Vekins and Pur refused to cut salary, the countdown to disintegrate, US media exploded 1 change 5 transactions

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Vekins and Pur refused to cut salary, the countdown to disintegrate, US media exploded 1 change 5 transactions

2022-06-24 00:07:04 2 ℃

On June 23, Beijing time, the free market is about to start, and various teams have been eager to try, opening a new round of digging war. Compared to the big waves of other teams in the free market, the Warriors' renewal work will also be as thin ice. Once the handling is not good, the newly established dynasty may collapse and even lose again.

Vekins and Pur refused to cut salary, the countdown to disintegrate

During the offseason, the biggest problem of the Warriors was the renewal of Pur and Vegins in advance. The main force of the two championships is the biggest contributor to the Warriors after 4 years. Continue to continue the dynasty and even continue to maintain strong combat power, but the salary of the Warriors is extremely tense, which is also self -evident.

It is reported that after the US media broke the news that after Pur publicly played a salary reduction for hundreds of millions of salary, although the Warriors showed Vekins for a time, the health brother was still refused to cut salary and asked for a $ 148 million contract for 4 years.

Pur refused to give up, and Virgins also had a tough attitude. Neither of them wanted to imitate Durant and took the initiative to reduce salary. For the Warriors, it will be extremely difficult to leave two people at the same time.

After all, if the Warriors leave two people at the same time, in the 2023-24 season, the total salary of the Warriors and the luxury tax will exceed $ 450 million. This is definitely a huge disaster for the Warriors, and it is difficult for any team to bear astronomical figures. However, both of them have a strong attitude, and it has become a fact that refusing salary reduction has become a fact.

Next, if the Warriors do not want to bear huge luxury taxes, the choice will be the only choice that the Warriors can do. Wiggins, as one of the few alliances, is also extremely stable, especially the strength of the defensive end cannot be underestimated. The establishment of the dynasty will be a huge promoter.

As a player cultivated by the Warriors, Pur has a strong scoring ability, but it is also very unstable, and the poor confrontation is also Poole's weakness.

If the two really forced one, naturally, Pur should leave. After all, Curry is still in the year of fighting. When the Warriors have not been considered the successor, and as a young man, Pur does not have the big prize. With the hard work of the Warriors' hard work, after the pros and cons of the Warriors, sending Pur is the best and only choice for the Warriors.

Pistons 2 changes to 1 transaction, the pioneer wants to come back

After the Blazers reimbursed last season, they sent two core players in a row, which once opened the overthrow reconstruction mode, just one season.

The Blazers reached an agreement with the Pistons in the near future. By sending two draft signs, the piston scorishes Grant and Lillard joined for Grant, which also made the Trail Blazers have the championship again.

The pioneer and Lillard who were silent for a season may reappear the rivers and lakes again, and it will also become the biggest dark horse blockbuster on the road to win the championship. After all, this seemingly newly established combined strength and cannot be underestimated.

US media explosion 5 changes to 1 transaction, Butler wants to join forces with the dunk king

With Gobel's first round of the playoffs, it deliberately provoked the incident, which made Mitchell extremely angry.

Mitchell's initiative to apply for the departure team has increased greatly. The whole -star dunk king who is discouraged by jazz is likely to leave the jazz during the offseason and go to a new team to start a new journey.

Recently, the US media broke the news that the jazz and Heat are communicating about the free market that is about to start.

Jazz got: Hero, Dunro, Struis, the first round of 2023, and the first round of 2028.

Heat gets: Mitchell.

For the Jazz, Gobel and Mitchell are not compatible, and they have become a well -known fact. Sending Mitchell to completely eliminate the contradiction between the locker room and get the young Hero and Robinson. Essence

Moreover, the two are still growing, and the improvement of the team will continue. The first round of the first round of signatures for the reconstruction of the Jazz will be a huge chip.

Struis can also become the combat power of the Jazz. It provides great possibilities for the team's rise again, and the overall strength will be improved again.

For the Heat, Hero's forced palace once made the team's locker room contradictions, and sent Hero and Robinson to get Mitchell. The team had a top breakup. It will be a huge benefit for the Heat to win the championship. Two superstars plus Adebaro, the overall lineup of the Heat will also be raised again.

Once the transaction is reached, the alliance will be a huge shock, and even to a certain extent change the overall pattern of the alliance, and even affect the playoffs of each team's playoffs.