Hongyuan Express!Du Feng's marriage, Happy Emperor Kai Emperor's wedding, the United Arab Union made a surprise appearance, and Ma Shang officially voiced

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Hongyuan Express!Du Feng's marriage, Happy Emperor Kai Emperor's wedding, the United Arab Union made a surprise appearance, and Ma Shang officially voiced

2022-05-16 00:03:39 25 ℃

On May 15th, Beijing time, today is the day of Hongyuan's "Cheongsam Brother" Wang Huankai's wedding day. I wish Wang Huankai a happy wedding! This wedding gathered CBA stars and famous places, including the Guangdong Hongyuan team, was invited. The Emperor Kai's youthful mother team also attended many players. Wedding witnesses! Of course, in the earlier brothers group activities that ended earlier, Yi Jianlian and Zhao Rui were absent for their own reasons. However, according to the latest news, the United Arabia and Zhao Rui will be in the evening. Surprise in the wedding banquet! Although Zhao Rui regretted missing the opportunity to serve as a best man in his life, a few days later, he will attend the wedding of his brother Zhao Jiwei as a best man. On the other side of Ma Shang, he was still on the other side of the ocean, and he still sent Wang Haokai's blessing to Wang Haokai. At the same time, he also showed his recent training video. It seemed to be looking forward to returning to Hongyuan and fighting the CBA league again!

In recent years, Hongyuan has no players to have a wedding. After all, Hongyuan's veterans have long completed their tasks, and the middle -generation players have basically gone. The remaining young players have not yet reached the age. Wang Haokai, one of the only middle -aged players, has also officially completed a major event today. Hong Yuan attaches great importance to this wedding, and basically all members are invited to attend. The head coach Du Feng is the witness to the wedding in person! As a member of the best man, Hu Mingxuan, and Zeng Fanri, Zhao Jinyang became a member of the brothers, and these lineups were also very powerful.

What is regrettable is that Zhao Rui, who was originally scheduled to be the best man, failed to arrive in time for some reason. In the session of throwing hydrangea, Zhao Jincang led Xu Jie to get the hydrangea in one step. The fans also teased the next marriage, and it was time to go to the lamb. After all, Zhao Jincang's girlfriend is also very beautiful and very explosive. When he is the legal marriage age, I believe that Zhao Jincang will also be married as soon as possible!

During the off -season, Big Brother Yi Jianlian was actually very busy. As the founder and sponsor of the salary training camp, he was running the issue of in the off -season. Not long ago, he also received the invitation of Wang Huankai, and agreed to attend the wedding of Emperor Kai. However, in the morning, the United Arabia also needed to participate in another event, did not participate in the brothers' group activities of Wang Huankai in the morning. However, according to the latest news, both Yi Jianlian and Zhao Rui will rush to Guangzhou in time to attend the wedding banquet at night. As a heavy figure in this wedding, the United Arabia will also speak as a "colleague representative" and speak at the wedding, and surprise appearance!

Although he is still conducting rehabilitation training in the United States, Ma Shang also sent a congratulatory wedding to Wang Huankai. In Hongyuan for several years, Ma Shima has long been very familiar with all Hongyuan players, including Kai Emperor. While sending a new wedding blessing, Ma Shang did not forget to continue to show his special training video. Now Ma Shang has passed the most basic recovery training stage and started some high -intensity training, such as fast shooting, a pair of pairs Waiting for a single. I hope Ma Shang can recover as soon as possible and restore the state. Hongyuan in the new season still needs his help!