One person can become Han Dejun's successor, Guangdong signs a sharp line genius, and Liaoning abandons foreign aid or vote in Shandong!

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One person can become Han Dejun's successor, Guangdong signs a sharp line genius, and Liaoning abandons foreign aid or vote in Shandong!

2022-05-16 00:02:39 18 ℃

The first news: Liaoning may leave the team! Li Hongqing or competing for Li Chunjiang's target figure, Han Dejun is expected to usher in successors

Although it has entered the off -season, I believe that the Liaoning team is still overwhelming, and even eager to enter the next season immediately, which is in sharp contrast to the slump after losing the championship last season. Now Yang Ming is the champion, I am worried that Du Feng cannot copy its nine consecutive victories in the playoffs. Obviously, all teams will follow the Liaoning team because they have surpassed the Guangdong team to become the top team. For Yang Ming, it is not difficult to win the championship. Instead, he can focus on improving his ability to coach, and he should make more innovative attempts on the team. After all, the lineup is very powerful, and the cost of fault tolerance is not large at all.

However, as the defending champion, if Zhang Zhenlin, the later Xiu Zhang Zhenlin really challenged himself, it would only be not enough to add a substitute guard Gao Shiyan to consolidate his strength. From a positive perspective, Morand, as the most powerful foreign aid, has decided to have the Liaoning team, renewing the contract, and the new season will definitely continue to become the core of the inside. If other teams do not introduce better foreign aid, Morand is still unsolved. With Gao Shiyan and the return of the big man Zhu Rongzhen, you should be able to return to the Shandong men's basketball team, so the Liaoning team may lose two powerful players of Zhu Rongzhen and Zhang Zhenlin. For Li Hongqing, it does not make sense for signing. a lot of. After all, he is the defending champion now, and it is easy to attract the interest of players who are eager to win.

It is worth mentioning that the 35 -year -old Yi Jianlian and Han Dejun have no qualified successors in their respective teams. The Guangdong team does not lack excellent young people, but its development is very slow. In the Liaoning team, there is no such young genius. Only by signing a contract can it be resolved. Xu Zhonghao, the inside of the opponent Zhejiang Guangsha, became the target of the criticism. Xu Zhonghao's situation is very clear. The contract is about to expire and can directly contact the Liaoning team. Earlier, it was said that the Shanghai team also wanted to compete for Xu Zhonghao, because Xu Zhonghao performed very well in the finals, and Li Chunjiang did not seem to mind his experience of accidentally injuring the Shanghai team players. Therefore, when Xu Zhonghao left Guangsha, there was actually a dark current.

If the Liaoning team is willing to take action, Xu Zhonghao may agree. After all, this is the closest to winning the championship. I believe this is also the highest goal of many players' careers. It can also become a successor in Han Dejun, and gradually become the main main force of the Liaoning team. The inscription does not rule out that Gao Shiyan is willing to be Guo Ailun and Zhao Jiwei. In fact, Xu Zhonghao is very suitable for the Liaoning team system. His defense is brave and tenacious. This tough element is actually quite consistent with the Liaoning team. Secondly, it is undoubted that he and Fu Hao can form a tacit understanding in the Twin Tower because they used to be teammates. More importantly, when he played against the Liaoning team in the finals, his movements were very clean, and he did not annoy the soldiers of the Liaoning team. In fact, this is a sign, but whether Xu Zhonghao can join the Liaoning team has not yet officially announced, but we can still pay close attention to it.

Second news: Zero operation during Zhu Fangyuxiu? Fighting genius has officially signed, Zhang Zhenlin ushered in the strongest challenger

The Guangdong team, which is absent from the four consecutive championships, is reasonable for the time being without any news. Zhu Fangyu always cope with constant changes. This season's results are only the top four, which is actually enough homework. After all, Ma Shang, who was looking forward to returning, never returned, and Wims also showed his old manner, saying that he would pay a certain price to stay. However, Zhu Fangyu has not yet officially responded, and it is likely that he still declines Wims' kindness. From the perspective of the Guangdong team's lineup, the inside line is in a state of no connection, and the front line strength is already ceiling, and it has even begun to decline a bit. Only the comprehensive strength and reserves of the defender position are sufficient. As we all know, Zhu Fangyu rarely conducts large -scale recruitment, which is related to the team's financial resources. The introduction of big -name foreign aid is basically impossible, and it is even more difficult to compete for other top local players. Therefore, the possibility of Zhu Fangyu's zero operation is not ruled out.

