Booker is 270 million years in 5 years, and Ayton will be 170 million years!The sun is facing disintegration, and the Rocket Lakers have a chance

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Booker is 270 million years in 5 years, and Ayton will be 170 million years!The sun is facing disintegration, and the Rocket Lakers have a chance

2022-05-19 18:04:28 16 ℃

Du An Lanjin, a well-known Arizona Sports reporter, reported that although the sun was unwilling to give Ayton 172 million in 5 years, the sun would take the initiative to renew the contract contract for Booker for 4 years.

Booker is a rookie on the 11th year. He and the Sun of 158 million in 5 years will expire in 2024. However, according to the labor agreement, Booker and the 2015 Temporary Downs can renew a copy of 4 with the team this summer. The contract of 211 million years.

Booker, Downs's situation is similar to the situation of Embiid in 2014. Embiid's 5 -year 148 million contract was originally expired in 2023, but Embiid signed a 4 years with the team last summer last summer. The contract of 196 million, so the contract between Embiid and the 76ers ended in 2027.

Because of the increase in salary caps, Booker and Downs can sign a maximum of 4 years of 211 million contracts this year. Booker scored 26.8 points, 5 rebounds and 4.8 assists this season, and his hit rate was 46.6%. He is already a new generation of defender. The best, so the sun is willing to give him a maximum of 4 years of 211 million contracts.

But Booker was unwilling to renew his contract with the sun. He wanted to jump out of the player option to sign a larger contract in 23 years, so that he could sign a 5 -year 270 million. Booker is unwilling to renew his contract with the solar market too much, so that his commercial value is not highly related. Booker's total revenue this season is 39.9 million US dollars. Among them, the salary is US $ 31.9 million, and Booker has only 8 million other off -site revenue.

If Booker goes to large cities such as Lakers or Warriors, his income on the field can be at least doubled, and Jenna's career will also want Booker to go to big cities in New York and Los Angeles. Booker is also willing to leave the sun to the Lakers or Nick Si, so Booker's rejection of the sun's 211 million contracts in 4 years may also have something to do with his want to leave the team. For the sun, they should be prepared for Booker's walking. Perhaps Booker will take the initiative to leave the sun in order to make his love with Jenna more stable, so that the two in Los Angeles have more opportunities to get along with each other.

The sun gave Booker for 4 years of 1.1 billion Bark. Ayton wanted to be 172 million years in 5 years, but the sun was not given. Aton once said that the sun would not give him 5 years of 172 million, and he would go to other teams, and the sun is not very active in renewing Ayton. The sun between Aton and Booker may pay more attention to Booker.

However, Booker's contract that rejected the sun also requires courage. In the first round of the playoffs, Booker encountered leg muscles injury and caused poor performance, and leg muscles injury also troubled Booker at all times. If Booker's injury reimbursement and affect his exercise ability next season, it will be difficult for him to get a wages of 211 million in 4 years in the future.

If Booker jumps out of the contract next year, the Lakers have a salary space to sign him directly, the Lakers may be about 250 million years in 5 years, so Booker also has a retreat. The Lakers' contracts will expire next year, and the Lakers look forward to the combination of Booker and Davis.

According to the team's status quo, Sun Manager Jones said that as the team's progressive bills increase, luxury taxes will not prevent us from raising the lineup. The meaning of the sun is not afraid of the luxury tax, but since Jones said that the sun is not afraid of paying taxes, why is the sun? Do you want to leave Aiton for 172 million years? If the sun is left without Aiton, the inside of the sun will be suffered from major losses.

The current situation of the sun makes the Lakers and the Rockets see the opportunity. The Lakers are preparing to nake Booker in 5 years in 5 years in 2023. The Rockets are going to get Aidon through the way to change the way. So the sun will face disintegration. That is to say, in the past two years, the opportunity of missed the sun may not make a difference in the current lineup, which also determines that the sun boss is unwilling to invest in the team.