I am afraid that the eight major stars who are shaking in the storm during the offseason, Mitchell is self -contained, and Simmons leaves!

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I am afraid that the eight major stars who are shaking in the storm during the offseason, Mitchell is self -contained, and Simmons leaves!

2022-05-20 18:03:24 15 ℃

All good things come to an end. This sentence is also applicable to the NBA stage. In the business alliance with material desires, everything is based on interests.

Whether it is the driver of the team's interests or the personal wishes of the superstar, in the era of the business alliance, staying has become the general trend and people's hearts.

Today, I will take a look at the eight major stars that will be stormy during the offseason.

Eighth place: Low -level legend Grant

Grant was selected in the 76th place in the second round of 2014. As a low -level draft, Grant once dormant at the 76 -level and Nuggets and other alliance teams. He played a peak competition in the Nuggets, which once became a legendary story of the low -level draft counterattack.

However, this small striker with a low overall position was not happy after coming to the piston. After the team determined the new subject, the champion Kanningan was the cornerstone of the team's future construction and the key training target, Grant became the victim of the team and the bargaining chip rebuilt by the team.

However, Grant, unwilling to show weakness, did not fear his hands and feet. Instead, he showed great power and burst into a comprehensive outbreak. In terms of data, he once crushed the champion Kanningan and forced his destiny to change, becoming the team's unique leader.

This season, Grand Specials average of 19.2 points, 4.1 rebounds and 2.4 assists, and continued to make efficient data performance. With continuous output ability, it becomes a scoring king in the team.

As a legend with a low overall status, Grant also experienced suffering. This time, he obtained the highest score of the Pistons, and even completely suppressed the first -ranking Kanningan. After all, Grant's suppression force has affected Campan's development space to a certain extent.

As the second round of shows, Grant's counterattack was also shocking, but this was just Grant. After all, whether it is age or talent, Grant cannot be compared with the young Canningan, and the choice of piston is also understandable. After all, the piston requires the future, not the score king in their team.

As a legendary story, Grant's fate is miserable. His upstream cannot be recognized by the team, but he may also accelerate his departure. However, for Grant, playing during the peak is not unable to make a picture. Grant who leaves the Pistons will inevitably go back to pursue a big contract, which is also the return that Grant deserves. Rather than studying with the prince, it is better to walk sideways.

During the offseason, the Pistons will inevitably start a transaction Grant plan. Whether it is Grant's demand for the top salary, or the existence of Grant will hinder the development of Cantanan. No matter what factor, the Pistons will inevitably leave this one that has already been. Legendary star of counterattack. During the offseason, Grant will also start a new journey.

Seventh place: Almighty shooter Harris

Harris was selected by the Hornets in the first round of 2011 in the first round of 2011. As the most underestimated giant of 76 people, Harris has transferred to teams such as Bucks, Magic, Pistons, Clippers.

In 2019, Harris joined 76 people and had performed all -star performance in 76 people. Becoming Embiid's most important outer muskets around 76 people returned to the top of the eastern list last season, and Harris also contributed. Harris averaged 19.5 points, 6.8 rebounds and 3.6 assists, becoming the team's most stable score after Embiid

In the new season, Simmons once refused to fight, and 76 people only rely on Embiid to lead the team. As Embiid, the most stable partner around him, Harris once was extremely depressed, and both ends of the offense and defense appeared extremely struggling, even the whole.

The performance is not as good as the rookie MCs in 2020. The team was also extremely dissatisfied with Harris' performance, and even wanted to trade it. Although Harris did not leave the team before the trading deadline, his performance has aroused the dissatisfaction of the team and players.

In the playoffs, Harris averaged 16.9 points, 7.6 rebounds and 2.9 assists, 50%of the shooting rate, 38.6 three -pointers hitting rate, scoring and shooting percentage slightly declined, and the defensive end Harris once became the team. The biggest weakness. The offensive end, Harris, who is holding tens of millions of salary, is in the argument series. The performance is not as good as the young McICS, and it has also become an important factor in the team's semi-finals 2-4.

