In the controversy, Guo Yu's champion Zhang Jun did not go to the podium!Create 26 years of shame, and the team members bear the sadness of runner -up

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In the controversy, Guo Yu's champion Zhang Jun did not go to the podium!Create 26 years of shame, and the team members bear the sadness of runner -up

2022-05-16 12:05:56 21 ℃

On May 15th, Beijing time, the Uber Cup war has ended, and Guo Yu encountered an epic level of Waterloo, and lost the Uber Cup champion 2-3.

Before the game, everyone felt that the Chinese team was stable. The biggest enemy, Japan, was hit by South Korea and blocked outside the final gate. Who can stop Guo Yu's 16th championship? However, I did not expect that this time Guoyu had a cold error, and the reason why such a result appeared was not good, Guo Yu's chairman Zhang Jun must bear the greatest responsibility, and this person reached a controversy when the awards were awarded after the game. Sexual moves, he did not go to the podium and the players to suffer the pain of winning the runner -up.

In this competition, Guoyu's players are very serious. The three singles are Chen Yifei, He Bingjiao and Wang Zhiyi. Objectively speaking, there is no problem. The first single Chen Yufei is the sister of the women's team and the new Olympic champion of the Olympic Games. Who is it? The Yubo Cup Chen Yifei completed the task perfectly. The total score won 6 battles, with a small score of 12-1. In the semi -finals, Yindannon was won, and the finals won An An Ying, and she had tried her best to be the captain.

The second singles He Bingjiao also performed perfectly. Facing Jin Jiaen in the finals, she was directly exploded by He Bingjiao. In Jiaojiao's hand, Jin Jiaen could not pass two rounds at all, and there was no score of more than 13 points. In the end, Wang Zhiyi ranked 15th in the world, and his opponent ranked 46th in the world. Wang Zhiya's Championships won the championship, and her strength was also here. At the age of 22, she was the first day after Guo Yu. The three of them are really okay, and if they have to compare, the three people's singles exploded South Korea, and the three even had the strength to win the opposite order. Flip the championship.

In terms of doubles, there is a problem with the two -doubles. Huang Dongping and Li Wenmei have been temporarily pulled to make up. They have not cooperated for a long time, but in the end we have the world's first female double Chen Chenchen Jia Yifan. Although Fanchen loses the Olympic Games, does their strength still question? The ranking is also the world's first. The combination of Li Shen (Li Shaoxi Shen Sheng), who played South Korea, is also definitely an excellent. Before the game, he has won 5 consecutive opponents. But who should be blamed for a good card to play a good card, isn't that strange one that is Zhang Jun and Chen Yu? In the final tactics and troops, they will not lose if they use snacks+to study South Korea.

In addition to Chen Yifei's order and Chen Chichen Jia Yifan's pair, can the other three positions be considered for the opponent's arrangement? The field is expected to take off the opponent in the first three games, and it depends on Fanchen without response. The problem of the second and doubles has been said in the Tokyo Olympics cycle for so long. It has not been resolved for 5 years. Shouldn't Zhang Jun be responsible for Zhang Jun? Since Wang Zhiyi is still a young man in poor quality, is it better to play the second singles? At least there is no pressure in the middle, and you will know that there are teammates in the back. At the end, it is a hammer to buy and sell. Too unrealistic.

He Bingjiao has experienced a strong wind and waves, and she has won Chen Yufei before, so is it better to have the finale? Leave Wang Zhiyi to the end, like this game to a final game, her mentality directly collapsed, and she lost 12 points as soon as she collapsed, and the game was gone. People have obviously made very good tactical arrangements, and Guo Yu did not do this at all. Chen Yifei returned was really relied on his own willpower and hard power. By 15 square meters, An An Ying was hit to cramps, including He Bingjiao's crushing, but it was also hard power, but when can the second double problem and the mentality of the player be solved?

But at the awards ceremony after the game, Zhang Jun did not go up to receive this award. Why didn't he bear such a result with the team members? Isn't this result of his tactical errors with the coaching team?

At this critical moment of the awards ceremony, Zhang Jun did not go to the stage to go to the stage to bear the pain and suffering of the runner -up with his teammates and team members. South Korea is the coach with the players up. There are only players and coaches in China. Without speech, he should bravely bear responsibility, instead of being silent after losing the crown.