The wrestling fanatic 39 major plan is here!WWE senior level allows celebrities to make public haircuts open!

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The wrestling fanatic 39 major plan is here!WWE senior level allows celebrities to make public haircuts open!

2022-05-16 00:03:45 19 ℃

Beijing time on May 15, 2022, today's senior wrestling media PWI exposed plans to wrestling fanatic 39! The wrestling fanatic 39 major plan is here! As the annual feast next year, WWE's global fans are especially, because WWE has promoted the confrontation of Roman Raynes VS Boulder Johnson, which will be staged next year!

Today, the senior wrestling media PWI pointed out that the boulder Qiangsen has been contacted inside WWE, and hopes that he can adjust the schedule in advance to facilitate his attendance of "Wrestling Flexible 39". In addition, such as John Senna and Batista may have received WWE and will attend this event!

More importantly, before the wrestling enthusiasm 39, Roman Raynes' double crown status has long been gone. Roman Renses is likely to hold a global championship to face the Boulder Johnson, so there is also a WWE. The champion, so that the two -day wrestling and fanatic competition, an extraordinary main game!

As for the promotional videos made by Kody Raz's previous contract for the contract step competition, Kody said that the winner of the contract brigade will participate in the "Wrestling Flee 39" next year, then we are likely to see the contractor of the contract briefcase winner. Kody Rose competes for the WWE champion, and the WWE champion will be very likely to be Brock Lesner!

In addition to wrestling fanatic 39 major plans, WWE senior management allows the list of celebrities to make public haircuts open! I believe that everyone still remembers that due to private haircuts, after shaving long hair into short hair, it aroused the anger of WWE high -level, which greatly affected the plot of Roseph. In the end develop!

However, today's WWE no longer has strict requirements for the private haircut of WWE star players! Today's senior wrestling media FightfulSelect announced the list of WWE seniors allowing celebrities to make private haircuts! Let ’s take a look at everyone!

First of all, let's take a look at the RAW brand, AJ Stels, Bobby Lesley, Codorz, ​​Damian Printe, Daifer Zigler, Eiji, Fen · · · · · Barlol, Kevin Owins, Mitz, Randy Orton, Ridel and "Crazy" Celes Rorinus! In the Smackdown brand, Drew Macintel, Happy Corbin, Jie Uso, Jimmy Uso, Kofife Kingston, Carnival Mos, Paul Heman, Lee Science, Roman Thunder, Roman Thunder Ens, Samin, Himos and Zevill Woods!

As we see, many stars of Raw and Smackdown can actually make a private haircut. Among them, we also see that players who have long hair have long hair. WWE's requirements for their hairstyles are not very high, such as AJ · Stels, Daifer Zigler, Celes Rolinus, Drew Mcing Tail!