Practice sharing the understanding of fish love and the skills of float selection

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Practice sharing the understanding of fish love and the skills of float selection

2022-05-20 18:02:31 14 ℃

Fish is naturally cunning, so it is surrounded by fish in response to wisdom. Various diverse and diverse lines on the market; a variety of bait are prepared for fish. As far as floating is concerned, with our constant understanding of fish, we have so many styles of drift. These drifts are not used to look at it, but let us see the signals more conveniently in fishing activities, fishing fish, and the purpose of achieving fish music. This is a key issue for actual combat. Drifting; you can see drifting with your fishing fishing. Most of the interceptions, the mouth, yin mouth, top, acceleration, interface, interface. Essence But can all these fish? Under what happened, these mouths appeared. Is the reason for fish or the characteristics of drifting; or tune it yourself? If you figure out these things, you can use the fish's habits to choose the specific use of drifts and look at the mouth. Fishing to the fish

First, fish love and drift.

Fish feelings are the living state you want to catch. Due to factors such as varieties, size, external conditions and other factors, the same fish will be different in different environments. In the face of this different habit, smart we will use the drift and fishing methods that are suitable for such fish to deceive those poor fish. Understanding fish feelings, first of all, understand the growth of fish; how big fish, (in different growth periods, the habits of fish are different. And the bait used is also different), density; How much is reached.), The state of the fish (fat is full, that is, fat and thin, is there any disease )-, and then there is the feeding situation; these understanding clearly, you can have a rough trend of drift.

Big fish is generally at the bottom, and sometimes the mouth is very light, and it is necessary to catch the bottom of the middle and long body to deal with it. However, the density is very large and the water is relatively deep. If it is a raw mouth, it is also possible to choose a bottomless itinerary. Medium -sized fish (catfish) is generally better to eat the mouth even if it is slippery, and is very interested in bait. If the density is not high, it is wise to keep the bottom; if the density is high, there will be more choice directions. If the fish is sick, the mouth will be light, then the small melon seeds are necessary to use a small drift; you can see it everywhere. But they prefer the upper layer. No need to say with drift

On the other hand, you know the day of your fishing. Due to the ponds, fishermen, water, especially the weather, the weather has some effects on the fish. In these cases, the specific changes of fish can only rely on personal experience and cultivation. What kind of drift is used in this way, there is another variable. Let me talk about the related fish love in the direction:

1) How big fish

(During different growth periods, the habits of fish are different. The bait is also different.) For the same fish, the smaller the fish, the stronger the desire to bait. The larger the bait, the more selective it is. The direction they choose is the more fixed 'recipes' on their food chain. There is an inner connection with us with drifting; for small fish, we are using drifts to be fast, so what kind of drift is fast? The size of the large volume is to eat large lead. To put it more accurate, it is the small drifting. Under normal circumstances; small fish are very fierce bait. Everyone knows that even if it is a very small melon seed fish, you will run your drift out of Erli. (This is caused by the bait running That's what you say). So we don't have to worry about having no mouth or not seeing our mouths. We just want to make our hooks reach the edge of the fish in the near short period of time, so when the fish has a certain density, a large drift is one of the main factors for your speed.

For adult fish (big fish); they have a certain ability to judge food. Especially they are unfamiliar foods. They have tentative or eat carefully. More importantly, the big fish eats bait to bring the bait into the mouth by inhaled water. (What is said; oral drift) This will make the power of eating bait, which is small, sometimes just contained in the mouth. Such a very light signal, very pause, or big drifting looks very laborious, and cannot see the mouth when there is external interference. The 'black drift' when we see a big fish is all seen when the fish eats bait. The first fish news did not catch it. So we usually use relatively small and sensitive drift

2) Density;

