NBA's 5 most controversial MVP selection: Alliance hacked Jordan award, Jabal 42 wins also won the prize

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NBA's 5 most controversial MVP selection: Alliance hacked Jordan award, Jabal 42 wins also won the prize

2022-06-23 18:12:12 4 ℃

In the NBA, there will be questioning awards in almost every season. For example, the fastest player award in the season, the league gave Mrandte, and Morant was the third year of his career. It should be reasonable, but the award was given to him, such as Brunson, Bridge, and Bain. The players who seemed to be more in line with this award were accidentally selected, but considering the average score of Mrandte's score from the score from the per game Last season's 19 points increased to 27 points, and the award seemed to meet the requirements.

If the fastest players like this and the best sixth player these awards, if they are issued to inappropriate players, the questioning is not great. Then the alliance and the so -called judges will be questioned. In NBA history, there are really several highly controversial MVP selections. I think the historical status of Kalmaron is high. Why? Let's take a look together.

1976 Jabal

Jabal is the player who has won the most MVP in the regular season in history. His career has won 6 regular season MVPs. Jabal has two regular season MVPs than James. Under the blessing of such a big record, it is considered that the historical status is not as good as James. This is more unclear. Is it because James than two FMVPs of James than Jabardo? But don't forget that Jabal is two more regular season MVPs than Lao Zhan.

Generally speaking, the gold content of the regular season MVP is higher than the FMVP gold content. After all, FMVP is the best player produced in a series of games. This round of series is only 7 games, and MVP requires 82 games to be determined to be determined , Higher value. So why is Jabal's historical status no better than James? I think the main point was that Jabal's MVP gold content at that time was not as high as it is now.

At that time, the main reason for the MVP gold content was not the current height was that there were fewer teams at the time, and the stars were not as many now. The competition was not great, resulting in the decrease in the gold content of the MVP. For example, the regular season MVP that Jabar won in 1976 can be said to be one of the most watery in history. This year, Jabar averaged 27.7 points, 16.9 rebounds and 5 assists. In 42 wins, I won the MVP trophy without even entering the playoffs.

In this case, it is impossible to get a trophy at all. If you lead the team, you ca n’t play the record. It is a brush. There is still a chance to get the MVP trophy? This is too unfair for those who led the team to play good results. Like the Celtics' Diffgenus, this season he led the team to play a 54 -win impressive record, averaging 19 points, 16 rebounds, 4.2 Assisting 1.2 steals 0.9 blocks. Although the data is not as good as Jabal, it is not bad, and this year Coses also led the team to win the championship.

Jabal got a MVP that did not belong to him. How did you say this gold content?

97 Carl Malong

After Jordan's return, the league had blowing over the opponent to Jordan's opponent to shape the opponent. For this year, Jordan's honor was imposed on Malone. In the first 20, although he has two regular season MVPs, after reading this article, you will know how low the gold content of his two MVPs is, saying that the league has given him a noodle.

In 1997, Carma Long led the Jazz to achieve a record of 64 wins and 18 losses, ranking first in the western region and secondary league second only to the Bulls. At the same time, the Jazz achieved the best record in the history of the team. Get 27.4 points, 9.9 rebounds, 4.5 assists, 1.4 steals 0.6 blocks, shooting 55%of the shooting rate. Just looking at such performances and team records, Malone is indeed worth winning the MVP trophy, but Nai Jordan's performance is really strong. It's right.

This year, the Bulls achieved the number one league with 69 wins and 13 losses under the leadership of Jordan. Although it is not the best record of the team, it has won 5 games more than the jazz. At the same time 5.9 rebounds 4.3 assists 1.7 steals 0.5 blocks, shooting rate of 48.6%, and 37%of the three -point hit rate. Jordan is the league scoring king of this year. , But lost the MVP trophy.

At that time, it also caused a lot of doubts, and the judges felt really unreasonable. They could only clarify the reason why they chose Malone: ​​1 played the best record in team history, 2 Jordan's record and personal performance were less than last season. This reason can only be said that the more and more darkened, Jordana MVP can only be compared with himself? Instead of considering competitors? At that time, even Karma's mother couldn't stand it anymore. In an interview, she said: "Thank you Jordan for giving the MVP trophy to my son."

99 Carl Malong

If the gold content of a MVP can still be tolerated, the two trophies of the key Carmaron are highly questioned. After Jordan won the championship in 1998, the alliance wanted to recommend a new league leader, so they were accurate. Calma Long, who met Jordan in the finals for two consecutive years. In the 98-99 season, it was a shrinking season. This year, Kalmaron led the team to play a 37-win and 13 losses alliance, which is very good.