However, the strength of the Guangdong team's youth training has always been very strong, which is why Zhu Fangyu has less enforcement. In addition, Du Feng still has a bit of stone. Zhu Fangyu may pay more attention to selecting excellent youth players to join the first team. At present, the main striker of the Guangdong team will be the captain Zhou Peng and Ren Junfei, and they have the most tactical effects. Unfortunately, Du Runwang and Zhang Haojia could not take over. They could only act as role players, and their functions were relatively single. Compared with the very powerful front line of the Liaoning team, the Guangdong team is really a little ashamed. Fu Hao and Zhang Zhenlin were very relaxed when facing the Guangdong team, and they controlled the scores and defense. If you want to narrow the gap with the front line of the Liaoning team and have no good opportunities for recruitment, the only thing Zhu Fangyu can do is to extract youth talents in advance.

1c3dc0.jpg-qsy.jpg "> Zhu Fangyu did do this. Combined with the news that the team reporter Guan Xin, who has always been known for its news, revealed that Huang Mingyi, a genius front line from the second team, has successfully signed a rookie contract. The nickname of the talented player is quite surprising. It is known as the domestic Durant. It can be seen that his technical characteristics should be closer to Durant. Some people think that he is the best physical fitness in the Guangdong team. Fighting players, that is to say, the physical fitness of Zhu Fangyu's athletes. His wingspan actually reached 220 cm, now only 18 years old, 210 cm tall, and his body and arm length are already like Durant. He is in he The performance of the second team is also impressive. Holding the ball attack and dry shooting is a strong point. The key is that any angle is his shooting position. The defense efficiency is also an extra score, because the wingspan is very good, the defensive area and scope are all in the defense area and scope of scope. It is a innate advantage. In fact, this kind of sports player should be at the professional league earlier, and I hope Du Feng can use it boldly. Zhang Zhenlin's progress in the past two years is also visible to the naked eye. Huang Mingyi now only lacks a chance Therefore, I hope he can use the opportunity of the off -season training to prove himself. Although Du Feng can't see it, the training situation will definitely be transmitted to Du Feng's ear in time. If Du Feng is recognized, I believe it will be exercised. Mingyi can become the strongest challenger of Zhang Zhenlin. Perhaps the Guangdong team really does not need to rely on the introduction of strong aid to cultivate their youth players, which can be successful. After all, this is also tradition. Challenging the strength of the Liaoning team, first of all, it is necessary to make good use of Huang Mingyi's newly promoted genius.

The third news: Xu Changsuo was retained by trust! Shandong veterans are close to the departure, and the former foreign aid in Liaoning is expected to replace Gao Shiyan

The disappointing Shandong men's basketball team has begun training. This attitude is worthy of recognition. In the past season, the mental appearance was difficult to be satisfactory and the coach Xu Changsuo's coaching ability was limited. The playoffs were eliminated in the first round. Objectively speaking, the lineup of the Shandong team is actually quite powerful. Top players include Tao Hanlin and Gao Shiyan. The excellent foreign aids also have the omnipotent Hudson and Great foreign aid Glenwater. Of course Essence Therefore, everyone's expectations for them are actually very high, and the same is true next season.

At present, it can basically be determined that the well -known coach Xu Changsuo has obtained the opportunity to trust and exercise. It will continue to coach the Shandong team. It is the fact that Gao Shiyan's departure team is a good supplement. Broker Ran Ran's ability to operate is enough to achieve it all. Then, the place where the Shandong team needs to adjust is foreign aid. Hudson is about to be 38 years old. It is difficult to maintain a high level and good state. Average 20 points per game is already the highest value within the scope of ability. The rumored Wims should not join. The position of Hudson is another candidate. Relevant reports show that the new foreign aid is likely to be Meoo.

As the first foreign aid of the Liaoning team, although it has been a season to leave the Liaoning team, but now that he has the willingness to return, the whereabouts are definitely not the Liaoning team. Although the strength is indeed less than 35 years old, in the team that has a farther playoffs such as the Shandong team, Meo can still get the core position. Personally, I think that the reason why the Shandong team sees Mayo is that in addition to thinking that he is familiar with the league, what is more important is that his annual salary will not be too high, and the cost performance is actually very high. It is expected that he can take him away at $ 1 million. If Meio can be added, the Shandong team is worth looking forward to next season. Mayo is the best candidate to replace Gao Shiyan's position.

Of course, because Xu Changsu continued to coach, he was still the biggest shortcoming of the team. Is there any way to restore the spiritual appearance of Gong Xiaobin's coaching period. Essence is very important. The most indispensable thing in the Shandong men's basketball team is the tenacious fighting spirit, and whether Ding Yanyu Hang can maintain health, otherwise the Shandong team will depend on the play of foreign aid. However, if such a lineup does not show good results in the early season, Xu Changsu may not be able to coach, and another better coach is a way out.