170 million in 4 years!Wei Shao's contract contract exposure, Lao Zhan said, Dongcic: Welcome to join the Lone Ranger

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170 million in 4 years!Wei Shao's contract contract exposure, Lao Zhan said, Dongcic: Welcome to join the Lone Ranger

2022-05-20 12:11:48 16 ℃

According to the name Sam Amick, when the Lakers interview the new coach, they will ask them to explain how to use Welse and the intention to get the preparatory instructions of the Wei Shao. In addition, according to the Los Angeles Times, under the intervening of the Zen master, the Lakers have given up the idea of ​​the transactions, instead discussing a 170 million renewal contract with him.

170 million in 4 years? Wei Shao is a destroyer. He has a decline in ability and a poor shooting rate. He does not meet the requirements of the Lakers. The Lakers' operation is basically buried in the hope of the Lakers in the past few years, and it is more likely to force the old Zhan to leave the team, because Lao Zhan has no idea of ​​renewing the contract with the Lakers.

It is estimated that Zen Master wants to overthrow and rebuild this. First, return valuable transactions to the assets, let Witong play, play some results and then trade. Renewal the contract, so you will lose! From a business perspective, it is right! From this perspective, the Zen master can see it transparently. The Lakers are just a place for Lao Zhan. Wei Shao almost played, but his attitude towards the game was stronger than Lao Zhan.

As a Zen master who has cooperated with Jordan and O'Nealkobe, he has experienced two three consecutive championships and a three -game championship, one two consecutive championships, and the things of those who have experienced with Jordan and O'Nealkobi. The emperor is still working. Don't want to go to the master's house to eat and want to go to bed.

But having said that, as a super giant and the same level as Jordan, Lao Zhan still has dignity and bottom line. Lao Zhan will never trade passively. James can now jump out of the contract and does not execute the last year. The strong team rushed to the championship for another year, and the initiative was in James.

So after the Lakers renew the contract of Wei Shao, after the wind and grass moved, Lao Zhan stated that he wanted to play with Dongcic, but Dongcic said that he would not join the Lakers and wanted to play one city and one city. If Lao Zhan wanted to join the Lone Ranger Then I welcomed it very much. At the same time, the owner of the Lone Ranger Mark Cuban also said that Lao Zhan was coming. In 2024, he would consider using the second round of Browni to complete the wish of Lao Zhan. However, with James's age and status, if he joins the Lone Ranger, the ball right and status will be affected, and I think it will be lost.

You know, James has a great commercial value in the last two years. Everyone wants James to hold a retired tour in his team. It is not just these two years. Ordinary superstar, his retirement season will be more solemn than Kobe.

Therefore, it is recommended that James returned to the Cavaliers. After all, no matter where a person is mixed, he will return to his hometown after all. This is called fallen leaves. James drifted abroad all year round. What he should have, what you should get, grateful, all done, wherever he goes, he brought the championship where he went.

A person with dreams should finally return to his hometown. Moreover, the Cavaliers now have three high players, which are more mature and stable. It is not the center Allen injured in the second half of the season. The first controlled Saqiston also reimbursed, but the Cavaliers found that the Genius defender of Galan was found in the disaster. Sakston returned to play for the sixth person. The Cavaliers would still be very interesting next season. He signed a middle -class contract, and then James shocked the championship and finally the old knight, which won two birds with one stone.