For this All -Star who played the peak in 76 people, planning the future as soon as possible will be the most important thing in Harris next. After all, in McICS, Harden has gradually grown. Harris, who has become dispensable, has a long time, Harris, who is no longer back, will be put on a shelf by 76 people. After all, 76 people need to trade Harriste's salary space to strengthen the team for the team.

As a 76er's outer artillery that once rely on, it is now the same as before. For 76 people, Harris's existence is meaningless. Regardless of whether 76 people can win this season, Harris has been sent away during the offseason. It has become an irreversible fact.

Sixth place: the rising show Korinus

Corinus was selected by the eagle in the first round of 2017. As the biggest hero of the Eagle Dark Horse season last season, Corinth grew up. It even became the second leader in the eagle team after Terre Yang.

However, the good times are not long. The eagle has not been able to continue the momentum and fighting spirit last season. The team is more contradictory in the dressing room. As a team of the team, Colinus has repeatedly expressed his dissatisfaction with the team's tactical arrangements. It was once thought that his shot was squeezed, and the contradiction with the team coach Michami Milan's locker room was constantly intensified. Even due to the tense attitude between the two, the eagle record continued to decline, and once fifth in the east in the east to the bottom team last season.

The end of the transaction, the eagle has also placed Corinus on the shelf many times, and the transaction intention is extremely obvious. Due to the contradiction of the locker room, the competitive status of Corinth Byburn has continued to decline, and the growth rate has also stagnated.

This season, Corinus averaged 16.2 points, 7.8 rebounds and 1.8 assists, and various data have not improved much, which will be a huge obstacle to Corinth's growth.

In the middle of the season, Corinus encountered injuries such as right foot strain, sole fasciitis, and sprains of right -handed fingers. He had missed several games one after another.

As the biggest hidden danger of the locker room this season, Corinus not only fell in the competitive state, but also made the Eagles almost sweeping in the first round of the playoffs.

Corinus has become the team's largest tumor. Corinus will be abandoned by the eagle again during the offseason. After all, Corinus's complaints and the contradiction between the outbreak of the locker room have affected the team's record. The name of the name of the Eagles has just signed a salary of 100 million salary, and once again became a prisoner to start a wandering journey.

Fifth place: Son of Sky Selection Simmons

Simmons was selected in 76 in the first round of 2017. As the successor of the magician Johnson, Simmons has a surprising physical talent. As a tall defender, Simmons's combination of the ball is also very good. Following Johnson, the league is rare and talented.

The addition of Simmons has also gradually made the 76ers double-emperor combination, and led 76ers to promoted from a fishing team to a super strong team. In the 2018-19 season, 76 people once broke into the Eastern finals. In the war, a shocking lintel that was included in the history of Lenned stopped the stage of the Eastern Conference finals.

In the 2020-21 season, the 76ers came again, and Simmons also relied on super personal capabilities, which not only made the team's record stabilized in the east. Simmons also competed with Gobel's best defensive player due to its strong defensive strength and ability. Essence

However, after the playoffs opened, due to Simmons's downturn's offensive ability and unreliable free throws, the weakness of Simmons was continuously exposed by the head coach of various teams.

Facing the Eagles in the semi -finals, Michami Milan once again sacrificed Western tactics. 76 people also fired a good game due to nearly 30%of Simmons' free throw rate. Back.

After the season, Embiid publicized Simmons publicly. The contradiction between the changing clothes rooms was constantly intensified. The 76ers also pointed at Simmons and placed it on the shelf.

In the new season, Simmons refused to play, and the two sides were tense for a while, and the contradictions continued to upgrade. Trading Simmons has also become the fact that it is on the board. The transaction ended before the end of the transaction, 76 people whistled to complete the transaction for Simmons.

After coming to Brooklyn, Simmons once refused to come back due to injuries. Until the first round of the Nets playoffs lost to the Celtics in the first round of the playoffs of the Nets, Simmons always refused to play for the team. At this point, the Nets also moved the idea of ​​trading Simmons again.

The offseason is coming, and Simmons is likely to be traded by the Nets again because of his wonderful personality and the weakness that he dare not take responsibility to start a diversified career.

