Power and beauty coexist, what are the great women in women's volleyball players!Zhang Changning and Hui Ruoqi are on the list!

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Power and beauty coexist, what are the great women in women's volleyball players!Zhang Changning and Hui Ruoqi are on the list!

2022-05-19 18:06:20 19 ℃

The women's volleyball team has always been our pride, so why do we have so many fans in our women's volleyball team? In fact, it is because the women's volleyball team is the best of the three big goals! And their appearance is outstanding, this is one of the reasons. Then the beauty of sports stars has its own uniqueness, so they not only have high value, but also have a healthy beauty and sports beauty unique to athletes, and this is invisible to some film and television stars.

Then in the indoor environment, the women's volleyball players are actually in addition to practicing the ball skills, and they also develop white and beautiful skin, prosperous beauty. It can be said that it is really eye -catching! So let's take everyone to gossip about the women's volleyball beauty!

Wei Qiuyue retired in 2017, so the first feeling of people is that people are named. In fact, she is as bright as water, calm and solemn as the full moon in autumn, and she is a typical Oriental woman, so she also has a mature taste.

On the stadium, the second pass of Wei Qiuyue, and she is the captain of the women's volleyball team of the London Olympic cycle, and even participated in the three Olympic Games in Beijing, London and Rio, so helped the women's volleyball team to win the 2015 World Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympic Games Championship Therefore, Wei Qiuyue also has both face value and technology.

Hui Ruoqi retired in 2018, so Xiaohui participated in the London and Rio Olympics. At that time, she helped the women's volleyball team to win the Rio Olympic championship during her career. And Hui Ruoqi is the kind of beauty who likes people at first glance. In fact, it can also be said that in previous women's volleyball teams, Xiao Hui is really one of the best beauties.

Moreover, her face is good and smiles. What she sees on the camera is all the plain face, so there is no makeup on the court, and especially Hui Ruoqi's smile is really pleasing to the eye. So The last buckle of Rio won the championship, and at the same time made fans remember Xiao Hui's tears.

We all know that Zhang Changning became famous, and she was born in sand training in the early years, so she was also a current national team member, so she served as the main attack in the women's volleyball team. Moreover, she was born in the volleyball family, so she has a very high volleyball talent since she was a child.

Then, in November 1995, she actually relying on her outstanding volleyball talent to become the youngest in the history of the women's volleyball team in the 2015 Women's Volleyball World Cup.

Moreover, we know that Zhang Changning's figure is tall, and his face is good, and he has a lot of money in life. Although Zhang Changning was very gentle, he played the ball and called a domineering on the court. Therefore, this sweet and salt girl is the "women's volleyball princess" in the eyes of netizens, and at the same time, she is also the "baby" in fans.

Zhu Yunying was born in 1978, so she was once known as the best second hand in the women's volleyball team. Then she started practicing basketball at the age of 7, and then she entered the Shanghai Youth Women's Volleyball Team.

Then in 1994, she entered the Shanghai Women's Volleyball Team at the time, and became a national women's lineup in just two months, and she was a famous second hand. There are honorary titles such as valuable players "," international health generals, "" sports first -level medals ".

However, it is undoubtedly frustrated in the Olympic Games, so she participated in the two Olympic Games, but she was not the absolute main player. At that time, she sat on the bench because of her qualifications in 1996, and in 2000, she faded out of the newcomer because of the newcomer to the newcomer. So this is a regret that Zhu Yunying is lingering. And the 24 -year -old Zhu Yunying retired in 2002, then she is now engaged in the volleyball sports career.

Sun Yan is the face value of the silver generation of the women's volleyball team, because she has a beautiful face, so she is particularly charming. Moreover, Sun Yan, as one of Lang Ping's lover, was also the main attacker of the year, and she was tenacious, so she was known as "little tiger".

Then Sun Yan participated in the 3rd Olympic Games. In fact, we can see that his players were very valued by women's volleyball coaches. Then in the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996, Sun Yan helped the women's volleyball team to win the silver medal.

Zeng Chunlei, she was first selected as the national women's volleyball team in her career in her career in her career, then she began to appear in the international arena in 2012, and she also participated in the London Olympic Games with the team.

Then with a comprehensive technology and unique left -handed offensive and good game temperament, it can be said that the Beijing women's volleyball team Ziping, Yang Xiaojun, Feng Kun, Xue Ming, and Han Xu have been selected as a member of the national training team. Moreover, she is also the one of the few personal characteristics of the women's volleyball team.

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