Revealing the truth, why is Curry's three -point hit rate, but it still feels perverted?

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Revealing the truth, why is Curry's three -point hit rate, but it still feels perverted?

2022-06-24 06:16:48 3 ℃

Although Curry's three -pointer shooting rate is not the highest in the league, in the core position of the team, his shooting ability is the strongest. Not only that, he is also the player with the highest three -pointer and the highest number of shots in NBA history. Intersection Therefore, a large number of three -point shots, hitting and projection area are large, which gives people a perverted feeling of three points, and this feeling exists completely! Let's analyze this problem in detail. Why does Curry's three points give people a perverted feeling?

Three-point persistence is strong. Curry is not occasionally accurate, but is very accurate throughout the season. It is stable for 10 consecutive seasons. Since entering the league, Curry has been 19-20. Due to injuries only more than 20 games due to injuries, the entire career was surrendered in a three -pointer, with a hit rate of more than 41.0%. terrible! May I ask, which player can play more than 40%in the 10 consecutive seasons? This is too difficult!

Facing the strong defensive intensity. In the face of a large defensive intensity, the three -point hit rate in the library is definitely not the highest. The key reason is that the defense he is facing is outrageous. The intensity gives Curry's three -point opportunity. If the opponent does this, Curry will shoot through the enemy. Therefore, Curry can still maintain a high number and quality of three -pointers under high -intensity defense. This is a miracle in NBA history!

Curry Ai Xiu, Curry showed his long -range ability before the training or the start of the game. Sometimes he threw a few three points from the player channel. Sometimes it appeared in the midfield. The three -pointer will hit, which will impress the fans and other players. People subconsciously believe that Curry's three -pointer is perverted. In the game, Curry often cast three -pointers when there was one step left from the three -point line, which also became his conventional weapon, so the defense Curry basically started to defend from halftime. The long -distance projection ability of Curry also gives him a perverted feeling.

The talent is unique, and Curry has unparalleled talents. Curry's father Lao Kuri is one of the most famous shooters in the league. And Curry's training is very hard, making the shooting ability gradually improved. Family inheritance is also a part of the reason. Curry's dad is also a three -pointer. As a former NBA player, he must have stepped on a lot of pits. As a senior, Lao Kuri gave Curry a lot of guidance. In the past, Curry's shot point was very low. , Shooting the arc flat, so that when the shot, he was easily blocked. After discovering this problem, Lao Kuqi corrected his shooting posture in time. This is equivalent to restarting the shooting. The practice of the game has formed the current three -point shot posture, the shot is fast, the hit rate is very high, and even the super long distance is easy. Of course, this ball is lucky. Essence

We are talked about the high arc of Shikoli. "You can't change the size of the basketball, but you can change the radian of the shot." The former Lone Ranger's shooting coach Gary Polish said that the higher the arc, the greater the chance of a three-pointer. According to statistics, the highest point of NBA players throwing three -pointers is 15.77 feet, while Curry's three -pointer is 16.23 feet, which is 0.46 feet. The angle is maintained at 45 degrees to 46 degrees, which is the highest angle.

The speed of shot, Curry's three -point shot speed is unprecedented. Among the NBA's top pitcher, it takes 0.4 seconds to shot. Curry only takes 0.3 seconds from holding the ball to shooting. This requires a strong body to regulate the ability. The Warriors coach Stevekor praised: His hand and eyes coordination may be the best in the NBA.

All in all, the three points in the library belong to the top level of history in terms of quality and quantity. It can be said that the existence of the only one. Just!