The Olympic champion team burst into money, and the 20 -year -old heaven has done his best!Zhang Yuyi is absent, retreat for 5 seconds

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The Olympic champion team burst into money, and the 20 -year -old heaven has done his best!Zhang Yuyi is absent, retreat for 5 seconds

2022-06-23 18:10:36 6 ℃

On June 23, Beijing time, in the Budapest World Championships in 2022, the Chinese swimming team played the women's 4 × 200m freestyle relay final. The Chinese team with the first preliminaries has the possibility of impact medals and even winning the championship. Before the game, in order to ensure the final results, Yang Junzhang, a 200 -meter freestyle winner of the New Ke Shi Championship, also gave up his personal 100m freestyle project in order to prepare for the relay final.

It is a pity that in the end, the Chinese swimming relay team failed to achieve the achievement of gold. The first stick of Tang Muhan's response was relatively slow. The Chinese team was backward in the early days. This laid hidden dangers for the Chinese team in the second half of the team. When Yang Junzhang, the strongest personal strength, attacked the fourth stick, the Chinese team was behind the United States, Canada and Australia. Although Yang Junxuan struggled to catch up, he failed to complete the counterattack. In the end, the Chinese relay team ranked fourth with 7 minutes 45 seconds and 72, and missed the medal. The United States relay team became the biggest winner, swimming at 7 minutes, 41 seconds 45 to win the championship with the posture of the game.

Why is the Chinese Women's Relay Team this game burst into gold? At the Tokyo Olympic Games, this team won the women's 4 × 200m freestyle champion. At that time, the score was 7 minutes, 40 seconds, 33, which directly broke the world record. At that time, the four members of the Chinese relay team were Tang Muhan, Yang Junzhang, Zhang Yuzheng and Li Bingjie. Essence But this time Zhang Yuzhang was absent, because before the relay final, Zhang Yuzhen participated in the women's 200m butterfly finals and won a bronze medal. The personal consumption was very large, so he did not sign up for the final relay final. Due to Zhang Yuzhang's missing, the Chinese women's relay team has retreated for 5 seconds compared with the Tokyo Olympics that broke the world record for 5 seconds, showing the importance of Zhang Yuyu.

On the other hand, another key factor in the Chinese women's relay team was optimistic about winning gold before the game. Previously, the women's 200 -meter free swimming final, 20 -year -old Yang Junzhang was the champion, and another Chinese player Tang Muhan won the bronze medal. Existence, the outside world is generally optimistic about the Chinese relay team, but in the end they failed to achieve expected expectations.

Since the World Championships, the Chinese swimming team has not been able to achieve their goals. Zhang Yuzhang's women's 100m and 200m butterfly strokes, Wang Shun's men's 200m mixed swimming, Xu Jiayu's men's 100m backstroke, and then It is the hybrid swimming relay of the relay project, and the women's 4 × 200 meters of freedom swimming relay. These original projects that were seen as a gold grabbing, all of which were Waterloo. The only comfort was Zhang Yuzhang. At least two bronze medals were included in the two advantage projects, and other projects were not harvested.

The overall performance is poor. This is the current World Championships with the Chinese swimming team. Compared with the past achievements, it is difficult to re -improve their strength and competitiveness in the future.

(Lin Xiaoyu)