As a person who has been highly hoped, Simmons once delayed the growth period due to the defects of character. Now it has become a prisoner again. In this way, the 25 -year -old Simmons may not fully fulfill his talent. By withered in advance and ended up.

Fourth place: Spider -Man Mitchell

The 13th round of Michell was selected by the Nuggets in the first round of 2017. As a Kobe disciples, Mitchell is also outstanding in physical fitness. This little guard has won the All -Star Dental Contest Championship in 2018 with amazing bouncing power.

In the five seasons of the Jazz, Mitchell grew year and promoted the Jazz from a fishing team to a super strong team. Last season, the Jazz became the top team in the western season of regular season, and the strength cannot be underestimated.

However, compared to the conventional season, the span of the jazz playoffs also makes Mitchell's heart dissatisfied. Although the former rising star is still across the stage of the playoffs, there is no sense of disobedience. There is no cowardice and greenness of young players. But it still cannot be stopped. On the playoff stage, the overall player is weak.

With the deepening of the game, the contradiction between Mitchell and Gobel's locker room has also been continuously intensified. In the new season, the two have once stretched out. From the data, they can be clearly seen that the two have almost no interaction. The two are on the court. The number of passing between the balls is not as good as Trey Yang and Capella's assists, which is enough to illustrate the subtle relationship between the relationship between the two.

Outside of the court, the two are also contradictory. After the playoffs this season, Gebeel deliberately praised Booker, aroused Michel's dissatisfaction. The contradiction has reached the point where it cannot be reconciled. It can be seen that Mitchell's publicly expressed in the middle of the season that the remarks to go to a big city are not groundless. During the offseason, the two who have already faced the discord will part ways. Regardless of whether the Jazz actively traded or Mitchell forced the palace management, the Kobe disciples, the former dunk king, have left the jazz have entered the countdown stage.

During the offseason, the Jazz will inevitably set the tumor Michell that disrupts the locker room to a trading shelf. For Mitchell, whether it is returning to her hometown of Nix or the rumors, the two teams must be for Mitchell's arrival is ecstatic. After all, the young man who has long proved his strength through the playoffs will become the biggest help of the team's sailing.

Third place: Lillard, who is in danger,

Lillard was selected by the Blazers in the first round of 2012. As the founding of the Blazer's team, Lillard and the Blazers have been with the Blazers for many years. The Blazers have also been ranked in the Western Super League in the Western Super League.

After the Blazers returned many times in the playoffs, after the first round of the Nuggets last season, the Blazers cut off the team's meritorious Stocks and made Lillard dissatisfied.

Moreover, the team did not hear the opinions of Lillard in the election of the new coach Bikuz, which made the latter extremely dissatisfied. As a result, the two sides also had a huge gap, and once broke out the trading storm about Lillard.

In the new season, Lillard was deeply influenced by trading storms, and his state also declined seriously. Even the new coach Bi Ruus publicly satirized Lillard, which continued to intensify the contradiction between the locker room between the two.

As a team leader, the Blazers also had high hopes for Lillard. Not only did Lillard hold hundreds of millions of salary, but no one could shake in the team's status. The team has never regained the glory and glory of the past.

In the new season, Lillard's status appeared and declining the team's record. In the question of the public opinion, the team management was also extremely dissatisfied with Lillard's performance. Essence

Before the transaction window was closed, the Blazers successively conducted large -scale transactions with the Clippers and Pelicans. Stars such as Winson and McCallom were traded, and it also indicated that the Blazers' intention would be pushed down and rebuilt.

As the core leader of the team, Lillard has not been traded, but the Blazers have launched a reconstruction plan, and Lillard's status in the team will also be extremely embarrassing. After all, the value of Lillard's transactions that could not be played would decrease sharply.

This All -Star who once burst into wind and rain in the Blazers has now been reduced to a prisoner and has become a dispensable existence of the Blazers. The pioneer who has determined to rebuild it will inevitably trade Lillard for transactions for it as a transaction for the transaction as a transaction for the transaction as a transaction. The team reconstructed more chips.

