Do you dare not dare in the first round?Reykick was in his early head, the Cavaliers Sun had regretted it

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Do you dare not dare in the first round?Reykick was in his early head, the Cavaliers Sun had regretted it

2022-05-19 18:04:10 14 ℃

The sun's first record of the league finally stopped semi -finals. There is no doubt that this definitely shames them. Chris Paul and Booker did not show their own performance in key G6 and G7, and the sun did not stand up to become X. Looking at the Barensen beside Dongcic's killing ring, Ding Weidi also broke out in time. The sun is not a taste, who may be blame? It's not that the sun pattern is not enough.

On the deadline of this year's transaction, the sun had a transaction that can reverse the Qiankun and send them to the level of championship. It was the Rockets trading to get Eric Gordon, and the sun was very interested in Gordon at the time. There are also Paul's recommendation, because Gordon is the first pioneer of the bravery when the Rockets. His performance in the playoffs was not inferior to Kle Thompson. Every time at a critical moment, Gordon always hit a big heart three points, and Gordon's body is strong and can break through.

This time the sun failed, in fact, the blast was still soft. As long as they are on the opponent, they will not work, and they are obsessed with external projection. The sun's impact on the basket is very little, which is why Rockets fans at the time agreed with Gordon to go to the sun. Because this is a win -win operation for Gordon and the Sun. The sun needs a sharp knife, a breakthrough guard, and can play without a ball. In addition, this defender must have a good defense, Gordon has everything that the sun needs.

The offensive end of the ball is outstanding, breaking through the strength of the body. Defensive Duan Gordon is a man who can frozen jazz Mitchell. In addition, the Rockets wanted to become a full face at that time to improve the team culture. The Rockets sent Tucker to the strong team, and the latter won the championship last year. The Rockets also asked Gordon's opinion this year, and Gordon had some contacts with the sun. In fact, in the Pelicans, Gordon almost went to the sun. But in the end, the team chose to match Gordon forced Gordon in the Pelicans.

Give Gordon to the sun to get the first round of draft rights to let this veteran stand on a higher stage instead of reconstruction with the team. This is the ending that the Rockets are willing to see. Therefore, the rocket's quotation has not been high, which is the first round of draft rights. But the sun gave up, and the former NBA player Radik criticized the sun today, thinking that they were self -contained.

"In February, the sun had the opportunity to get Erik Gordon in February. Obviously, they missed this key opportunity. In the end, we also saw that the Lone Ranger gave Booker the strength and forced Paul to play. If the sun There is a Gordon, I think he will become an ice -breaking person. He will become the third person who stands out to create a shot opportunity. "

Not just the sun, the knight also blame himself. On February 3rd, Jake Fischer, a reporter from the Open Sky, reported that the Cavaliers were unwilling to send the first round of signing to Gordon, only willing to give two two rounds. But in the end, the Cavaliers and Pacers reached a transaction. They used the 22 -year first -round draft right level protection plus the 22 -year two -round draft right and the 27 -year second round of draft rights to get Lever. What about the result? Lever did not help the Cavaliers. After he joined, the team's record was still declining. In the playoffs, the Lavel was still a sluggish knight missed the playoffs.

From the words of Reykick and the expectations of Rockets fans, the Cavaliers and the Sun paid the price to despise Gordon. If the Cavaliers and Rockets have a round face, I think they are completely okay to enter the playoffs. As a result, the playoffs have become the highest -level team in the playoffs. This is simply humiliating. Look at the performance of Gordon on the deadline of the transaction, scored 30+ scores in two twice, 6 games 20+ scores. Averaging 37 occasions for 29.2 minutes, scored 14.9 points, 1.8 rebounds and 3.3 assists, and the three -point hit rate was as high as 45.6%. This is just a regular season, Gordon's performance in the playoffs can even be worthy of top salary.