The national table tennis leaders are not good!23 -year -old Wang Manyu showed a crushing posture to avoid Liu Shiwen's tragedy

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The national table tennis leaders are not good!23 -year -old Wang Manyu showed a crushing posture to avoid Liu Shiwen's tragedy

2022-06-24 00:07:13 12 ℃

It is not easy for Wang Manyu to become a new leader in Guoping! At present, the young people of the Chinese table tennis team are participating in the competition of Slovenia. For the main players, these three races are very important, because from the world ranking of the latest announcement of the latest announcement, the main force of the national table tennis has firmly grasped the world's ranking. Duo Jinhua Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha, Wang Manyu, and Wang Yidi's competition is becoming more and more enthusiastic. In particular, Wang Manyu, who ranked third in the world, compared with, Sun Yingsha and Chen Meng repeatedly won the competition qualifications. Wang Manyu won the championship in a few world competitions.

Wang Manyu, who entered the national team in 2016, entered the national team. The development momentum rose steadily. In 2018, the Jakarta Asian Games defeated his teammate Chen Meng to win the singles champion. After the Olympic Games, it won the National Games and the World Table Tennis Championship. A strong suppression of Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha. To go on such a momentum, Wang Manyu is likely to be the next leader of the female pong.

Of course, Wang Manyu must also pay attention to the overcasting, especially to avoid Liu Shiwen's tragedy. Liu Shiwen can be said to be a strong player of Chinese women's table tennis. She has won the World Cup 5 times, but her career has never won The Olympic singles qualification is because every time the Olympic Games comes, Liu Shiwen either missed the Olympic qualification due to his poor status or missed the Olympic Games in a row. Now 31 -year -old Liu Shiwen has completely missed the Olympic places and failed to participate in the Olympic singles. It is undoubtedly the biggest regret for Liu Shiwen's career.

Judging from the current situation, Wang Manyu already has such signs. Although the momentum of winning the National Games champion and the World Table Tennis Championship made Wang Manyu's momentum, in the event of the first stop at the Singapore Grand Slam station after the New Year, Wang Manyu regretted that Chen Meng failed to get it. To the champion, we must know that this is a competition about the number of women's singles in the Asian Games, but Wang Manyu's regretful losses have also lost their own Asian Games single places. Participating in the Asian Games and struggling to defend, but now he has not even qualified. In the most critical game, regret losing the ball has become the label of Liu Shiwen, and now Wang Manyu must avoid this situation.

Of course, fortunately, as the Asian Games Organizing Committee officially announced the extension of the Hangzhou Asian Games, which also caused the female table tennis employers to have variables. Perhaps in the future selection of the event, Wang Manyu can be qualified. Such an excellent opportunity. After all, whether it is the Olympic Games or the Asian Games only once every four years. Once a chance is missed, the status and the development level of the world table tennis after 4 years are unknown. Opportunities and win the world championship will really become the leader of women's table tennis. Will Wang Manyu repeat Liu Shiwen's tragedy? How to evaluate Wang Manyu? Welcome to leave a message to discuss