celtics have no upper limit.

In this way, it is easier to leave the star again!

So with this contract, almost everyone in each team can ignore the salary cap to enjoy the Beride clauses. For example, people often say that the 98 Bulls 60 million salary hit 30 million others. The sun was 43 million, 44 million magic, 37 million Lakers, 39 million Pacers, and 38 million supersonic speeds. At that time, the salary cap was only 26.9 million US dollars. There were more than one bull team that exceeded the salary hat!

Before Jordan, Ewing had received 20 million years of salary!

Their finals are only 30 million, but the situation of Malone, Stockon and Hoconsek is very similar to Scott Pippen. The 36 million contracts renewed again in 1991 that they renewed again in 1999 until the summer of 1999 expired.

If the Malone contract expires like Jordan in 1996, the Martin's contract will get nearly 20 million even if it is not as good as Jordan's 30 million!

If the Malone contract is shorter, it will also be about 20 million in 1998!

How did Jordan's 30 million annual salary come from? Has the league turned on a green light for him?

The Jordan contract expired in 1996. This summer, the free market was wonderful. First, the Zhuwan Howard was 110 million in 7 years, then Monun was 115 million, and then O'Neal was 121 million. The young people signed 126 million in 6 years. In addition, Patrick Yin had an annual salary of 18.72 million US dollars in 1996. This is also the highest salary of the league in the 95-96 season.

At that time, the first quotation of the Bulls was $ 20 million a year, which was 1.3 million more salary than Ewing in 1996. Obviously, the Jordan agent Falcao refused directly. After the negotiation, the two parties chose the market to decide how much Jordan's salary, so so Jordan jumped out of the contract and became a free player. Let's look at what quotation of other teams will give, and then the bull will follow the match!

Bull management puts Jordan into the free market, and one hand is good for!

The idea of ​​the Bulls is very simple. Only the Bulls can give Jordan Beride clauses.

The other teams were more than 26 million even if the entire salary cap was given to Jordan without the provisions of Burde. As a result, I did not expect that the Knicks had an ingenuity in addition to 15 million salary.

In this way, the fantasy of the Bulls was shattered, and Jordan's 30 million contracts came into being!

At that time, Ewing 20.5 million, Ryimille 11.25 million US dollars, Monon 13.13 million, 14.86 million cobra Grant, 11.22 million Matombo, 8 million Corman, Payton 10.51 million, O'Neal 12.86 million, Robinson 14.84 million, Ao Ao, Ao Ao, Ao Ao, Ao Ao, Ao Ao, Ao Ao, Ao Ao, Austria, Austria, Austria Rajuwan 11.16 million, etc. At this time, Cal Malong was 4.66 million, and the jazz's third person Honatak was as low as 2.4 million. If Jordan was removed from 30 million and Malone 4.66 million, The difference is not big!

This was the most cheap two -person group at the time!

In the end, many people said that the league specially turned on Jordan's green lights. A person took 30 million results and did not need to pay taxes. In fact, the NBA luxury tax was the concept that appeared after the suspension of 1999. Jordan Needless to say, Ewing's 20 million salary of more than 50 million total salary does not need to pay taxes. The saying of turning on the green light is obviously false!

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