The US media predicts the eight major stars.

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The US media predicts the eight major stars.

2022-06-24 00:05:31 11 ℃

More and more close to the free market, many teams have begun transactions, Rockets have reached transactions with Lone Ranger, and Pistons and Blazers have also reached transactions. What are the most hot topics in the near future, where are Irving? How do Harden renew their contract with Philadelphia? Where is Bill? Where is PJ-Tak? Where does La Wen go? Wait, on June 23, the American media Mockxtrades made a prediction of eight players who were in rumors.

MockXtrades thinks Bradeli Bill will eventually join the Boston Celtics; 2. De Andrei Aton will join the piston; 3. Kaili Irving will join the Lakers; ; 5. Lavin will join the eagle; 6. Brensen will renew the contract alone; 7. Tucker signed a contract to Philadelphia;

The voice of the Lakers who joined the Lakers is becoming more and more enthusiastic. Wo Shen believes that although Irving joined the Lakers to sign a luxury tax of 6.4 million, considering Owen's rejection of vaccination by 17 million+Nike's huge endorsement contract, he made a loss of 30 million losses. The act of the contract is not surprising, and Owen has indeed contacted James.

Harden also expressed his willingness to accept salary reduction in the interview. Philadelphia intends to reach a 1+2 contract with Harden. When executing the player option, he signed a 2 -year short contract with Harden. Philadelphia is reasonable.

Philadelphia is also a chaseer of Tucker. In addition to signing Tucker, they also want to trade Eric Gordon, and Philadelphia intends to let the rocket trident reunion in Philadelphia in the past. event.

Although Bill said to be a "Wizards' Novisky", the Wizards may not really choose to stay with him. The Wizards are selling Kuzma, Pop, etc. Jayjun-Brown is also a feasible solution with multiple future-in-the-first rounds.

活塞在交易了格兰特后得到了2100万的交易特例,他们已经做好了先签后换得到艾顿的准备,活塞这支重建球队希望以艾顿、坎宁安、萨迪克-贝、巴Young people such as Glei are reconstructed. The piston is also one of the few teams with salary space. This is also a high probability event.

Text/Yan Xiaobai's Basketball Dream