CCTV broadcast the focus of war, the fans shouted the reason for the sound of get out of class to find: 5 rounds to lose the ball to half of the season

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CCTV broadcast the focus of war, the fans shouted the reason for the sound of get out of class to find: 5 rounds to lose the ball to half of the season

2022-06-23 18:09:28 10 ℃

Because the first cycle of the first stage of the Chinese Super League has ended, the Chinese Super League teams ushered in a rare 2 -day offer period. This is a rare opportunity to adjust the competition system.

And the first day of the sixth round, there are two games attracting attention:

One was the Zhejiang team against the defending champion Taishan team, and the other was the Wuhan Yangtze River against Shanghai Harbor.

CCTV chose to broadcast live Wuhan Yangtze River against Shanghai Harbor. This is really a focus game, and both sides want to prove themselves.

01 Whether the Wuhan Yangtze River can complete the "double kill"

In fact, as early as the fifth round before the start of this round, when Wuhan Yangtze River was against Shanghai Shenhua, he had rotated the lineup and retained some main force.

For Li Jinyu, the first cycle of the game, 9 points in 5 games, have exceeded the pre -season budget. You should know that the Wuhan team of last season, but it is difficult to win, and even the draw makes fans happy.

In response to the characteristics of offensive and scorers last season, Li Jinyu has made effective improvements after receiving Li Xiaopeng's whip. So far this season, 5 goals have scored 5 games, which is a gratifying change compared to the same period last season.

And this season, in the first round of facing the seaport, the team defeated the opponent unexpectedly. Of course, this victory was not completely unexpected. The number of foreign aid is neat.

In this cycle, we can see that Li Jinyu has been fully prepared.

02 The seaport is to compete for the championship, it must be undefeated in 2 rounds

After the five rounds of the Harbor team, only 6 points were scored, which was unexpected. This is the team with the highest value of the Super League. Foreign aid and domestic aid have big -name teams. It can even be said that the only Chinese Super League is still " Golden Yuan Football Team.

Therefore, the head coach Ryoko is facing great pressure:

On the one hand, the team's core Oscar and the sideline weapon Muy have not returned, so the "oppression" played by the visitors cannot be achieved;

Secondly, the team shouted the championship early, and the introduction of foreign aid+domestic aid this season reached 4 people. It took a lot of money, and the strength improved a lot, but the results did not meet the expectations.

You have to say that foreign aid affects the team's performance, but the Dalian people in the Chinese class have a stronger opponent in the Haikou Division, and they scored 6 points after 5 rounds. Therefore, this explanation cannot satisfy the fans.

To make matters worse, the team has lost 3 games to win the championship. These 3 games are already the maximum. Therefore, if you want to achieve the seasonal goals, the next game must not be lost.

The Oscar is not able to return to the team. In addition, even if you return to the team, you have to integrate. This is two games. Therefore, in the next two rounds, how to maintain unbeaten in the next two games against Wuhan Yangtze River and Shanghai Shenhua is the biggest highlight and difficulty.

03 Fans shouted "After class", Raiko wants to resolve defense

With the last loss, many fans shouted "Laiko to get out of class".

Compared with last season, Lyco's team is fully regressed:

When Zhang Linzheng was introduced last season, the team had only lost 14 goals throughout the season, and in these 14 goals, there were 4 goals in the face of Mount Taishan. And this season, the team dug out when facing Taishan last season, and Xu Xin, who had performed well, also introduced Zhang Linyu. As a result, he lost 5 goals when facing Taishan.

Except for Taishan, the number of ball lost is exactly half of the last season and lost 1 goal per game. You said that your strength has been strengthened, but the defense drops. Such a coach does not go to get out of class. Who will go to get out of class?

So how to do a good job of defense is a problem that the head coach Ryoko must solve.

And this is actually the role of Oscar: there is a saying that the best defense is the offense.

After lacking Oscar's sorting on the midfield, the team's offense could not go up, and the defense could not return. In the last game, we can see that Laiko, who has been entrusted, fantasize about defeating his opponent in the way of Wu Jingui, so he hid foreign aid and Xu Xin. As a result, in the case of 2 goals, he had to make an emergency. Adjustment.

The performance of the two after the appearance allowed the fans to retain their hope. However, in order to maintain the offensive situation of the audience, Li Jinyu also hid his main force in the fifth round in the fifth round, just for this round of match with the harbor.

In this game, once Harbor continues to lose, it has already announced that this season has ended: after all, such a investment is not the championship, it is equivalent to playing the water this season, and it is another failed season.

So do you think that the Harbor can defeat Wuhan Yangtze River?