How to practice five poultry plays?Experts are taught online!Shanghai School's Five Poultry Power Opera Taijiquan Teachers Training Course "Yunkai School"

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How to practice five poultry plays?Experts are taught online!Shanghai School's Five Poultry Power Opera Taijiquan Teachers Training Course "Yunkai School"

2022-06-23 18:12:01 5 ℃

Five poultry drama, Tai Chi, you can learn online! Recently, the Shanghai School of Traditional Chinese Medicine led the Shanghai School of Five Poultry Open and Tai Chi Teachers Online Training Course in 2022, which opened a class in the "cloud", attracting 152 sports teachers in Shanghai's 85, middle and primary schools to register for participation.

This is a traditional mage training for the city's education system for the city's education system. The training course was jointly organized by the Ministry of Education's Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Five Poultry Inheritance Base, the Chinese Excellent Traditional Cultural Cultural Martial Arts inheritance Base, and the Shanghai University Student Sports Association Martial Arts Branch. In the opening style, Zhu Huirong, deputy secretary and vice president of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the five poultry opera and Tai Chi are outstanding representatives of traditional sports. Carrying out traditional sports entry activities will not only help strengthen the ideological and moral construction of minors, and strengthen the body. And psychological quality, it is also conducive to promoting the inheritance of the excellent traditional sports culture of the Chinese nation, and it is of great significance to enhance the cultural literacy of the people and enhance the national cultural soft power.

In order to further improve the popularization rate of Taijiquan and Wuyao Opera Teaching in Judicial, middle, elementary, and universities, and to allow more students to experience the unique charm of traditional exercises, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine passes through the affiliated schools and inheritance schools, including Guanlan, Pudong New District, Shanghai Primary school, Shanghai Pudong New District Fushan Foreign Language Primary School, Shanghai Pudong New District Donghe Primary School, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Minhang Jingcheng Middle School, etc., actively link to the education system of five poultry drama inheritance in the integration of large, middle and primary schools. Five poultry drama inheritance schools, 2 inheritance schools, and 1 cultural and creative studio, 1 "Medical and Nursing Integration" branch center, the total number of elementary and middle schools driven by radiation is more than 5,800 people each year.

As early as 2014, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has opened a training course for five poultry dramas and Taijiquan related teachers in the city. So far, it has trained more than 500 physical education teachers in about 100 schools in Shanghai University, middle schools and primary schools. Education bureaus in various districts and counties carry out the training of five poultry dramas, and take the lead in launching the five poultry drama teachers training courses in Changning District to achieve good results. In the future, it will continue to carry out a good talent reserve for the five poultry opera in Shanghai.

In this training course, the Taijiquan course is mainly based on the latest promotion of the latest promotion of the Martial Arts Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports — Tai Chi Eight Methods and Five Steps, namely 掤, 捋, prescription, picking, cricket, elbow, and eight types of eight types. Methods, five kinds of footwork, retreat, care, hope, and determine. The whole set of action structure is simple, reasonable, rich in connotation, easy to learn and easy to practice. It is a relatively ideal Taijiquan entry routine. The curriculum is divided into two parts: theoretical lectures and technical teaching.

In theoretical classes, Shao Ying and Teacher Shao Ying and Teacher of the Martial Arts International A -class referee and Yang -style Taijiquan elaborated the source flow, characteristics, usage and practice of Taijiquan in detail; in the technical class, the associate professor, master tutor, Taijiquan Academy of Martial Arts Institute of Shanghai Institute of Physical Education The team head coach Xie Yelei taught the body, body, steps, pace, breathing and other basic actions in the five steps of Tai Chi Eight Methods through a detailed explanation.

The five poultry drama courses are based on the latest compiled by Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the primary routine of the promotion of entry -level exercises in the campus. Kang Meng, the head coach of the martial arts team of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, explained one by one with the exercise, efficacy, essentials, and characteristics, which have been widely praised. At present, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has created junior routines, intermediate routines and advanced routines for different levels of enthusiasts. Although the students were unable to come to the scene, watching the exhibition of the training teachers accurately and standardized, the "cloud" learning was enthusiastic and the teaching atmosphere was active.

In response to this training, the Ministry of Sports Department of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine prepared in advance on curriculum settings, teacher equipment and online live software and hardware operations. In addition to teaching for students, each lecturer also lived through the WeChat video number to live broadcast on the WeChat video. Residents and students who love traditional exercises provide online learning opportunities.

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