15 of 15 shots, cut 30 points!Dongcic needs such a strong aid, Kubanhao's gambling transaction really earns blood

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15 of 15 shots, cut 30 points!Dongcic needs such a strong aid, Kubanhao's gambling transaction really earns blood

2022-05-19 18:04:49 14 ℃

The NBA's playoffs this year, the two most surprising series, one was the Nets team swept 4-0 by the Celtics, and the other was the Lone Team. This year's playoffs, there are no Clippers, no Leonard and Paul George, Dongcic led the Lone Team, has eliminated the Jazz and the Suns, and advanced to the Western Conference Finals. Sure enough, the ridicule of the Clippers fans: "Without Leonard and Paul George, it is difficult for someone to guard against Dongcic. It is time to let other teams feel the horror power of Dongcic. "Then, both the Jazz and the Sun team felt the terrorist dominance of the Dongciqi playoffs.

NBA data shows that Dongcic scored 31.5 points (League 2)+10.1 rebounds (alliance 8) +6.6 assists (league 6)+1.9 steals (alliance third) data. Shooting rate is 48%. Dongcic's playoffs attack power, the best of the league is the best. This year's playoffs, the alphabet brothers are 31.7 points in the league first. Can Dongcic go beyond the alphabet brother and win the title of a playoff score king? To cut off the high score, Dongcic is not the most concerned. He now cares more about winning and even more attention to winning the championship.

Last season's playoffs, Dongcic faced the defense of Leonard and Paul George. In a series of games, all three scores were scored in three games. You can see how horrible this score is. This year's playoffs played the Sun team, Dongcic also scored 40+, but the Lone Ranger was not good at winning the ball. Indeed, the Lone Ranger wants to win, and must stand up with key players such as Brunson and Ding Weidi. In the series of Suns and Lone Ranger, Brensen played a downturn in the first two games, and the Lone Ranger defeated. After the subsequent Burenson found the state, he greatly helped Dongcic to lead the team. At the same time, Ding Weidi also broke out in the seven major battles, and efficiently cut points, and became a powerful helper.

In the series of Sun and Lone Ranger, G6 Dongcic+Brunson+Dingweidi Trident has signs of collective eruption, but it is not obvious enough. At the seven major battles, the Lone Ranger Trident finally broke out: Dongcic scored 35 points+10 rebounds +4 assists, Burensen scored 24 points+6 rebounds +2 assists, Ding Weidi efficient 15 shots 15 shots In 11, cut 30 points+3 rebounds +2 assists +1 steals data. His positive and negative value+44 is the highest, higher than Dongcic and Brensen. Moreover, Ding Weidi has always been a substitute. The substitute lineup he led is getting stronger and stronger. Such a powerful helper is very important.

As a substitute defender, Ding Weidi scored 30+ scores with the highest efficiency in the audience. Dongcic and head coach Kid both praised Ding Weidi's performance in the interview. According to the US media released data, Ding Weidi cut off 30+ scores during the seven major battles. This is the fastest record of NBA history. player of. Ding Weidi really has the strength and style of the stars. He is indeed the former boss of the Nets. When he was on the Nets in 2019, Ding Weidi still led the team in the case of Durant and Emperor's injury. In the playoffs, Ding Weidi once proved his strength on the Nets. At the critical moment, he would not be soft at the critical moment.

In this year's regular season, Ding Weidi staged a good show of a whistle. Coupled with the better and better playoffs in Ding Weidi today, I feel that the Lone Ranger is very energetic. Analysis of the US media NBA reviewers believes that the Lone Ranger boss Curban used Bolzigis trading to get Tintwiti+Belstan. Such a gambling transaction really made blood, and Kuban's vision has always been good. At that time, the Lone Ranger and the Eagle Team traded on the NBA Draft Night in 2018, Dongcic and Trey Yang. He is a big heart player like Ding Weidi, and he is very suitable for Dongcic's helper. This year's playoffs, the offensive efficiency of the Lone Ranger 114.5 (Fifth Alliance) and the defense efficiency of 110.6 (Sixth Alliance). This level of offense and defense is good. Who can be better than the Western Finals of the Warriors and Lone Ranger?