Three years of 150 million!76 people retain the Harden Crown, 2 start+1 substitute or transaction, 30 million chase Tac

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Three years of 150 million!76 people retain the Harden Crown, 2 start+1 substitute or transaction, 30 million chase Tac

2022-06-23 12:34:54 11 ℃

On June 23, Beijing time, the NBA's trading market began to be active. A heavy transaction occurred early in the morning. According to WOJ report, sources revealed that the Pistons traded Jerami Grant to the Blazers and received the first round of the Bucks in 2025 (first 4th protection) Essence Grant contributed averaged this season: 19.2 points, 4.1 rebounds and 2.4 assists. The shooting rate was 42.6%, and the three -point hit rate was 35.8%. In this way, the Blazers found an All -Star helper for Lillard. When the Blazers began to be strengthened, did the 76ers of Philadelphia still be indifferent?

76 people in Philadelphia won a big hit last season. Harden+Embiid's two -person group was even called "OK group in the new era". Today, there is a problem that needs to be solved in front of them: How to renew Harden? Three years of 150 million! 76 people retained the Harden Crown, 2 starts +1 substitutes or transactions, and 30 million chase Tac.

Three years of 150 million! 76 people retain Harden Banging Crown

For Philadelphia 76 people, it is the best choice to continue to impact the championship and leave Harden. In the middle of this season, they sent away the three strengths of Ben Simmons, Drummond, Cedar Curry, and the purpose was very clear: it must help Embiid get in the last 2-3 seasons champion. In today's NBA league, you must have more than two All -Star players to impact the championship. Although Harden's strength fell, he was also a super guard.

According to the NBA famous WOJ, Harden executed a contract of $ 47.37 million in the last year, and then signed a top salary contract of $ 1019.5 billion with 76 people. Coupled with his contract next season, the total can reach up to $ 150 million in total. Therefore, the 76ers in the next three seasons will still be the core of the team with Harden+Embiid.

2 start+1 substitute or transaction

Just left Harden, 76 people still couldn't impact the championship. You must find more suitable role players for the team, and there is also a third score. Max is a good player, but he is more suitable for the sixth person of the team and exerts his scoring and organizational ability on the bench. As a result, the management needs to introduce a forward player with both offensive and defensive and defensive, as the third score of the team, and put Max to the bench next season.

The name Woj said: 76 people have been quoted at the time of signing and check -in on the 23rd of the first round of the first round. Subsequently, KEITH POMPEY, a reporter from the Philadelphia inquiry, reported that 76 people tried to send away Tobiaz Harris. Coupled with the Danny Green, which was deeply trapped in the transaction vortex in the early stage, the team was ready to remove the two first-off+1 substitutes. Then go to some players who are more suitable for Harden and Elide to form a stronger championship lineup.

30 million chase Tike

While seeking transactions, 76 people could not ignore players in the free market. Just today, according to KEITH POMPEY, a reporter from the Philadelphia inquiry, multiple sources revealed that 76 people intend to provide a $ 30 million contract for PJ-Tak. Tucker is the famous 3D striker of the league. The defense end is very powerful and aggressive. The offensive end has a precise 3 -point project of one -handed 3 -point projection, especially the three -pointer three points in the league.

Moreover, Tucker and Harden are good friends for many years, and they are close teammates in the Rockets. It is said that Tucker is also interested in joining 76 people to help Harden and Embiid win the championship. But a little worrying is that Tucker is already a 37 -year -old veteran. Will the status of next season decline significantly?