The business of Quanhongjia Orchard is hot!Brother opened an e -commerce company as the boss, and the sister -in -law will show up in the future

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The business of Quanhongjia Orchard is hot!Brother opened an e -commerce company as the boss, and the sister -in -law will show up in the future

2022-06-24 00:07:03 11 ℃

The 15 -year -old diving Olympic champion Quan Hongzheng is currently preparing for the battle in Budapest, Hungary to participate in the upcoming diving World Championships. Different from last year's Tokyo Olympic Games, Quan Hongzhang will have two items, which is also a great test for her. It is worth mentioning that the sister is "fighting blood" on the front line, and her hometown also comes from a good news, that is, the orchard business in her family, very hot. The brother even set up an e -commerce company. Intersection

After Quan Hongyi became famous, the reporter visited Zhanjiang Maihe Village and learned about her family. Quan Hongzheng has 4 brothers and sisters, so the pressure on his parents is relatively large. Fortunately, Quan Hongzheng's elder brother dropped out of school after graduating from junior high school to share economic pressure for his family. Moreover, Quan Hongyu and her brother and sister are practicing diving, and the cost of learning is eliminated. In other words, only the two brothers and sisters have the second child who takes the normally.

Quan Hongzheng's parents have made their own orchard business through farming. The daughter became the Olympic champion, and also made the orchard fire at home. Many fans came to pick and buy them in person. Some were far away, and they were purchased by online. Since Quan Hongyu's parents do not know how to use digital software, these operations are done by her elder brother.

Of course, the enthusiasm of fans is just a moment. If you want to make the orchard business bigger and stronger, you must find a better way of business. Over the past few months, Quanhong's elder brother Quan Hua has often exposed videos of his orchard on social media. Like oranges, tree grapes, dragon fruit, lychee, etc., they have ushered in a big harvest. After seeing this scene, fans also left messages in the comment area to allow Quanjinhua to open an e -commerce company. In this case, it can better operate the orchard business.

Unexpectedly, a few days ago, Quanjinhua showed a video, and he really set up an e -commerce company. Judging from the video shot by Quanjinhua, the company he founded was quite large in scale and team. The company should be about 50 square meters. As for the number of employees, at least 10. Now, Quanjinhua has established its own team, complete opens new sales channels through online ways. In fact, the entire process is not complicated. After all, the supply is the fruits grown in his home. Next, you only need to hire a team to operate.

I have to say that Quanjinhua really has a good business. He also opened live broadcast and worked hard to promote his orchard. During the live broadcast, Quan Hongyu's dad also appeared, showing how sweet and full the litchi in his home was. The audience who watched the live broadcast was also enthusiastic, and they bought a lot of lychee for all red crickets.

It is worth mentioning that attentive netizens found that in the live broadcast room of Quanhua, a woman in white appeared many times, and the exchanges with Quanjinhua were very close. Therefore, everyone also speculated that this woman should be the girlfriend of Quanhua, that is, the sister -in -law of Quanhonghuan in the future!

Of course, the sister -in -law's quasi -sister -in -law is also very capable. She explains the lychee very detailed during the live broadcast. She is also carefully showing the flesh of lychee to everyone and improving the live broadcast efficiency. I believe that if Quan Hongyi knows that the business of the orchard is so popular, she will be very happy. We are also looking forward to the best achievements in the World Championships!