(The number of fish in the unit water, but this is not our heart, we need to know yes; how much can the fish be reached during the unit time.) Everyone knows this question; there is very little fish, so we have to wait. The fish has a certain density but not large, so there will be a partial pond, some are more fish, and there are fewer places. The fish density is very large, and the fish can not exist depending on those fish. What we call a high -density pool is a pool with a large number of raw mouths. Don't worry about the problem of fish mouth. Our hooks and drifts are relatively large. Few fish We must use only very sensitive drifts (sometimes the fishing fish that has been caught. Open, so that even if the density is large, the opening can be used as a fish under density), and you can not let go of the fish with a certain density of each fish. (When you do n’t sit in a good position), if you are lucky and encounter a good position, then the fishing bottom is still fishing, but it means to be stable. Generally, soft tails, and their mouths are generally relatively solid. It is also a secure choice. When the density is very large; the use of drift is actually more harsh, 1. It must be large, there must be speed. 2. The mouth must be reflected. So a little thicker with drift tail 3. Be sure to cooperate with your fishing method 3) The state of the fish (full of fat, that is, fat and thin, is there a disease)?

——The physical fitness of the fish you want to catch is related to drift; for example, lean fish, generally; 1. There are parasites; 2. Food lack. No matter what the situation is, this fish is the most willing to enter the nest, almost no bait. So this fish can be used as fast fish. You can also use drifts faster. Everyone who can recognize the system of good systems can feel fatter. Such fish, eat normally, can be dealt with according to the general food nature. You can deal with your familiar fishing method with drift. The diseased fish; the system is relatively weak. Some of them can be visible, and some are almost a fish head. Such a fish is just interested in bait. Therefore, it is reasonable to choose light drift.

4) Feeding situation


Everyone knows that the fish can be domesticated, so the fed fish has a certain dependence on feeding bait. If it is a small body fish, because our particles are relatively large, they are generally concentrated at the bottom. Therefore, such fish should live with the bottom fishing. The large fish, because it can receive bait, then you must use the itinerary to drift. If the climate changes on the day of fishing, then as a natural animal, the fish's sensitivity to the climate is much stronger than us humans. ; In specific weather, you must also judge the specific fish feelings and choose a more suitable drift. Most of the changes in this area can only rely on personal cultivation. So if you look deep, how difficult it is to fish is even more difficult to fish.

Second, drift and mouth

Regarding this topic, I think it's more appropriate to call the mouth; because the variety, size, state, climate, and fishing method, and fishing are different, they will generate different actions on the same drift. Not to mention that you have drifted differently. Therefore, everyone is okay to see the action. It is okay to see the action of fish eating.但能看到鱼饵入口那个动作,可就需要多加练习了因此;这方面也得需要认真对待有关鱼的品种问题;我想象大家这样的老江湖,应该不存在太大的问题;而一些新人, I don't think much to talk about, and it is useless even if it comes to flowers.

Differentiated to different fish is obtained by fishing experience for many years. You must have experienced it many times to better solve this problem. After the distinction is separated, you can enter the next stage with a bit of technical content; that is, according to the food of different fish, it is tied and fishing. Regarding the issue, I have written things in this area before, and now I have to repeat it simply; due to natural choices, fish will have a relatively stable food composition, but artificially cultivated fish will change in this regard (this is also choosing to choose from the result of). Even so, different varieties of fish will retain their own nature when eating bait. Haha is difficult to move. What we need to do is to understand the nature of different fish, adjust our fishing group according to its habits, so that it is closer to the fishing habits of fish. Of course, this is closer to the use of bait. In terms of drifting, there should still be specific tuning. For example, the carp that everyone likes to fish is a standard bottom omn -eating fish. When we catch them, we should grasp the characteristics of 'bottom qi'.

Of course, in the breeding pools, there will also be, but don't be confused by this phenomenon. Even if they get up, they are forced to appetite, and their bones are still used to lying on the bottom of the water. Since it is the bottom fish, then we must have the bottom. That is, when we fish such a fish, we pay attention to the closer to the bottom of the bait, or say a real fishing example at the bottom; the three small catfish ponds with one or two are fish. With a scheduled drift, it was 5 meters. Because the hook bait was relatively small, the hook bait could not eat a few eyes. It is just accelerating, and the fish is not ideal, and there are more empty poles. With the point lead, the drift becomes 1 mesh, so that all kinds of mouths on 4, 3, 2, and the eyes are very accurate, and it is accurate. Under the analysis; the fish is not very active, and the tail is relatively thin on the tail, and the bait can be separated.