Learn Taiji Boxing, but you must learn the Fa -rectification.

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Learn Taiji Boxing, but you must learn the Fa -rectification.

2022-06-24 06:16:36 5 ℃

In fact, kung fu is enlightened, and the more profound cultivation is, the simpler, but it is just a layer of window paper that is not picked. The higher the kung fu, the simpler the method. Slowly realize it. Don't expect the answer from Master's mouth. Master will not give it easily. —— Teacher Message

The king has no close power, and the big artifact will be late

Middle -aged and elderly people study Taijiquan. Most of the pictures are health, which is a health. Unlike those who practice martial arts, many people have learned martial arts in the past, practicing and seven points in three points, and practicing for two to three hours a day or the next day. It also contains one -fifth of the tendons and bones, and one -fifth of the relaxation of the muscles.

The martial arts person must keep up with sleep. To raise qi and blood, the more coquettish, the better. This is the case for health, and those who pay attention to maintenance are young. Wang Dao has no close power, and the big artifact will be late. Tai Chi Boxing is right, the longer you work hard. As long as the Fa -rectification is practiced, the rest is persistence. ###

Study Taijiquan to practice the thirteen potential, practice momentum, righteousness, and natural evil cannot be invaded. Taijiquan should be passed on to those who know how to be grateful. The Fa -rectification is not passed down. Tai Chi Boxing Training not only strengthen the body, but also cultivates the body. More decent seniors are also beneficial to society.

The spirit of the boxing is only in the hands of a few people. This is also the heavenly Tao

Boxing, heart language. Those who can talk about tens of millions, it is difficult for true and good boxing. The spirit of boxing is only in the hands of a few people, which is also heaven. Those who love fist feels bleak without talking in a day. If you want to learn a good fist, you must do the avenue, don't squeeze the lamb intestine trail.

Some fisting methods can be seen at first sight of contact. From then on, it is out of control. It is also beautiful in love with Tai Chi. After the fist training, I heard the sound, perceive the changes in the body, and punch with my intentions. Daily practice Tai Chi, the picture is self -improvement, just to surpass yourself.

When you fall in love with Tai Chi, you will slowly understand the meaning of "seeing yourself". In fact, everyone has a master in the body, that is the real owner of the body. Instead of thinking about the brain all day long. Understand this, the probability is really understanding Tai Chi.

The qi changes unpredictable, you can only persist in the Fa

Most of the seniors who love Taijiquan today are ladies, which has nothing to do with his resolute aspirations, and has a good knowledge of health and unique wisdom. I love Tai Chi, as long as the road is right, Dacheng is just a matter of time. Seeing the wisdom, the three people must have my teacher, and the virtual valley is right.

Practicing Tai Chi does not do not pay attention to the sense of qi, but the weather is full of weather, not muddy, that is, the qi becomes unpredictable, and can only be insisted on the law. "One law is unchanged, and everything is not shocked." Just like the wheels rolled, grasping it as soon as the axle, and grasped the key. Learn Taijiquan, the waist is a shaft, seize this key, and practice hard work.

True Tai Chi, paying attention to quietness, is not easy to get into the pile, not pretending to be high, but boxing. After ten years of punching, he often tolerates the incompetence of people. For example, fist training is often light and fortune, and it is indifferent. The senior who loves the boxing, often I forget to practice things, and I can forget it. I can reach my own situation.

Learn Taiji Boxing, but you must learn the Fa -rectification.

Learning Taiji Boxing is only a little bit, and he must learn from the Fa -rectification. The boxing method is good or not, the body knows, the health is constantly improved, the heart is comfortable, and it is no doubt that it is a treasure. Seniors with good conditions, the time and place of the time and the preparation. When the conditions are not good, they work more after people. Fortunately, Tai Chi is so quiet, people can be quiet, and the world is all returned. The avenue is not far away.

In the troubled times, it is not a bond for a common thing. In the world, calmness. However, it is not necessary to lose their vitality. Every time it is convenient, you can practice, restore your energy, and refreshing. Jing Ruoshan is safe, and the handicapped tide lies in the use of energy.

At the beginning of the boxing, the purpose may be the health and heal the disease. After practicing, I found that Tai Chi can be used as leisure. It is not easy to insist that you do n’t understand what Qi is. But after practicing internal qi, you don't need to persist, but you will practice if you have time.

Those who have a big wish, their achievements are also great

The people of Dacheng are dedicated to the health of others, doing good deeds, running into punch, and working hard to work hard. This is also a big man. For those who have a great wish, their achievements are also great. Heavenly tolerance is added to his body, and the gain cannot. After exploring the realm of Qianfan, to endure all the taste. It is only a shot to shot.

If you do n’t know the magic of Taijiquan and the unpredictable interest, it will be difficult to find it. Some people are worried about what to do with boxing, but not fisting. Is it possible to practice Tai Chi? In practice, there is a large level that must be surveyed, life and death can penetrate, and those who can put life and death on the one who dies and die.

The world is unpredictable. Genius can be a big thing, but genius is easy to fall. Practicing Tai Chi needs to be tempering slowly, and the big dealer is late, and the senior is also a blessing. Practical practice is not how smart, and those who are successful are aspiring. Human minds can regulate the body's endocrine, such as the qi and the clouds, and the tendons and ligaments can be used as the endocrine button.