China's 4th gold!Twin sisters achieved 3 crowns, CCTV women commented: shocking!

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China's 4th gold!Twin sisters achieved 3 crowns, CCTV women commented: shocking!

2022-06-24 00:07:25 11 ℃

In 2022, the Budapest Swimming World Championships Swimming Doubles freely selected the finals. The Chinese group Wang Liuyi/Wang Yan played and won the gold medal with a score of 95.5667 points. It is also the fourth gold of the Chinese delegation in this competition! In this World Championships, Wang Liuyi and Wang Yan have won 3 gold medals, which is amazing.

In this competition, this pair of twin sisters Hua ushered in a big harvest. In the previously selected finals of Swimming Swimming Double Technology, Wang Liuyi/Wang Yan pressed all opponents with 93.7536 points on behalf of the Chinese team to win the championship. The collective selection of the collective technology of the fancy swimming technology, Wang Liuyi and Wang Yan appeared on behalf of the Chinese team, performed "I Love You China" and won the gold medal.

Today, the two -person swimming two people choose themselves, and Wang Liuyi/Wang Yan is also the first popular in gold. In the preliminaries, the Chinese group was the first and scored 94.5667 points.

In the finals, the first six groups were over. They were the last 6 of the preliminaries. The strength was not very strong. The Mexico group scored 88.0333 points, temporarily ranked first.

The last 6 groups appeared, this is the battle for the gold and silver bronze medals. The Greek group debuted, scored 89.7000 points, and rose to the first! Subsequently, the Italian group debuted, 91.3333 points, surpassing the Greek group, ranking first.

Next, the most watched Chinese group appeared, the theme was "Green Snake". At the beginning, the whole person support out of the water! Difficult leg, the Chinese combination is completely synchronized. Underwater action, the Chinese group is completely consistent. In the end, the action was completed, and all the audience applauded the Chinese group. CCTV's explanation Zhang Mengmeng lamented, "The highlight of the Chinese group is shocking!" In the end, 95.5667 points, the Chinese group created a super high score, ranking first without suspense.

Next, the combination appeared, but none of them exceeded the Chinese group. Therefore, the Chinese delegation has arrived in the 4th gold of this World Championships. Congratulations to the Chinese team and congratulations to the Chinese swimming team.

In the latest medal list of the Swimming World Championships, the Chinese team won 4 gold and 0 silver and 4 copper. Among them, the Chinese swimming team contributed 3 gold and the Chinese swimming team contributed 1 gold.