Spurs are sale!For the generous return of Holes -style, the Eagles participated in the negotiations, Corinth made a bargaining chip

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Spurs are sale!For the generous return of Holes -style, the Eagles participated in the negotiations, Corinth made a bargaining chip

2022-06-24 00:05:49 11 ℃

Unexpectedly, there was just a few days after the offseason. The free market was already undercurrent. Each team was preparing to have their own chips and excellent players that they could find. Some time ago Bill jumped out of the contract and became a free player. Owen may also refuse to execute the last year's contract, and the big fish in these free markets are destined to set off a wave. In this period of chaos, the Spurs that have always been known for their savvy are also considering their future deployment. Now the most valuable chips in their hands are undoubtedly the team's control of the guards, and they do not exclude the Merli put in Merry. On the trading rack, the Eagle also contacted the Spurs after learning the news.

According to people familiar with the matter, the Spurs and Eagles have talked about the problem about Murray. The eagle is willing to put Corinus out of the dex, and the answer given by the Spurs is that if you want to get Murray, then you need to pay. Holes -style transaction chips. Perhaps many friends do not know what the Holes -style trading chips are. In fact, this also said that in order to get the final champion puzzle of Holes, Bucks directly sent three first rounds and two futures. The first round of exchange rights even gave Bryso and Hill two players. In the end, Hollyd also helped the Bucks to win, so the transaction seemed to not lose.

Nowadays, the Spurs actually require the eagle to pay Holes -style trading chips, which means that it is not the player of Corinth. At least three first rounds of the Eagles are given, which is also the most basic condition. I am afraid that many fans can not believe that the Eagles will be willing to accept this chip, and in fact, the eagle is really difficult to accept. After all, the value of Murray may be far from being so large. Merri, who is in his own career in his career, has performed the best performance this season. You can averages 21.1 points plus 8.3 rebounds and 9.2 assists. At the same time, he has also been selected for All -Stars. However, such data and such data and The performance is not enough to allow the eagle to pay three first rounds.

At the same time, we can also look at the transaction from the eagle lineup. The current core player of the Eagles is undoubtedly Trey Yang, and the eagle will set up a team around him in the next years. The player is characterized by a strong offensive ability, but it is not stable enough or strong enough, and the defense ability is lacking. Therefore, the eagle wants to find Murry to partner Trey Yang formed a double gun. On the one hand, it can play a stronger offensive ability. At the same time, Murry can also make up for the problem of Yang on the defensive end. Opportunities can use their three -pointer ability.

This idea is really good. After all, Murry is also a young player. Only 25 years old is now at the peak of his career, and there is still the possibility of continuing to grow in the future. And Terrey Yang obviously also needs more helpers to go further in the playoffs. After all, compared to the center of Corinth, Muri may be more suitable for players who are partner Tere Yang. Therefore, it is good to get the starting point of the Eagle to get the deo, but will they really agree in the face of the thorough trading chip like Spurs?

If the management of the eagle is tired and not satisfied with the current achievements of the team, then they may really gamble, because Tere Yang has proved that he can lead the team to the Eastern finals. It can be upgraded again, so the finals are not possible. And the Spurs to trading Corinus to the west will not have any impact on the eagle in the East. In addition, if the eagle itself has a good record, the use of the first round of signing is not great. Therefore, the possibility of this transaction is not small. Of course, it still depends on the results of the two teams' subsequent negotiations.

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