Goodbye Nets, goodbye to 248 million goodbye!Durant has no time to take care of, and Boss Cai is damaged because of you

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Goodbye Nets, goodbye to 248 million goodbye!Durant has no time to take care of, and Boss Cai is damaged because of you

2022-06-23 18:12:10 5 ℃

With the successful end of the Warriors and their championship parade, the NBA of the season has completely ended. It is not necessary to have no tension and stimulus. The NBA's arrangements for all matters are very close. As scheduled, compared to some fresh faces to join the NBA, the free player market after the draft conference is a place where fans eat melon to watch the lively place, especially because this season, including Lakers and Nets, such as Lakers and Nets In addition, there are also some teams waiting for big blood change to join the free player market and trading market. The NBA version of the "soap opera" is also worthy of attention. Goodbye and 248 million super -top salary. Boss Cai has a resolute attitude, and Durant has no time to take care of you.

If the free player market this time is based on the normal contract period, there is no big name that can affect the league pattern. He will stay in the Wizards, and he will probably refuse to execute the player options next season and jump out of the contract to join another team. For a while, Bill became the largest player in the free player market. After Bill's news came out, the Nets defender Owen was also exposed to the team's renewal negotiations. There are great differences with the details of salary and terms. If the two parties do not accept a large degree of concessions, then Owen is likely to become a free player and leave the Nets.

After the well -known NBA reporter Shams revealed that the Nets and Irving had been in a deadlock for more than two months on the issue of renewal issues for more than two months, the open -air stander's reporter Fisher reported that there were differences between the two parties, in Fisher's. In the report, he mentioned that some sources familiar with the inside story revealed that the Nets hoped to provide Awen a short -term contract, and they would add some clauses to the contract to restrict or restrict Owen, such as attendance rate, his attendance rate, and his Some of the annual salary will be set to a bonus. How many games must he have to get the corresponding part of the money. However, Owen didn't want to make things so troublesome, or he didn't want to be restrained. He only wanted a long -term top -up contract and partnered with Durant.

After this report was released, in my opinion, the differences between the Nets and Owen have been released. One is the contract for the contract. To maximize their own interests, they want to give Irving a short -term certificate. During this time, he needs to use the attendance rate to win his salary, and Owen obviously does not want to be bond. It is also troublesome. Simply, the problem of the length of the contract and the limitations of the terms. The trouble is that these two problems are basically difficult to solve at all, and the Nets and Irving are completely on the opposite side.

According to the calculation of the NBA salary expert Max, Irving can reach a maximum of $ 196 million for the Nets on the basis of executing the contract next season. At the top of $ 248 million, it is obvious that this exists in theory, and the Nets are impossible. Boss Cai will not be willing to provide Owen with no restrictions on top salary contracts at this time. They have already been in this season. The loss was nearly $ 100 million, and the Nets have become a laughingstock of the outside world. Boss Cai has expressed dissatisfaction with Owen's behavior. In terms of negotiations, it can be stronger and harder.

In my opinion, the Nets and Irving have a difficult contradiction from the deep inside. Irving is just 30 years old. It is the highest age of career and confidence. There is no doubt that he will find a super top top. In addition, he wanted to bind with Durant, and the two had been working together to fight. Owen must be a contract that started at least 4 years. The Nets were scared by Irving. For three consecutive years, from resisting the rematch to leaving the team many times, to the vaccine problem, Irving can always be said to be a networked management, or even other senior officials in the NBA. Some of the fresh tricks I have seen to "escape" the game.

According to statistics, Irving has joined the Nets for three years, and the Nets have played a total of 226 games. Irving played 103 of them and lacked a total of 123 games. Three years. On any player, he will definitely be labeled with a glass constitution, and the contract will inevitably be affected, but this kind of problem occurs when Irving is relatively healthy. In recent years, relying on Durant's influence, Owen can be said to have been able to intervene on the Nets, but now, Durant has no time to take care of him. Durant is now "busy business". Since the Warriors have re -. After returning to the finals, Durant was busy fighting with people. This off -match period, he had no time to ignore other things.