It is really ruthless, Jenna and male girlfriends vacation, enjoying sunbathing by the sea, can play very well, distressed Booker

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It is really ruthless, Jenna and male girlfriends vacation, enjoying sunbathing by the sea, can play very well, distressed Booker

2022-06-23 18:09:18 12 ℃

The NBA enters the offseason. In another week, the alliance free market will start. In recent days, the stars of various teams have begun vacations. However, the Sun team star Booker is quite depressed. Why? Because his girlfriend Jenna went out to date a male girlfriend. Jenna's behavior refreshed the fans' awareness of the Sisters of Kardashian again.

Twenty days ago, Sister Kardashian held a wedding in Italy. At that time, Jenna and her boyfriend Booker attended together. At that time, the two fingers appeared at the wedding scene of Cunit Kardashian. After that, the two also played together in Italy. After returning to the United States, Booker once lived in Jenna's house. However, the relationship between the two now seems to have a problem.

Two days ago, Jenna posted a photo of a man alone with a man in a social account. Jenna in the photo looked very docile. Jenna's social circle is very wide, and it is not extraordinary to have a meal with male friends. However, what happened next made many fans feel incredible.

Jenna and the male girlfriend are not just as simple as eating a meal. The two actually went out for vacation together. On this holiday, Jenna also brought her pet big black dog. Jenna held a big black dog next to the swimming pool and faced the camera with a smile. Some fans are very puzzled. Booker is not there. Who will help Jenna take this photo? It now appears that it is not someone else or his male girlfriend who helps Jenna.

Twenty hours ago, fans found that Jenna took a big black dog to play on the beach somewhere. There was a man beside her. The man was not a boyfriend Booker, but her male girlfriend. Some fans photographed that Jenna and male girlfriends enjoyed the sunbathing on the beach. The positions of the two were close to each other. Their behavior seemed no different from the couple.

When Jenna played a dog on the beach, Jenna's male girlfriend also followed her. Seeing a fans taking pictures, the male girlfriend wearing sunglasses did not dodge, but faced the camera with a smile. Like Jenna's ex -boyfriend, this handsome guy is also very good.

It is reported that the handsome guy's name is Faikhadra, who is a model from the rich second generation from the Middle East and has known him for many years. This is not the first time that the two went out for the first time. When they were on vacation 3 years ago, Faikhadra once publicly held Jenna in her arms.

Seeing Jenna dating again with Faikhadra again, some fans said that Jenna was too good at playing, and I felt distressed for a second. Booker was ignored directly, in other words, Jenna didn't seem to be afraid of Booker. There are talented people in Jiangshan, and Sishan sisters are really ruthless.