Second place: Youth Hollywood La Wen

In the first round of 2014, the 13th pick was selected by the Timberwolves. As a strong buckle, Lavin once won the 2015 and 2016 back dunk contest.

However, Lavin, as a All -Star player, has never received the team's absolute resources and special care in the Timberwolves, or during the Bulls period.

During the Timberwolves, the team not only had Downs and the Vegins dual championship, but whether it was the tactical status and the team's resources could not be compared with the two major Yuan Yuanlang.

During the Timberwolves, Lavin already had a trend of reverse growth, but because the Timberwolves focusing on the target of the Timberwolves have always been a higher talent, even after the outbreak of the locker room, La Wen was sent away in 2017, and La Wen was in the Laowen in 2017. Chicago has opened a new journey.

After several years of growth, the 2020-21 season, La Wen's regular arena averaged 27.4 points, 5 rebounds and 4.9 assists, and has gradually displayed at the bulls, and once became an indifferent leader of the bull.

In the 2021-22 season, DeRozan's joining changed the Bulls' record and the overall pattern of the team again. After the Spurs have been increasingly declining, the All -Stars who came to Chicago completely ushered in a recovery. Not only did the personal competitive state return to the peak, but also made the Bulls be promoted to a super strong team from a fishing team.

However, DeRozan's strength also completely gave Lavin's hard -resious leadership status again. Not only that, DeRoz's joining also made Lavin's top salary dream completely shattered.

It is reported that Lavin forced the palace bull management several times, but he has never received the promise of the team's top salary renewal. In the playoffs, Lavin is extremely sluggish. La Wen's playoffs have scored 19.3 points, 5.3 rebounds. 6 assists, 42.9%shooting rate, 37.5%of the three -pointer hit rate. The average scoring capacity has fallen suddenly than the regular season.

Lavin's performance of such a downturn is far away from the renewal of the top salary. During the offseason, Lavin was likely to be signed by the Bulls first and then traded. After all, the Bulls already owned Derozan. The team's rise continues to add bricks.

First place: Three Double Wang Wei Shao who reduced to passersby

The fourth round of the first round of Weiyan was selected by the Thunder. Wei Shao is known for its super physical fitness and the speed of wind. As a superstar, Wei Shao is also a strange existence.

In the era of small balls, the demand for shooting is extremely high, but in such an environment, Westbrokes has almost no shooting ability, relying on the super strong body to crush the alliance and be promoted to super superstar. In the 2016-17 season, Wei Shao averaged 31.6 points, 10.7 rebounds, 10.4 assists in history-level trio, shocked the alliance, and also made Wei Shao the first monster coffee in history to cut down such data. noise.

In the 2019-20 season, Wei Shao started a wandering career, but whether in the Rockets or Wizards, Wei Shao personal data has always been extremely gorgeous. Although it is considered the suspicion of brushing data, Wei Shao does have the ability to brush data. The Wizards even broke the 181 three -double records maintained by Robertson, and became the three -double king of the history of no ancients.

In the new season, Wei Shao was traded by Wizards and went to the Lakers. Wei Shao also returned to his hometown. The Lakers formed the three giants. However, the strength on the paper did not make the Lakers invincible.

Wei Shao has declined sharply, not only the weakness of weak shooting ability is exposed again. With the decline of physical talent, Wei Shao's speed and bouncing power are not as good as before. Essence

This season, Wei Shao averaged 18.2 points, 7.5 rebounds and 7.2 assists. All data have declined, and the scoring ability has suddenly declined. The average of 18.2 points per game has also been new in the past ten years.

The sharp decline in the state of the Welse also allowed Worgel to launch strange tactics. At a critical moment, he put Wei Shao on the bench, which also made Wei Shao the most expensive bench player.

As a superstar, the 33 -year -old Wei Shao still holds an annual salary of more than 40 million US dollars this season. It was reduced to a water dispenser administrator, and was even once disgusted by the Lakers. During the offseason, the Lakers and Wei Shao might have parted ways again, and Wei Shao will start a wandering career again.