Want to dig a corner warrior as early as possible, the Warriors have half of the players, and it is difficult to use each team!

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Want to dig a corner warrior as early as possible, the Warriors have half of the players, and it is difficult to use each team!

2022-06-23 12:35:26 15 ℃

The Warriors need to retain the golden lineup this summer. Renewal striker Wirkins and center Runi are the best priority. Sagittarius Poole can also be one year later (2023 to become limited free players).

In addition, four on the bench entered the main rotating free players Payton II, ignorant, Iguodala, Potter ... 38 -year -old Iguodala has no oil and is likely to retire.

The Warriors' championship lineup this year is mainly "nine -person rotation", and more than half of them cannot be used in each team. It is difficult to use even on the court.

These five players who can only play under the warrior culture and the Curry system, showing the extreme role of value played the ultimate role are Green, Rooney, Peton II, Potter.

The value of these five people may have to fall by more than half in the market value of the free players. After watching the championship, they have to think twice if they want to bid.

1. Green: When Curry cannot play, without the team, it will not score, will not be frame, the shooting is bad, and the offensive skills will become useless. Green is an excellent functional player, but he has to play a role and effect under certain systems. Without the Curry system and warrior culture, Green is difficult to show his talents and even difficulty.

2. Rooney: This year's season of Siluni suddenly broke out of rebounding and powerful functionality, which shocked the world, but some teams really picked up Rooney, I am afraid I will regret it. There is no speed, height, no explosive power, and ordinary offensive skills. Rooney can only be used as a defensive work or sacrifice. It is a bit difficult to carry the center of the center. It is a bit difficult. You need to use it.

Like Green, Reni is conducive to the Curry system and warrior culture, and exerts personal ability and strength to the extreme. But in other NBA teams, not only the team is painful and the coach is big, it is a problem if the team can be better.

3. Petton II: Payton II can help the team, win the game, and change the rhythm of the game with their own one -to -one defensive ability. , Qualified NBA player.

Looking at the entire league, 190 cm tall like Peton, no stable outside rays, no amazing scoring ability, no height, small striker is too short, there is no organizational power of the ball, the score defender is not so in place, the ball is very very very popular, the ball is very very very very popular. How to use the short striker of "embarrassment"? How to match teammates is a big problem.

4. Potter.: Potter. After a big injury, the speed is slow, but his defense is good enough, old -fashioned, and the explosive power is gone, but the outside of the vacant range and jumper is still trustworthy. , Pulling the space, playing a small lineup, playing a role player, it is very applicable to put it in any team.

But this is theory. A veteran like Potter has no speed, no ball capacity, function and physical fitness players who are degraded. Basically, you need to send a small striker to improve the combat power team. Functional players, unless they are the 10th and 11th people in the championship team, that is, the second -line substitute will need him.

The use of Potter. A substitute for the use of the veteran base salary contract, which is well used and appropriate. This is not the ability and ability of every team and coach.

5. Regardless of the inspection: Seriously, do not care about different abilities. He has ball skills, shooting, tactical literacy, and only takes the veteran base salary. However, in modern NBAs, the speed of speed, softness, insufficient confrontation, and the ignorance of smart balls are really difficult to adapt to the NBA contemporary trend and play.

It is very suitable for this warrior. He is the best ninth or tenth person in the team. It belongs to the second -line substitute. It is very practical and easy to use. It can be inserted at any time, and the efficiency is 100 %.

I am a warrior, and I will leave a veteran base salary to keep him, but if you do n’t care about wanting a part of the middle -class contract, the salary of the veteran is higher, and the warrior's salary is bursting and explosive.

I do n’t think he goes to any team, and has a coach or system that can use him well. He is the best second -line bench for the Warriors. It is a perfect candidate.

Believe me, the five warriors players cannot pick them up, let alone sign, because the teams are not used well.