Although Cal Malong this year is 35 years old, it still maintains a peak state. Averaging 23.8 points, 9.4 rebounds, 4.1 assists, 1.3 steals, 0.6 blocks, shooting rate of 49.3%, leading team record league No. 1 The data is also good, but when the league issued the trophy to him, it aroused the dissatisfaction of Duncan fans. This is the second season of Duncan's career. He also led a team in the regular season to achieve a record of 37 wins and 13 losses, tied with the jazz for the first league. This year, Duncan can averages 21.7 points, 11.4 rebounds, 2.4 assists 0.9 steals and 2.5 blocks. The shooting rate is 49.5%. Although the score is not more than Malone, Duncan is obviously better in terms of efficiency. At the same time The defensive end helps to the team than Calma Long, but the league finally chose to give the MVP trophy to Kalma Long. At that time, the reason why the league gave him was to correct him as a new NBA facade, and the other. On the one hand, Duncan was too low -key and did not pay much attention and like.

As a result, the sorrowful reminder was eliminated in the second round of the Jazz of Karmaron in the playoffs, and Duncan's Spurs' Passing Wuluan Six will reach the finals and win the championship. Duncan is even more in the second season of his career. I took the FMVP. At that time, Malone snatched Jordan's MVP. As a result, Jordan fatted Malone in the finals and defeated his jazz and won the FMVP. Although Duncan did not meet with the jazz in the playoffs. It was considered to be on the top of the league.

2008 Kobe

Kobe before O'Neal left the team and Gasol had been with many doubts at the time. Although the data was good, the team was always not far away. Until the return of Zen Master Phil, the team recruited Pauloko in 2008. This year's Kobe can be regarded as a true sense. During the period of 2008 and 2009, the competition in the west was very fierce at the time, while the East was the only one of the Celtics.

Under the leadership of Kobe and Gasol, the Lakers have achieved the first achievements in the West. Although they are the first in the West, the Lakers have no great advantages compared to other playoff teams in the West. Golden 50 wins won 7 games less than the Lakers. The fifth Rockets won 2 games less than the Lakers. What is more powerful is the second Pelicans in the West (also called the Hornets). Under the leadership of Paul It won one less than the Lakers, and the Pelicans at the time were Paul's single -core team.

Kobe can averages 28.3 points, 6.3 rebounds, 5.4 assists this season this season, and 0.5 steals. The shooting rate is 45.9%, and the three -point hit rate is 36.1%. People are a single -core team. This year is the third season of Paul's career. He showed a high level. The average of 21.1 points, 4 rebounds, 11.6 assists 2.7 steals per game, 48.8%of the shooting rate, 37 three -pointers rate of 37 %.

At that time, the Alliance selected MVP was actually more valued for the stars who had been in the league for many years. Paul was the league rookie like the Duncan. Voicing the stars who have played for the alliance for many years, Kobe has eaten this dividend, otherwise who should win the MVP in this year, it is really hard to say, and because of the opportunity to miss this, Paul has not been in contact with today. Go to the MVP trophy.

The best record of this year is actually the Celtics. They achieved a record of 66 wins and 16 losses. According to the record, their teammates should be in the selection of the MVP, but why did the Eastern Green Army have the only one at that time? The pressure given to him in the partition team is not great, and they are three stars holding a group, which also affects them, but with the strong lineup Celtics, they finally won the championship this year.

17 years

In 2016, it can be said that the ending of the league was completely disrupted. During the offseason, Durant abandoned the practice of the Westbroke to start the championship team. The Thunder San Shao completely disintegrated. Transformed into a mad practice of power during the offseason, looking forward to leading the team to play good results next season, and the third brother Harden in Houston also gave up the life of the nightclub of the daily bubble and began to work hard.

Although the Warriors achieved a proud record of 67 wins and 15 losses in 17 years, they ranked first in the league, but they had 5 All -Star -level players to hold a group, so they also questioned their regular season records. This also allowed those players who played well and the team's record were not very prominent, and they got the opportunity to be selected for MVP. Among them, Wei Shao was the biggest beneficiary of this season. He led the team's record sixth.

However, with the average three -double performance of 31.6 points, 10.7 rebounds, 10.4 assists, Wei Shao successfully won the regular season MVP of this year. In addition to Big O, the second player who can play the three doubles of the season. Looking at this performance alone is indeed worthy of a praise, but this season, the Thunder is only 47 wins, and his third brother Harden seems to be more worthy of MVP.

This year, Harden led the team to achieve the third record of 55 wins in the West. At that time, Paul had not yet come. Harden was a single -core team. It was very good to have such a record in the west.29.1 points, 8.1 rebounds, 11.2 assists 1.5 steals 0.5 blocking data. Although it has not reached the average of three doubles, it is also very close, and Harden is the assist king of this season.EssenceIn the first round of the playoffs this year, Wei Shao and Harden met. As a result, Harden led the team gentleman to sweep the Thunder of the second brother Wei Shao. After that, Harden's team lost to the Spurs. In fact, this year's regular seasonLeonard is also very worthwhile to win the MVP. He won the second leader in the regular season. He only won 6 games less than the five -star warrior.Cover is also very good.

In other words, what do you want to say about these five MVP winners?Are these five sessions reasonable?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.