Official announcement!NBA17 crown 2 big bad news, true core terror G2, opponent "undercover" absence

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Official announcement!NBA17 crown 2 big bad news, true core terror G2, opponent "undercover" absence

2022-05-19 18:03:39 20 ℃

On May 19th, Beijing time, the NBA East team's Heat and the Celtics officially updated their respective team injury reports. The report shows that the Heat Loury G2 will continue to be absent, and Struss and Vincent's leg tendon will be suspicious. On the side of the Celtics, Horford probably missed, and Smart probably played. Fortunately, Luo Wei, who ended in the fourth quarter of the G1, did not appear in the injury report.

These two injuries can be said to have two bad news and 2 good news for the Green Army. Two good news is that Smart is expected to usher in return, and Luo Wei is not hindered. Smart, as DPOY, is essential for the green army's defense. In addition, his organizational ability was also to liberate Tatum and Brown. As the high tower of the inside, Luo Wei is 18+9 in the first battle. It is the only player with a positive and negative value. He has reached the point where he cannot hurt.

The two bad news is that Horford's 75%possibility is absent and Lowry is 100%absent. Horford's absence of harm to the Celtics is naturally great. Originally, as a motorized inside, Horford would have a great effect when defending the impact of the Bartler. In the first battle, there was no Horford Batler's 41 points, because Rowwe's mobile is not small than Horford. Lowry's absence seemed to be not conducive to the Heat, but it was not conducive to the Celtics.

Because of the playoffs this season, when Lowry was missing, the Heat achieved 7 wins and 0 losses. When Lowry appeared, the Heat was only 2 wins and 3 losses, and Lowry was an undercover. Obviously, the Heat is willing to let Lomori's injury. Because of the wounded Lomorites, Wensont, who was not young and dared to fight, Vincent made a positive and negative value +23 in the east, second only to Batler.

From the current point of view, G2 is still very difficult for the Celtics. They need to play the status and momentum of the first half of the G1 to avoid similar power -off collapse in the third quarter. In addition, the most important thing is to restrict the Butler, whether it is using a clip or another way. In this series of series, the Celtics need to take Bartle as a letter brother to defend.