Lillard made 8 new teammates!13 people list 105 million stories: three giants chasing the OG group

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Lillard made 8 new teammates!13 people list 105 million stories: three giants chasing the OG group

2022-06-23 18:10:26 11 ℃

On June 23, Beijing time, Portland Blazers reached a transaction with Detroit Pistons, and the Blazers sent the first round of the first round of the Bucks in 2025, the 36th signing of 2022, the 2025 time, and the second round of 2026 Signed, 21 million trading cases were signed by Jerami Grant and on the 46th of 2022.

After the transaction, the pioneer's hard power finally improved a little bit. Last season, the Blazers sent Corwinton, Powell, and McColum directly into the swing. The period was applied for transactions, and now the Blazers traded for him with a quasi -all -star Grant.

In the past two seasons, Grant averaged 20 points+2 three -pointers as one of only 20 of the league. In addition, he also had a average of 0.94 steals and 1.04 blocks. Grant will become better around Lillard's side to become better. Star.

American media Statmuse wrote that Damian said last year: Our position is not good enough. Later, the Blazers conducted a number of transactions for him: Kody Zeller, McLemo, Hart, Smiths, Bryardo, Winslo, Ingels, Grant. These 8 players are all new transactions and signing of the Blazers this season.

According to the analysis of the salary structure expert Bobby Max, after the Hart's 12.9 million contract was converted to a full guarantee on June 25, the pioneer's full guarantee of 105 million was 105 million, and there was 44 million space for them to renew it in advance ahead of time. Joanni-Simmons and Nurkic.

At present, there are already 13 people on the pioneers in the 22-23 season. If new transactions are no longer performed, they will not be a super hat team in the new season, but such a lineup is obviously not enough to help Damian- Lillard impacted the championship.

"Yahoo Sports" reporter Chris Haynes revealed that the Blazers are still operating, and the Blazers hoped to use the 7th 2022 signing to get the Raptors OG-Arinby, so that the Blazers can form a pioneer. Three Giant Teams.

Arinoby is an all -round striker. This season, averaging 17.1 points, 5.5 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.5 steals. He and Grant's partner's front line will greatly increase the Blazers' front lines, and the Blazers can also reconstruct the defense system.

Text/Yan Xiaobai's Basketball Dream