Lost again!The media revealed that Alan returned to Laodong's house, Fei Nanduo or the only hope for relegation in the Guangzhou team

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Lost again!The media revealed that Alan returned to Laodong's house, Fei Nanduo or the only hope for relegation in the Guangzhou team

2022-06-23 18:12:31 7 ℃

Long time

According to media reports, on June 22, Barva Ferlimen's official announcement that Alan had confirmed the joining team on June 21, local time. The 33 -year -old Alan debuted in Ferrumie. Earlier, he played 88 times for the team and scored 26 goals. After returning to the old owner, Alan "burst into tears" and said that he could not express his feelings in words, hoping to "do great things" here.

At this point, Five Brazilian naturalized players in Guangzhou Evergrande were only "fruitful" Feinan Duo was still unemployed. In a sense, Feinando has also become the only hopes for relegation in the Guangzhou team and even the only way to relegation this season.

This season, due to well -known reasons, the Guangzhou team can only play in the Chinese class. In the first five rounds, only 1 wins and 4 losses, the third -ranking outfront of bad start. Judging from these 5 games, although Jiang Guangtai, Wu Shaocong and Li Yang were on the defense line, they could deal with the Super League. However, the middle and frontcourt composed of Wei Shihao, Yang Liyu, and Yan Dinghao looked anxious. One was that the lineup seemed too thin, and the other was difficult to create better scoring opportunities. As long as the three "veterans" are suspended, injuries, or poor status, they are worse than the team, or even a fatal blow. If new aids cannot be introduced in the secondary transfer window, the relegation of the Guangzhou team this season will be unavoidable.

Some time ago, there were legends that the Legend of the Football Association had begun to study the problem of refundable recruitment fees. If the matter is implemented, the Guangzhou Club will have a huge sum of money in the account, which will almost become "saving money". With this money, the Guangzhou team can introduce new aid urgently and supplement its strength. Especially the midfielder, especially the striker that can destroy the city.

In the existing lineup, Wei Shihao had to play the role of the team's midfielder, and Yang Liyu became the "killer" on the offensive line. In fact, the border breakthrough is the best job of these two players. After Wei Shihao pulled to the middle, only Eiffin's strength was slightly strong. But after the last round of Eiffin was sent out by the red card, the Guangzhou team's next round of left front candidates were hard to find.

Originally thought that if Alan and Feinho could return to the Super League, the relegation of the Guangzhou team would have the greatest guarantee. Especially Alan can be said to be the most anticipated player on the Guangzhou team front. But this time Alan's joining Baya is really a heavy blow for the Guangzhou team. Personally, the Guangzhou Club really cannot be lost for Feinan Duo.

If Feinando can return to the team, it is better than any other foreign aid for the Guangzhou team. The first is his familiarity with the Super League, there is no adaptability and an run -in with his teammates; the second is his personal ability, especially the sideline breakthrough ability. The offensive threat has been proven. If you can form the offensive lines of Feinan Duo, Wei Shihao, Yang Liyu, coupled with the teenagers such as Eiffelin and Ling Jie, the Guangzhou team is still the power of the Super League.

On the other hand, whether Li Xuepeng and Zhang Xiuwei began to register in the second stage is also a great hope for the Guangzhou team to relegate. If Fei Nan Duo can return, I believe that the two generals return to the team. No matter how difficult the team is, it cannot be at the expense of the downgrade. Once it falls, whether the veterans in the current main lineup can be kept in doubt. The young players at Evergrande Football School alone are almost impossible to return to the Super League. On this issue, the Guangzhou Club should have a longer look, and of course, there is a bigger ideal. Where there is life, there is hope.

Some people may say that Fenan's performance is scattered and his professional attitude is doubtful. Therefore, the Guangzhou team should no longer recall it. Personally, this view is one -sided.

Whether a player's performance or even scattered is not only the personal problem of the player, but also has a great relationship with the management and education of the team and club. Not to mention that after Wei Shihao became the team captain and became the only "big guy" in the team this season, his performance was obvious to all. The so -called poor children had been headed early.

Feton -Duo, 29, has no systematic training for a long time, and the performance of the past two seasons has been difficult to reconnect. However, after more than half a year of unemployment, and even the Bazhi Club ignored it, this setback may move the young man's once restless heart. The hearts are long, and no one is willing to sink. People respect me a foot, and I will report to one foot. As long as you are sincere, I believe that Jin Shi is also open.

It is hoped that the Guangzhou Club will contact Feinan as soon as possible and instruct them to do training and maintain a state in advance. When the transfer window opened in August, he immediately returned to the team and devoted himself to the second stage of the Super League with the fastest speed and the best state. If this child is, the Guangzhou team is relegated to worry -free!

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