Why do the Warriors win the championship so few?Nike League is really not just talking about it

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Why do the Warriors win the championship so few?Nike League is really not just talking about it

2022-06-24 00:07:23 3 ℃

This season just passed, the Warriors successfully won the seventh championship trophy of the team history. As a team that was not favored by the outside world before the start of the regular season, the Warriors could be questioned step by step. Inspirational, but after the Warriors successfully won the championship, the active players did not seem to buy much, and there were not many players congratulated.

The Warriors won the championship and active players have little blessings, or they are related to the main star endorsement brand

Not long ago, during the Warriors' winning parade, active stars rarely paid attention. Favorite player. Why is the Warriors winning the championship is not valued by these active players? More or less likely to be related to the sponsors of the main star. After the NBA replaced the sponsors in the 17-18 season, these players also began to tend to wear Nike's sneakers.

The main players' endorsement brands are Nike competitors. No wonder active players do not buy it

Several meritors who won the championship this time, Kurry endorsed Andma, Virkins endorsed Pya, Klai Thompson endorsed Anta. The acquisition by Nike) was questioned because of the downturn in the finals, and it was no wonder that other stars did not buy warriors' accounts. If Adidas can still pull the wrist with Nike before, but with the former "Adinet, Bernett, Biruz, Duncan, McGrady, Arnas), they have already exited the NBA stage. The only stars who can get the hands are Harden and Lillard. Instead, Nike's stars are endless, including James, Durant, Irving, Jokic, and Alphabet Brother. The endorsement Nike brand has no exaggeration to say that the current NBA is indeed a "Nike Alliance". For example, the Lakers and Bucks won the championship in the past. Nike would promote it. Because several main players' endorsement brands are Nike's "competitors", the hype is not as big as before.

Other sports brands are full of flowers, and it is still difficult to block the reality of the leader of the sports industry.

Although in recent years, including New Belln, Puma, and even Chinese Li Ning, Anta, and Peak have all risen, the difficulty of wanting to shake Nike's giant status is still quite difficult. After all, as a world -renowned sports brand with a history of nearly 60 years, Nike has long been well known by everyone. Adidas, who once had the argument with it, could not shake its leading position, not to mention these "emerging brands".

I believe that if the Warriors have a main star's spokesperson for Nike, the team will not encounter such a "cold field". In fact, the two core watery brothers in the team have used to be Nike's customers, but in the contract After expiration, they did not renew their contracts, but changed the door, and became a well -deserved "big guy" that now endorsed each other, and this is not a bad thing. It is better to do some other other "phoenix tails". The "chicken head" of the niche brand can make the brand fire with its own influence and increase the market value, which is not a bad thing.