Guoping has opened a way to Guoyu in advance, and the form of internal competitions can also become Guoyu's new way.

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Guoping has opened a way to Guoyu in advance, and the form of internal competitions can also become Guoyu's new way.

2022-05-16 06:05:10 22 ℃

I do n’t know if you do n’t find out. The Yue Cup game has just ended. The women's badminton team once comprehensive strength dominates, and the overall competitiveness is more advantageous than the opponent. The best time to make many fans feel a little sad and disappointed, but for the entire team, if from the perspective of long -term Olympic warfare, there are still some benefits in it, such as this team, because it often encounters often encounters encountering The impact, so the players have played a relatively small level in the near future and the level of participating in the participation, or occasionally participating in some competitions often occur in the case of civil war, including competition with the world masters, including them, including them, including them, including them, including them, including them. The recent improvement of strength is still not well understood, which has also affected the overall preparations. Through the competition of the Yuber Cup final, we can see that the coaching team and players of the South Korean team have the status and technical characteristics of the national feathers. In this regard, the team is basically playing each other, and in accordance with their usual habits and methods, there are no targeted research and layout.

At this point, we need to remind the badminton team to learn from some of the practices of table tennis teams. For example, when there are more international competitions or international competitions, you must fully participate in the competition. However, if the restrictions on prevention and control cause less international competitions, or they dare not participate in the competition due to the reasons, they lose some opportunities for the competition. In order to ensure the health of the players, they can give up some events. The internal competition between masters, such as organizing some confrontation, simulation games, and some forms of key scores, and even this competition for men and women to improve their ability to fight tough battles, so that even internal competition is because badminton The team still belongs to a thin camel is larger than the horse. Although it cannot really reach the best state, or exposes some problems in training and competitions, it still has not lost its position in the world's top team. If you can show some problems through this internal competition, you can also solve the problem before the arrival of various competitions.

Including that we have heard that the table tennis team has been preparing to hold some internal promotion competitions in the near future that we have heard the opportunity to go out to the game to increase the exercise of players to learn from each other, compete with each other, and fight hard battles. If the badminton team also Draw this way. Maybe it will help them to play such top -level competitions in the world, and it will also make it easier for players to adapt to the cruelty of the world competition in a short time. Therefore, between the team and the team, sometimes it is not too self -closed, and some useful attempts are needed from other projects to increase the competitiveness of this project. We look forward to the badminton team can use the Uber Cup to lose the championship. The Thomas Cup has not been able to advance to the semi -finals. The reason why the team problem occurs, and this problem is solved in a short period of time. We too I believe they have the strength in a short period of time, let us witness a different badminton team, and everyone cheer for them.