The women's volleyball team Chen Zhonghe may out of the mountain, Cai Bin led the team to play the most embarrassing, and the replacement can still win the championship

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The women's volleyball team Chen Zhonghe may out of the mountain, Cai Bin led the team to play the most embarrassing, and the replacement can still win the championship

2022-06-23 18:11:59 5 ℃

Cai Bin team draws out three people to drag her legs. The 64 -year -old hero is expected to go out again. The women's queuing led by Cai Bin will re -impact the championship trophy.

Speaking of the women's volleyball team in the international schedule, the first stop has won three games. However, the second game of the second game can only win two games. In the end The first six records. According to previous arrangements, if the women's volleyball team can score the top eight, they still have the opportunity to get the places in the finals.

With Cai Bin's continuous losses to the US and Japanese women's volleyball teams, after 48 hours, the coach Cai Bin of the women's volleyball team took out three players to drag their hind legs. Who is these three players? First of all, Yuan Xinxuan, the captain, is the leader of the newly -women volleyball team as the leader of the women's volleyball team. She must bear a certain responsibility, but the level of Yuan Xinzheng's ultimately play is quite sluggish. This also caused our women's volleyball team to encounter embarrassing losses. As the captain, Yuan Xinzheng must reflect on his own problems, so as to correct his problems, and strive for the third stage of the game to re -lead the women's volleyball team.

Then I learned that the second place, that is, Wang Weiyi, in the face of the American team, she was very difficult to get a great performance. But in the face of the Japanese women's volleyball team, Cai Bin still specially reused Wang Weiyi as a player in the court. This was also the reason why she made a continuous mistake in a passing position. There was no great play. Therefore, Wang Weiyi has also become the key point for our women's volleyball team to lose. In the stadium, it is difficult for the United States to play in the court. Why do Cai Bin still choose to reuse her in the face of the Japanese team? This really needs deep reflection.

The third place to be mentioned in the end is that she is Wang Yunlu. Wang Yunlu is difficult to get a lot of play in the court. As Wang Yunlu, who is also in a passing position, she has made mistakes in a row and has become the women's volleyball league. The Japanese team, as well as a key player from the United States. After the game, Cai Bin must deeply reflect on his own problems. At the same time, the above three major players include: Yuan Xinxuan, Wang Yunlu and Wang Weiyi, they really have to make some adjustments. Among them, Yuan Xinzheng, as the new captain, can continue to stay at the court, but to properly control the time of playing and change the other main players.

In addition, for Wang Yunlu and Wang Yunlu, the two players have made mistakes in a row. Cai Bin must also properly control the other players to play and take the initiative to attack the score, so as to more effectively impact the championship. In the end, we must also understand that as Cai Bin's leading team has been questioned today, it is understood that a top 64 -year -old championship hero may return to the team. He is Chen Zhonghe. Many of the experts and fans have called on Chen Zhonghe to go out to the competition. After all, Chen Zhong and Cai Bin have more powerful ability to lead the team, and have the opportunity to lead the women's volleyball team to win the championship.