Curry's sister champion celebration flows out, 1 meter 93 long legs, once won the NCAA women's basketball team

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Curry's sister champion celebration flows out, 1 meter 93 long legs, once won the NCAA women's basketball team

2022-06-23 18:09:05 10 ℃

So beautiful! Curry Cover Girl Champion Celebration: 1 meter 93 long legs, holding the trophy of Curry

On June 23, Beijing time, the news of Curry was destined to fly this summer. Today, her "sister" updated a set of photos on her social platform. As a coach of Curry, he is naturally a good basketball player. As a member of the Stanford University Women's Basketball Team, she showed some photos of the Warriors Champions Celebration of her brother Curry.

I have to say that Curry's face value is really high. Even if this sister is not born, it is definitely a passing value to be a relative. Because the mother's mother and Curry's mother are college classmates, Curry's mother is her mother -in -law, so she is regarded as Curry's chief girl in the circle.

This name is Cameron Brink's sister. The physical talent is also very amazing. At present, she is 1.93 meters tall. After seeing the photos, I will find that in addition to playing a good talent, the body is also very enviable. And this year is only 20 years old, but male fans can't have extravagant hopes, because there are already boyfriends, they have long been famous!

As Camaron's sister Cameron Brink basketball, the strength of the basketball has long been recognized. As early as last year's NCAA women's basketball final, she was the main force of Stanford and led the team 54-53 to win Arizona. She won the first championship since the history of the team. Essence Although she first played for 19 minutes in that game, she scored 10 points, 6 rebounds, 1 assists and 3 blocks. That series of competitions played extremely well. At that time, Curry congratulated her sister through social platforms: "My sister (God-Sister) is always a legend. Congratulations to Stanford University, another champion, bring it back to the Bay Area!"

Cameron Brink has a good character that has a good character, which is also very similar to Curry, because after winning the championship, this season, she has no self -procurement in Stanford. The first released 19, still contributed 9.9 points, 6.6 rebounds and 2.7 blocks.

You should know that in the NCAA women's basketball team and other games, the score that can contribute 2 digits per game is very beautiful, because many of the game is more than half a hundred scores. If it is just that basketball plays well, it will definitely not have such a great influence in the United States, because there is no shortage of athletes who play well, regardless of men and women.

But with the title of Sister Curry, especially with the championship of Curry and the Warriors this year, everything around them will be hot. What's more, Cameron Brink also has the figure of the red beauty than the shoulder net. The height of 1.93 is full of aura, and Curry's height is only 1.9 meters.

In some training camps in Curry, we can also see the photos he and his younger sisters have been practiced. The figure is really good. In many cases, such fragmented news can often get greater attractiveness than ordinary NBA news. Fans who have seen the photos of Cameron Brink also know the reason.

Fortunately, there are famous universities at Stanford University, coupled with high value and hard work, and a well -known brother to take care of. It's hard to think of such girls! After looking at the photos of Sister Curry, many fans began to tease Curry's wife. Indeed, there were two photos of two people in the photo. It seems that Cameron Brink compares in any way.

Many fans have also regretted Curry after all. After all, the heroes are sad. Compared with Curry's face, her wife's appearance has always been controversial. However, Curry is indeed a good man. In the face of these external disputes, he has expressed his love for his wife in public many times and expressed his attitude with practical actions. At present, there are very few real model couples in the league. The James couples, the Curry couple, and the Horford couple can be clear in one hand.

NBA is the favorite basketball game of basketball fans around the world, especially for young and young fans. More and more model couples in the league are actually good for future development!