How does the top ten and first 20 superstars in NBA rank

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How does the top ten and first 20 superstars in NBA rank

2022-06-23 18:10:50 5 ℃

First of all, in terms of honor, this is the most straightforward thing that reflects the quality of the stars. Of course, there are also a few honorary data that cannot be withdrawn, and some artificial intervention occurs, such as the 06/16 finals. There are also some accidents, such as sudden injuries and epidemic effects.

How much score should be occupied by each honor? Personally, it should be like this.

When the All -Star and 6 points in the season, the players who can enter the pre -historical 20 discussion must be the superstar level, and it must be the absolute main core of the champion team.

MVP 5 points. This is the most gold -containing award in personal honor. Obviously, it is easier to win the MVP than led by the championship. Therefore, many star players have won the MVP, but they have not led the team to win the championship for a lifetime. Of course, the MVP moisture has become larger and larger in recent years. In the past, MVP had to be taken. The regular season record was at least 3 in the partition. However The gold content. I hope this will happen in the future.

FMVP 3 points. FMVP is the best player to play the finals. Of course, it must be the winner. The failure of the loser like West will not appear after taking FMVP, of course, it cannot deny West's strength. The Finals MVP has only a few finals because of the reference, and the reference value does not have 82 regular season highs. So his value must not be compared with the regular season MVP. There have been several FMVP selections in history that did not meet the actual things. The most famous is the 15 -year finals. As long as the eyes are not blind, Kurry knows that Curry is the most valuable player. Without Curry, the Warriors Finals could not enter, and the Warriors could not win the Cavaliers. Other like the 2007 Finals, Ginobili is the best play.

AMVP 0.5 points, this is the All -Star MVP, purely performing, very low value. It can only prove that you have been selected for All -Stars and play well in this game.

The number of times was selected for the All -Star Tournament, 0.5 points/once. The season of the season is the best performers in the season. Either the offense is excellent, or the defense is excellent or the organization is excellent.

The scoring king 3 points, those who can score the score king, at least the technology will not be bad, 82 regular season, averaging the league first, this is not something that can be done alone. Although the defense won the championship, if the defense won the champion The offense can't work, and there is no play in winning the championship. Just like the 22 -year finals, the Celtics are strongly defensive, and the offense is not bad, but when encountering a team of warriors who have strong offensives, they can only hate the basket too small. Person. look on in despair. Many of the scoring kings in the past 20 years have reached the finals, Iverson, Kobe, Wade, Harden, Westbrook, James, Durant. Those who have not reached the finals are also among the playoffs all year round.

The best defensive player is 2 points, the best defensive player, the gold content is still very high, but most of the players who have won the best defensive players in history are blue -collar workers, such as Campby, Chandler, Muto, Muso Mob, Mo Ning, Daben, Smart, Howard, Gobel includes Russell. They generally keep strong attack. These players are often only blue -collar, the third and fourth core of the team. It is impossible to be the first core and the second core. This is the fundamental reason why his value is lower than the scoring king.

The best 3 points, the best two lines, 2 points, 1 point for best, the best time is basically the top 5 of the league in the season, at least the top 8 players. The best for being selected for a while is not only good for personal data, but the team's record will not be too bad. At least the playoffs. The best two gaps are not much different from the time of the year. But there must be obvious gaps in the three formations.

The best defensive for a while, 1.5 points, the best defensive two -formation 0.5 points, and the player who enters the best defense for a while is generally a very important player in the team.

Assisting king 1.5 points, the assist king proves that the player has a high level of the team's offensive organization. The players who have won the assist king in history have been selected as the All -Star. Most of them have been selected many times, such as magicians, Stockon, Kidd, Nash, Paul, Harden, Westbrook

The rebounding king is 1 point, and the rebounding king shows that the player is strongly defensive, and the inside is strong. The contribution to the team is very high.

The All -Star Ticket King is 1 point. He is selected as the All -Star Ticket King. In addition to strong personal ability, he must also have super high popularity, which shows that the influence is huge.

The All -Star was selected and scored 0.5 points/time in the playoffs.

Before the 1980s, the number of NBA teams was small and the competition level was low. So 50 % off each award score. This should be fair.

Player's personal influence cannot be quantified by data. So there is no scope of scoring. There are only a few influential stars in history, magicians, Jordan, O'Neal, Kobe, James, Curry. Among them, James is still negative. Only the magician, Jordan, Curry. Personally, I think they can add 6 points to them separately. Equivalent to a championship score.

Taking this, rank according to the calculated score. It should be very fair.

Basically, players who can enter the scope of discussion are as follows, McCann, West, Belle, Russell, Big 0, Wharton, Jabal, Berd, McHier, Owen, Moses Maloneon, Hayes, Thomas, Stockton, Malone, Barkley, O'Neal, Ewed, Robinson, Dream, Kobe, Iverson, Driver, KG, Kid, Nash, Paul, Howard, HowardDurant, Harden, Westbrook, Grandasar, James, Wade, Curry, Thompson, Alphabet Brother.Which enthusiastic netizens can calculate.